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Advise on spacing when hiding my first caches.

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I am going to be placing my first couple caches this week at a new park that is officially opening near my home this week. It is a big park that was a golf course before, so there is a lot of area to hide without the caches being close together. I am wondering if the reviewer will let it fly if I place 2 caches on the same day in the same park. How far a part should they be? I want to place a couple so that I can do a couple different difficulties and so people will not have to drive far to find them. So if some of you veteran hiders could help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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As far as spacing, just be sure they're 0.1 miles from each other and any other cache (including stages of multis or puzzles). Otherwise, as long as you conform to the guidelines, you should be good. Apparently there's a hidden cache bomb rule disallowing huge numbers of placements at once, but two ought to be fine.


A lot of Michigan park systems have their own guidelines, so check on that. The Michigan Geocaching Organization has all that info (migoonline.org). Which park system runs this one?


I'm glad to hear a golf course around here is now a general use park. I'd like to see more of that in Oakland County.

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Two in the same park in the same day should not be a problem. The minimum distance would probably be OK, but a little more space would be better. Just don't "cluster bomb" the park with a half dozen caches exactly 530-ft apart on the same day.


There's a recently closed thread (closed because of excessive angst and threats of geocide) that discusses this issue.

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Two caches in the same day is no problem. The minimum spacing between caches in the guidelines is .1 mile, but remember that is a minimum, not a target to shoot for.


Speaking of the guidelines, be sure to read them (I mean really read them) before you hide a cache. I know they are long, but the 5 minutes it takes you to read them can save you hours of extra work later on, if you have to go back and re-work your caches.


Also, to facilitate the review process be sure to provide as much information to the reviewer as possible in a "note to reviewer". For example when the reviewer looks at your planned caches, the maps and sat photos may still show it to be a golf course and he may turn them down pending permission of the golf course's owner. So add a note to reviewer mentioning that the former golf course has been turned into a public park and that should speed up the review process.

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Well it is a public park that was donated by someone in the area. They closed the course to build a Meijer store. Some of the land is now the park. I have read the rules and knew about the .1 but just wanted to be sure there was not anything else I need to consider first. Thanks for quick response. I will contact my township to get ok to hide there though.

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you may want to get some "dummy coords" around the park so you can submit a new cache listing ahead of time. This will ensure that you get the spaces you want. It's my understanding that the earliest GC number wins.


Be sure to uncheck the box that says, "this listing is active". That way, people won't go unnecessarily into the park before a cache exists out there.

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Keep in mind that it isn't just a .1 mile guideline, you also need to be concerned with the raw number of other caches in the area.


This number can't be defined as it tends to fluctuate widely depending on who the hider is, how many caches they've placed in the area and whether the reviewer feels you've already hidden too many.


I've heard that as few as 200 in a 14 mile radius is too many, but have seen areas with over 1000 in a 14 mile radius and still growing.

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