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  1. Fixed!! Yahoo!! I can now Safely Eject my Gps'rs!! End result was I had to Remove my backup utility and remove the newly installed "Usb Safely Remove" software. Wow I'm so happy they eject properly now - THANK YOU all for all the input - it was that input that solved this problem for me.
  2. As suggested it turns out something is still running keeping me from ejecting the Gps unit (thanks robertlipe) I decided to try a program called "Usb Safely Disconnect" (thanks for the info kunarion)to help me find out which program was holding things up. It did find the offending file but took 20 minutes to get the safe to disconnect message. Its much faster to shut down my laptop and disconnect then restart and do again for the next Gps'r. After switching to Windows 10 I also changed how I backed up my Home Network - I am using the backup software that came with my Netgear router to continuously backup all my PC and laptops - and that appears to be where the problem is coming from. So now I have to find a way to set my USB ports to not backup - I have been trying to exclude that offending file from the backup but it is a file being used by my backup system so no luck yet. Maybe the easy way is just not use the Netgear backup utility and use the one that comes with Windows 10 Thanks for all your help - its been educational.
  3. Since updating all our laptops and main Desktop to windows 10 almost every time I try to remove my Gps'rs I get a message that its still in use and can not be removed. End result is I have to shut down the laptop to disconnect my Gps unit. I have done an internet search but can not find a fix but found it is a very common problem with usb devices. What is everyone else doing to disconnect their Gps'rs - shutting down the laptop is not fun when there is 3 or 4 Gps'rs to do.
  4. What a great day - got a few caches on a warm sunny day and learned a bit about the files on my GPSr - THANK YOU very much for your quick and helpfull responses!!!
  5. When my Montana 600 is connected to my laptop and I open the GPX folder it has 3 folders that are always there 1/ Archive 2/ Current 3/ Nav The Archive folder has aprox 100 individual GPX files for a total of 17.8MB The Current has 1Gpx file with a total of 2KB The Nav file is empty This before loading up my Gps with caches to find today. I have noticed the Montana 600 takes quite bit longer to boot up when compared to my wifes Oregon 550 and both have the same maps installed. So just for giggles I started to look around and was surprized to see so much in the Archived folder(I have not checked the Archived file in my wife's Oregon 550 - she is at the door saying she is going caching with out me if I don't hurry LOL) My questions are 1/ what do these individual folders do - why are they there? 2/ Can I delete the contents of these without any repercussions? 3/ Do you think cleaning out these folders will speed up my boot up time on the Montana 600? Better go I can hear the door opening....and I want to go caching too.
  6. We contacted Landsharkz to see if there were going to bring in some of these coins for us Canadians and Helen reminded us "....but you're going to have such a nice new coin to trade!!" We do have a new coin coming out very soon, as well as a few of our previous personal coins available for trade. Is there anyone interested in a trade - we would sure like to add this coin to our collection? Kootenay Pirates
  7. Wow! We came across a Bell Witch coin in our belongings while unpacking from GeoWoodstock - the coin must have cast some sort of weird spell on us - thats the only reason that we can come up with for taking months (and months) to post a log on the forums. Awesome coin. We are happy to add it to our collection. Kootenay Pirates
  8. Our event http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e9-839c610fdf5f was a blast!! Here is a picture of our Group. We had 65 people show up - thank goodness they weren't all there at the same time. A rather large event for our area. We couldn't find the right color party hats so Mrs. Piate ended up buying construction paper and making 75 hats. Who in their right mind makes their own party hats Thanks to the many generous donations from Sponsors and the purchase of 25 of the "Crown Royale" coins there was a nice prize (mostly coins) for everyone who attended. The attendees were surprised and thrilled with the "10 Year" coins. We played a game called "Press the Great Blue Switch" Everyone blew up a balloon And pressed the Great Blue Switch Some were very afraid of what happened when the Great Blue Switch was pulled We hope that Signal doesn't ever see her image on the cake. The sad part was that the decorator was so proud of his replica of "the creature thing".
  9. We can't make the event but we hope to be able to head out that way one day to find the caches. We would love to purchase a coin so that we have a souvenir of our "alien experience". Kootenay Pirates
  10. Once again we managed to miss out on the sale of the Idaho State coins. We especially like to purchase coins from the places we geocache and Idaho is among the places we tend to cache in. Is there anyone out there that ordered extras that is interested in trading for one of our personal coins? We have three versions available and a new one that will be coming out shortly.
