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Is it possible to deactivate coins


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I am participating in the Secret Santa process, I was wondering if it were possible for me to deactivate a coin that is already activated?



Naomi :D


I know that if I got an activated coin in one of the missions, with it noted that it will need to be adopted, I sure wouldn't mind. It may be against the rules of the mission though. I don't know of any way to deactivate a coin though

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I wouldnt mind adoption either, especially if it was a coin that I was seeking! I activate some of my most special coins so others can discover them, even if it is a "valuable coin"


Even though some missions state to give unactivated coins...Id say rules are meant to be broken...Just ask our Govt. :D


Dont think you can unactivate em...almost sure of it!


Edit to add: Some are particular about unactivated coins and may erase the logs...But thats only some!

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Thanks, ya'll.


I haven't released any of my coins, I just didn't anticipate ever parting with any of them, but I really want to do this mission and don't have anything to send out otherwise!


Grrr...why can't I just hit the lottery and buy what my mission person will want, lol!


Ahhh, it's ok, I'll manage :D and I'll do a nice mission, too!


Naomi :mad:


By the way, 007, I agree with your sig line 110%, there are some incredible folks here!

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Nope, can't deactivate them. You can mark them as missing or throw them in a travel bug graveyard.


No way, bubba! I'll manage :) I have faith ;)


Naomi :D


Well, you can always mark em as found again and pick em out of the travel bug graveyard too. :D


Ahh, ok! See, you taught me something, Avroair, thank you! :D


And thanks, everyone else :D. I promise, whoever I get, you're going to get a nice packet! I will truly do my best :D

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Marking it missing is better than adding false mileage by using a travel bug graveyard. Those are from the days of "before you could mark them missing." And you can get them going again by just logging them. I don't see the need for either in this case. The person you send it to can just grab it from you, or adopt it.

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I agree that the ability to deactivate a geocoin would be very helpful. Does anyone know if this is not allowed due to a technical reason or otherwise? I've been thinking about bringing this up in the geocaching.com forum as a feature request (or more accurately reviving since I'm sure it has been asked about before).

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Does anyone know if this is not allowed due to a technical reason or otherwise?

There would be no "technical" reason for it to be forbidden

It is just data in a database

It can be manipulated in whatever way that the programmer chooses


However, I can think of one reason to not allow it

It would encourage rudeness to people who have logged the item

Someone wishing to sell (or trade) the item might decide that it would have more value if it were un-activated


The un-activating process would probably have to delete all logs for the item

And, even if un-activating were not allowed for items with logs, there is nothing to stop the owner from deleting all of the logs first


There is also the issue of precedent

Many buy/sell/trade/collect decisions have been made based on the existing rules

It would be irritating to many if the rules were changed in the middle of the game

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That stinks. I have a coin and ran into someone else saying their coin has the same number. After several months and finally locating the coin, darling son read it with a magnifying glass (his 14 year old eyes needed it!) and found our coin to be a different number! B)B) I read it with a magnifying glass! B)B) Oops! I set it up for them to adopt the correct number, but they haven't done that yet. Wish I could "unactivate" the coin and get it out from showing me as the owner. B)


Sure wish they would make the tracking numbers larger! I just can't wait to try reading the one on the Hampton Roads GC I'll be getting this weekend. Never saw such MINUTE numbers! :huh:

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