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Cursed Pirate's Booty Geocoins


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Here is a new Version of our Pirate's Booty Geocoin.


There will be 2 Platings: Gold, Silver, Matte Gold.


Each coin will have a gem stone on the front. we will have LE with Different Stones on the front, there will be 25 Matte Gold LE, 50 Silver LE, and 75 Gold LE. These LE will be randoimly mixed in with the regular coins so getting one will require a bit of Pirate's luck.


The price will be somewhere between $7.50 - $8.25.







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Initially there will be:


200 Matte Gold (25 LEs with different stones)

300 Silver (50 LEs with different stones)

500 Gold (75 LEs with different stones)


Depending on how they do, we may manufacture Antique Gold and Antigue Silver with different color stones.


We will not manufacture additional coins with the same color stones once these or any version are sold out.


They will be 1.5" 2.5mm thick brass based coins. Like the original Pirate's Booty we are going .5mm thinner than the standard thickness to give that old dabloon feel.

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