  11. If you are talking about GCJC6Z Diamond In The Rough we found it recently. Not sure how far you got with it. You have to go to the posted coordinates where there are treasure maps hidden. Once you find the map/instructions you need to do some simple math and then two off set projections. We didn't take the map with us and forgot about the last projection which is the only reason we had trouble with this one. We didn't see an arrow but it didn't seem to make any difference. Kootenay Pirates
  12. Wow!! This wizard DOES have powers!! Mrs. Pirate was dusting (yes, how boring) when she discovered an untrackable coin mixed up with our activated trackables?? How odd and she couldn't remember having bought or traded for the coin. Checked the forums and found this topic. Our version has a yellow background. Very cool coin. Now if we can just figure out how it got where it did.
  13. You know we gotta get us some of them They look awesome.
  14. It's safe to say that we would be very interested in trading for one of our personal coins or purchasing one. Kootenay Pirates
  15. We received our coins yesterday. Wow! They are awesome. Thanks so much Yumitori for putting them together. (We know how much work can be involved). These coins are a must have for anyone who has ever cached in Montana, or anyone who might cache in Montana one day, or anyone that just likes to add a really nice coin to their collectoin. Kootenay Pirates
  16. Just tried a couple with a Dell Axim X3(Windows 03) connected to an Etrex Summit and I'm really happy to tell you it works perfectly.
  17. Yikes!! We almost forgot to vote First Choice - #3 Second Choice - #5 Third Choice - #7
  18. Yahoo!! Patience paid off. We were starting to think that we were going to have to take you up on that offer to hop on a plane and hand deliver the coins We are very happy to be able to add this coin to our collection. Thanks for all you did to make the coin happen. We're hopiong that you will be brave enough to take it on again next year Big John P - keep your fingers crossed - maybe tomorrow?
  19. Third time Lucky We'll give it a week and then go back to opening the mailbox door with anticipation each day Thanks for the update
  20. Two returned from Canada.......can we assume that one of those packages is ours??? Guess there is no point axiously waiting at the mailbox today. We can relate to post office problems though. Mrs. Pirate has had to beg for postal workers to put the proper postage on coin packages going to the Sates. "What do you mean it costs more to send them to the States......it weighs the same as the ones for Canada, etc." Just yesterday she argued because she was using up old stamps and only had $1.02 on the envelope. The current rate within Canada is $1.10. The postal worker just couldn't understand why she wanted an additional eight cents added. He was still shaking his head when he finally agreed to sell her an additional eight cent stamp. We have faith that we are going to receive our Idaho coin one day!!! (We hope)
  21. We haven't recieved ours yet....but it's only been two weeks since Cacheanova emailed to say that he had sent them......not uncommon for Canada. We're hoping to find them in the mailbox on Monday!! (Where's the Smilie with the frog that has his fingers crossed when you need one?) Kootenay Pirates
  22. What a surprise to find the UOTrackers Pay It Forward coin in our mailbox. Now that Mrs. Pirate has calmed down a bit she is able to post this message. Being more "lurkers" than "posters" in the forums we hadn't even communticated our desire to be involved in this wonderful project. Thanks so much for Graylling for passing up the extra points for mailing it to another country and for passing it on to us. We know exactly who we are going to send it to and will get it off in Mondays mail. Kootenay Pirates
  23. Hi, We've been on a wee geocaching adventure. Just checking our email and found a response from Cachanova, seems that there was a "glinch" in the system. Glitches happen. We understand. We are just happy to know that our coin is now on it's way. We also understand that there is a lot to taking on the job of selling/distributing coins for an area. We found out first hand last year when we sold the coins for the local Kootenay Cachers group. We are happy that someone took on the job of having an Idaho coin minted. We really enjoy caching in Idaho and look forward to having the coin to remind us of our adventures. We do hope there will be another coin next year. Thanks again, Kootenay Pirates
  24. Hi, We are wondering if everyone that ordered their coins and sent a paypal payment for the coins have received them? It seems like folks have been recieving them for about a month now and although we understand that it takes "forever" to get things through Canada Customs, usually two weeks - maximime three weeks is enough time. We have tried emailing Cachanova as well as the paypal address that we sent our payment to but we don't seem to be getting any response. Just wondering if we are alone? Thanks so much. Kootenay Pirates
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