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Announcing the Cachepillar Coin!


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It's been awhile since one of my designs has been available, so I'm happy to announce the Cachepillar is finally here! I've often called my daughter Bella my little Bella Bug so this coin was inspired by her. Geoswag has this coin in two versions Gold and Nickel LE. You can order it <indirect link removed by moderator>. I hope you like this kid friendly design!



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I'm so glad ya'll like it. Maybe I should base more designs on Bella. Of course lately she's been very "No No No" and messy, not sure what kind of coin I could come up with from that..maybe a DNF? hmmmm


Well, I know that between my two, 8 and 20 months, my entire house is chaos...


SO, why not do one with kids, a disaster of a house, a frazzled looking parent ready to cache, and a missing gps hiding under a teddy bear body or something, lol!!


Naomi :lol:

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If anyone has one or two of thse available to trade, I'd be very happy to take them (see my trade list on geocoincollection.com - kdv). I would be prepared to buy them too (I know the regular edition is still for sale, but the international shipping is huge if you only want to buy one or two coins).





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I would love to trade for one of those. My budget for coins is completely used up, but I just have to have one of those, as they remind me so much of the topic of my bachelor work (although I am working with beetles and not with caterpillars). I have my own Jellies and Nerds, and a few other coins on my trader list...

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