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How come jim_h has changed his name to TheCluehunter3 ?


See thread 'Easy cache needed in Langley Mill' and click on Topic Starter



Edited to add:

The sub title should, of course, have read 'I thought name changes were not possible!'

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I changed my name back in 2004, not long after I started. It has resulted in a really trivial anomaly to do with logging of trigpoints on trigpointing.com. Not that this bothers me as I rarely log trigpoints, and when I do I tend to record them on Waymarking.com now anyway.


Those of you with nothing better to do with your lives :D may wish to read what I wrote about this Really Trivial Anomaly here.


It could possibly cause problems for Firefox/greasemonkey script users, who also use trigpointing.com but as I use IE it's not a prob for me.

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We changed our name, just a sutle one from gushoneybun1 to gushoneybun. We chose our name originally but ended up adding the 1 as the account locked up when we started. So thanks to the original poster of the link for name changes. :D


The only issue we have is gcuk.com does not link to our account now, but I think it will do when it next updates.

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