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Future Puget Sound Area Cache Machines

Berta Nick Zoey

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Ive been contemplating another Cache Machine for the Puget Sound area and Im curious as to what sort of interest there would be.


Ive been toying around with the Kent-Auburn-Maple Valley area. I did learn a valuable lesson with the Sumner Cache Machine and that was that I didnt have nearly enough caches. I've started designing a route in the above mentioned area and Im sure that I can come up with 120+ caches.


Im also looking at the middle of October for this. Day light savings time doesnt change until November this year so the days would still be fairly long.


Any feedback is greatly apprecated,



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OK... I'm not proud, look at my numbers.


What is a Cache-Machine?


Be easy on on the old Mutt as I don't run with the pack.


Only a few have actually met me and I had them laugh. :anibad:


Basically, everybody meets up at the first cache at 'too early in the morning' to start a long day of following a pre-defined caching route. Then at the end of the day when you're completely exhausted, you stop and go to dinner with everyone :blink:


it's a lot of fun, really!

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I'm a sucker for cache machines. Think I've done ten of them now and hopefully will be in Victoria next month. Hopefully I will see more of y'all next time (had to leave early due to a family emergency). One thing I would do, that wasn't on the Sumner Cache Machine event page, but is posted on Travisl's CMs, is an official starting place and time. Usually these are caches with plenty of parking for a large group with often a Starbucks or something like that nearby for those coffee lubbers, or a group cache like a webcam as Spokane and I think Bellingham CM I (I wasn't cache yet for that one). I did like the route on the Sumner CM and unlike some other CMs, I really needed to stay on route since I didn't know the area.

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You guys all did a marvelous job on the Sumner Cache Machine...it was very well designed; we moved from cache to cache with the greatest of ease, and you put in so much time to make sure that the caches were up to date and not archived, etc....not to mention the BBQ lunch! I have to put in my vote for the first weekend in October the 3rd and 4th I believe it is...since I work most weekends I thought I would put one out there...I agree with putting in more caches...put it sure felt good to get all of them! Perhaps you could also design two smaller loops...not that I am an expert at this... :yikes:

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:P Update time:


At first I thought about doing this cache machine on Oct 18th. Well.......I have a granddaughter due on the 25th and Berta says "You may be doing this CM on your own. Which I have to agree with. So, Ive decided to move it up a week to the 11th. I have yet to contact local resturaunts to see if they have space for us. I will do that this weekend. But my tentative plans are for the Friday night Meet and Greet to be at Godfathers in Covington. (Theres also a Roundtable in the Lake Meridian Area). AThe dinner would be at the Old Country Buffet on Kent's East hill.


I've worked on the route most of this week and and I currently have 110+ caches on the route. Using 5, 6 or 7 minutes per cache, its nearly impossible to have enough daylight hours to grab them all. Unless you are part of the Cache Menagerie. Them guys are GOOD!!!! :yikes:

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They are a super secret organization made up of hmmmmmmmmm Oh Yea, fellow cachers!!!!!


I called and got both the Godfathers and Old Country Buffet lined up for Oct 11th. As soon as I can find my Event Page Artist (he knows who he is), Ill see if I can persuade him to do his magic and make a pretty Event page.


At present, I havent looked at any county parks along the route that may be able to do a midday stop for munchies, but will look into that.

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Looking at both events, I'm not sure there really would be that much of a conflict if they are on the same day. One seems aimed at those who would like to socialize indoors and the other is aimed at those who want to get outside and find caches. Seems like no matter what your caching style, one of them will be right up your alley! Strictly speaking, the events don't conflict with regard to time, since the cow event is for lunch and the CM event is for dinner. Anyone could easily attend both.

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Tentative: I plan to attend. Sounds great.


As Mudsneaker mentioned October 11th is our 'shared birthday' and as Libra's we reserve our right to get creative and fly off to Paris for the weekend instead... or to be highly balanced.... and thus make sure we attend both this Cache machine AND the COWWS event scheduled for the same day... or to be indecisive and change our minds 3 more times before this event as to what we're doing.

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