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  1. Temporary local here, looking (last-minute) for a ride to the event!
  2. This issue rings a bell. GS, this can and should be solved by putting quotation marks around the filename.
  3. Nate, don't forget to post in the Release Notes thread. Nope -- it's currently defaulting to 1K. I'm seeing this too. Both >500 queries I have set up return over 800 caches in the list preview, but 600-and-something in the map. One of them also includes a spurious faraway cache, in the map.
  4. There used to be a shorter membership option, $3 for 1 month IIRC. The best you can do now is the $10 for 3 months plan. A free trial is an interesting idea, though.
  5. Ideally, I think, the maps would be full-screen. As an alternative, I suggest Google Earth.
  6. This is a known issue and we hope to have it corrected for the next release. The logic behind it being if you log your caches from a multi-day trip then you only have to change the date once for each day of the trip that you found caches on. you don't realize the benefit of it keeping the last date. Emphasis added. I'm guessing it's timezone-related instead.
  7. IIRC this has been present for a while. I looked at my profile and thought all the 32x32 icons looked quite fine on an #EDF1F8 background. I did observe, however, that some of the icon images use a white instead of a transparent background, which doesn't blend so well anymore.
  8. Since metadata for images is important too, perhaps instead of adding to the existing log page, the upload page could have multiple sets of fields. Relatedly, I realize that upload.aspx does not presently provide a Date field.
  9. http://markwell.us/pq.htm
  10. Double hyphens are technically the comment delimiters – they need to be escaped somehow for that comment. http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/html-spec/html-spec_3.html#SEC3.2.5 http://www.w3.org/TR/1998/REC-html40-19980...ut.html#h-3.2.4
  11. Correction: 1280x1024 is 1280 wide, 1024 tall. So is it more optimized for 1280px width?
  12. .InformationWidget{ padding:1em; /* ... */ } /* And so on */ That's a lot of whitespace! (I'm working on 1200x800) Also, this whitespace discussion sounds somewhat familiar from a previous update. I also noticed that profile image captions don't have much treatment ATM.
  13. Way too much whitespace in the new layout. Otherwise it looks like a good re-skin, and I see that the HTML has been simplified quite a bit. Also, that is quite a long list of little touchups that will be appreciated.
  14. Okay, it's not just me...
  15. I've tried to force bullets using CSS but HTML Tidy wipes that out too.
  16. The current workaround would have to involve creating a Pocket Query that includes "Are available to all users" and previewing that as a map. Or, in the original example, you could log in from the non-PM account on both computers.
  17. How do I download geocaches into my Garmin Oregon? Pocket Queries: A Detailed Explanation
  18. Or, for that matter, any other method involving GPSBabel. Did you install the USB-serial driver? Does it show up correctly in System Profiler?
  19. I have a number of long routes that work fine. Never seen anything continue "indefinitely". One is 348 miles long (keyword 236758), and a query searching within 0.99 mi of that route previews in about 10 seconds now.
  20. I've never used maps from DVD, but in general: Insert DVD into Mac. Use MapManager to load maps onto the computer. Put a microSD card in the GPSr. Connect the eTrex to the Mac via USB. Go to Setup > Interface > Mass Storage. (Alternatively, put the microSD card directly in a USB reader.) Use MapInstall to transfer maps from computer to GPSr. There are probably a few more steps necessary to deal with unlock codes for the maps.
  21. Yes. Bypassing or clearing the cache would be very good to try too. No. Changing parameters or even previewing a query does not count against that limit.
  22. Route queries do seem to take a long time to preview -- usually I have to leave them for several minutes. I suppose it's entirely possible that long enough routes, or routes that go through heavily populated areas like yours does, would time out on the server. Issue #3 is unfortunate and has been known about for a while. Good to point it out though.
  23. Wow! Lots of great improvements. Good work guys! I was happy with the previous ordering by creation date but this is good too. Thanks for adding these; I will have to pull a query now to see what it looks like! Thanks for fixing this. I personally prefer to think of it as simply "Unknown"; however, consistency is a very good thing. I hadn't thought of that but I'm sure it will be welcomed when previewing several queries in tabs. I know this has bugged many for a while, thanks. And all the little corrections and touchups are awesome too
  24. Great work! I will especially appreciate:
  25. How about bookmarking the cache series and creating a PQ from that?
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