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Bucks Summer Cache Meet 2007

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Hi guys,


Well I feel its that time of year again, not that we have had the weather for it but hey - its still sunny sometimes....


I am planning on sticking with tradition and organising the Bucks Cache Meet 2007 for in a months time, fairly short notice - but it can still be done.


Was thinking the weekend before the Bank Holiday on Sunday 19th August.


In a fairly nice pub I have in mind, as ever - nothing heavy just an afternoon's cachin' and dashin'!


Yay or Nay?

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I drove past a town called Oss in the Netherlands while I was there at the weekend. I didn't get a photo of a signpost though :rolleyes:


Blimey! You too? I drove past it in May and am going to do so again in August on my way from Eindhoven to Njimegen. There are caches :P I will not have time to go and find them :)

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I've been helping Pid with this, and think I've found a suitable location. I'll let Pid confirm it, but I believe the date will be September the 16th - a month from today. The Pub's not far from Amersham, so you've the beautiful Chilterns to play on :mad:

I will not be able to attend on 16th as I have an AGM from 12-3pm and an hours travelling on top. Won't get back until 4pm at the earliest. That's if it finishes on time.

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'Alps' John?


"Kitzbüheler Alpen" is what it says on my map.... and they ain't talking breakfast cereals here, lady. This is seriously hilly stuff :D:D


EDIT.... whoops... just twigged what you're on about (very slow this evening). Yer a cheeky mare!! :grin::grin::D:grin:

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Guys guys guys, just to let you know I am still alive and I apologise for my lack of attention to the Geocaching "massive" of late, few hectic things going on in the last few weeks that caused this to go on a back burner (bought a house..etc etc.) aaaaaaaaaaanyway, pleased to annouce the date is set....


GC15A3H - Bucks Indian Summer Meet 2007


Should be verified in the Morning.


September 15th in Little Missenden, in the Crown.


Theres a Sensei cache just 0.60 away :-).


Hope you all have enough time to be free, would be good to see some old faces aswell and new ones. Pharisee - that means you! haha.


I'm looking for to it. Going to be a cracker.



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I know these Camping attendees can't make it :-( but hey - There is still halloween!!!!!




The Morgan Mob


The Wellington Boots (Hard standing)


third-degree-witch & MrsB


House of Boo




Davy Boy


Phillimore Clan


The Royles (Hard standing)










The Great Redmondo (hard standing)


Scally & the Princess


Captain Goretex




The Ollies


The Moor we Hunt…


Red Kite


Father Jack (Friday night only)




The Cache Hoppers & Pop up Pirate


T-Girls (hard standing)

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I might miss it - it depends on flight times but I might be on my way to Montreal. However, now I know when it is I might be able to get a flight early Sunday morning. It would be great to meet some of the local geocachers and maybe then I can use PAF to confirm whether or not I am on the right track before I go trudging off for miles!

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Link to event page - Having suggested the venue and provided co-ords for it, I'd been told I might be co-host for this... It seems I wasn't helpful enough :)


Well, I felt you were extremly helpful Simply, but you expressed no interest in being a co-host so I assumed you wernt up for it....ah, it doesnt matter anyway, I'll add your name to it if you want - but its all done now anyway.


And Pharisee, I knew you were going to Tirol - haha - that is why I said it!

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In an email dated 13/08/2007 11:30:31 GMT Standard Time, ben writes:


...If you can think of a pub that might be suitible, obviously in Bucks..... we could possibly make this is an SP and Pid event.


In reply:


...Locationwise, I was in a nice pub the other day. Big garden, on-road parking on a quiet road... Don't know what the landlord would say, but it was here: Streetmap.co.uk- search results and this is a page about it

Crown, Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP7 0RD - pub details # beerintheevening.com - complete with phone number! Let me know what you think. :)



So I thought of a pub that was suitable, as you asked... As you say, too late now. :)
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Bucks Cache meet changed venue....


N 51° 38.740 W 000° 43.661



The Crown decided they were going to close after Lunch on the cache meet day! we can't be having that.


Hope to see you there, new venue is only down the road - The Beech Tree in Hazlemere.

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