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I'm currently getting into Pathtagging, which allows you to design a custom tag (the size of a quarter) and use to trade or place in caches. It can be costly, but certainly cheaper than designing your own Geocoin (which can run you hundreds of dollars just for the first design and minting!)

www.pathtags.com if you want more info on that.


I'm a fan of handmade personal swag, as long as it doesn't look like a toddler made it. I guess I'm a fan of quality. :)

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I like the Signature swag the best. I don't want Dominoes Pizza magnets, nor is my son interested in loose rhinestones. :) I leave a unicycle keychain, or various NEW magic tricks, in the caches that they will fit in.


In my own caches (not too many yet) I leave an origami dollar bill for the FTF, and even leave them in unique caches that I've found that I really enjoyed. :blink:


I have also left my calling card with items I leave, and on the back there is a grid of 12 names. After my 17th find that I left one in, a fellow cacher called me to inquire about the names. As it turns out, it is a puzzle/magic trick that I was able to perform over the phone for him, :) and it made for a unique contact with other cachers.

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