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Most expensive micro?


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But look at all the "good things " it does for your body :D


WOW it`s cheap at half the price !


The real question is : will it help me be a better cacher ? Hmmmmmm.............


not just a better cacher but all round better person both physically and mentally..... surely the national health should be giving these out? got to be cheaper than letting people get sick and go into hospital. :D

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HEY......I have a bag full of the darn things...not quite that colour but hey you can have 1 of mine for the bargain price of only £10 :wub::wub:-_-:anicute::lol:

Seriously though I had 24 of them off ebay for less than £10


They have to be purple because purple synegisic vibrations are tune to the universes fundamental harmonics and blah... blah... blah...


To people actually buy this cr*p!

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