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  1. That was great! LOL - enjoyed looking through that one. I figured there had to be one out there - just hoping there was some way to incorporate one today but guess not.
  2. Pup Patrol - ya - I didn't think Virtual caches were still allowed but there could have been another option. Thus the question Wasn't asking for a lecture - but thanks anyway.
  3. I tried doing a geocache keyword search for Skydive - and I found some skydive THEMED caches... but just because they were near drop zones. CAN there be a skydive cache? Some kind of virtual I suppose? DO YOU KNOW of any? or can you think of a better way I can search for them. it may be there are some but they do not include 'skydive' in the title and that is why I'm not finding them. I'd be interested in ANY that are ANYWHERE - at least to see what is out there. THANKS PENGANA (Olympia WA)
  4. Yes. There is a tool out there that will do that. Its REALLY easy. and its name is.... ???
  5. Over the years I've tried several methods to make a list of caches I planned to find. (To be honest, I miss printing out the listing sheets and driving around with GPS in hand. It was so darn easy) But gotta keep up with the times so WHAT IS YOUR RECOMMENDATION FOR CHOOSING random caches from geocaching.com (not Ness. along a 'route') ADDING THEM TO A LIST (I suppose abookmark list is best... not a pocket query... but any other suggestions?) AND HAVE THESE CACHES miraculously be accessible on my Android Smart phone (Samsung Galaxy 4). I need a 'system'. Not sure which apps to have on my phone... or which map app to have? Every scenario I try seems tedious (go here - add this - download .loc - then open app - import .loc - opps it needs a mapping program... install that... etc... WHAT A MESS Any help greatly appreciated, Pengana
  6. Tentative: I plan to attend. Sounds great. As Mudsneaker mentioned October 11th is our 'shared birthday' and as Libra's we reserve our right to get creative and fly off to Paris for the weekend instead... or to be highly balanced.... and thus make sure we attend both this Cache machine AND the COWWS event scheduled for the same day... or to be indecisive and change our minds 3 more times before this event as to what we're doing.
  7. Cool day for a event...mine and Pengana's B-day. How COOL is that Mine follows with the 14th! Another Libra! Should've been able to recognize that in 'ya
  8. A few notes about my earlier post: 1) the topic of the thread is THE GEOCACHING.COM web site. My post was relevant. 2) I stated that there were already enough details about problems to keep the developers busy. (I didn't feel I needed to add my list of 100 items. I just wanted to voice my opinion of the new site) I think geocaching has gotten to the point where we've outgrown a volunteer run site, or a small group of overworked developers. Times are tough financially for many - but I'm all for raising the rates a little all around if thats what it will take. We must have a working web site. This isn't golf! I know people are working hard and adding new features. Yes, there will always be something to add or fix or complain about -- I understand that. But after just a few minutes on the new site... and checking the forums I was pretty amazed by the exent of the problems. (again, both design AND functionality). Thank you to the other posters who suggested we actually do have a right to voice ovarall opinions.
  9. Home page was a huge improvement... I see good attempts on about 3 (three) pages to make them more attractive and user friendly... especially for newbies. The rest of the site... Oh my gosh! From design to functionality it is a mess. After 5 minutes of testing I have to wonder.... did anyone on the development team actually test the changes? And in case you're wondering what obscure, rebel browser and monitor setting I have I'm on Internent Explorer 7.0, Windows XP Professional, and my resolution is 1024 x 768 I'm all for ungrades and changes... But this release ... there are no words. I might make a list later... but for now I see everyone else's lists will keep you busy for quite a while Pengana
  10. I just went looking for that link after reading your post. Hmmmmm - I know I'm going to end up using the feature... but isn't this cheating? I mean.... you should be able to get to the cache by the co-ordinates alone. Sure it can be helpful at times - but it defeats the point of geocaching where you get coordinates and see if you can find the cache.
  11. KUDOS.... The new design is a huge improvement. THANKS I understand there are some tweaks that need to be made to the internal changes... but WOW. The home page is MUCH MUCH more user friendly. It is much better looking - and makes the site and the sport more inviting. In the past the home page was particularly unfriendly to new cachers. If you run into a muggle and try to introduce them to geocaching you're going to say "go checkout geocaching.com" NOW I know they can get to the site and figure out what to do. They can find a cache in their neighborhood in seconds! I love it! Thanks so much! Yes... we'll all have to adjust to some 'change' - it happens, get over it! Pengana (PS: professional web designer by trade... specializing in user center designed... so I think my comments should count double!)
  12. I have been unable to connect (at all) to the stats for 2 days. I'm using a good, new-ish GPS (Garmin Vista CX) Fresh batteries. I was doing some caching driving up 101 from Olympia to Sequim. Now, back at home in Olympia I dug an older GPS out of the drawer (new batteries) and it won't connect either. I don't see any mention of this in the recent logs or forum posts. Anyone experiencing the same weirdness?
  13. I'm checking in with caching partner "Mudsneaker" We might be able to take 8 to 12 on Friday Will let you know tonight. Sounds like fun... and I've done lots of booth-manning at various trade shows and conferences. Pengana
  14. September 16th also works for me (noting Hawk's post re: a group excursion to "the head"). I'd say we can get 3 to 5 people from Olympia area that want to go AND can make that date. (Maybe we can talk Mudsneaker into going again... ) Hawk, how many in your group? We could go in two teams (waves) if it seems too many but from what I've heard, we'll need all the help we can get. Let's take a fresh log and a baggie... and maybe 'the head' will continue to fester for months (or years) thereafter! Hope this doesn't get archived - at least not until after Fall.
  15. I was there and let me tell you - I almost did pee my pants. Night caches are scarey enough but when your flashlight hits blood... it's a whole different kind of fear. Mudneaker and OhJoy! stayed to investigate and I was faced with choice a) stay with the fresh blood pools in the middle of the woods or run out down the dark paths by myself (which was pointed out to me is how all the stupid people die in the horror flicks).
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