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IMSpider reaches 2400+ after 372 days of caching


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Congrats IMSpider on #2400 and gaining the #2 spot in New Jersey.


My friend, IMSpider surpassed 2400 somewhere south of Trenton today.


His quote "I don't like it anymore, it's like a job"


He said the same thing at 500!


One friend passing another (Trowel32) on the road to exploring every inch of New York and New Jersey.

IMSpider now ranks #2 in New Jersey behind Stayfloopy.

He accomplished such a feat after exactly 1 year and 1 week of geocaching.


I could not break it to him theat CCCooperAgency and TeamAlamo have both decided to move to New Jersey (just kidding)



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And to think that just yesterday, you and I were "PLAYING CHECKERS"! I hope that I get to actually meet you in person some day! I know that it would be a very long time before I could ever catch up to you and that "other guy" but I think BOTH of you deserve a lot of congratulations. Even though Geocaching is a bit of a "game" this "game" takes a lot of effort both MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY and anyone who can reach a number past a 1000 has to be admired. CONGRATULATIONS SPIDER and thanks ever so much for all of the help that you have provided in the past. As Sonny & Sandy say: "Keep on cachin!"

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