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Poker Fun Run

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After my trip out this last weekend, I'm starting to think that 6th place might be overly ambitious for me. I was just having no luck whatsoever. I'd find locations where I could find witness posts and not the benchmark, heck I found an access cover and still never found the benchmark once. Thoroughly disheartening, I'd hoped to collect a spare royal or two, plus the straight flush I need.


On a brighter note, I did end up on a cool forest road that weaved amongst the trees, just barely big enough for a single lane of traffic. I was astounded it was in my gps maps. (Of course, compared to the one I ended up on on the west side of the state last year that was in the gps maps, this one almost seemed like a major road). There just aren't enough of these types of roads in Michigan.

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GrizzFlyer, You have a dreaded PM from John waiting to be read.


Awaiting your response to determine if you can go for more hands.




Repairs made, thanks for checking them so quickly.





You're good to go for the next set of hands.




Also, Congrats on being the 7th Poker Fun Run player to complete his first set of hands. (John forgot to say Congrats.)



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I have a question for A tapeworm, Why a 4 of a kind with all of those potential Royal Qs? Trying to make others jealous that Qs are that easy to come by? Or "Yes, Virginia, there are Qs - Plenty of 'em!"?


Also, He had to slow down for the biggest Deer on the road that I have seen! Please, let me have the pleasure of posting it here for him!













That should be in the rules! Bonus for funny pictures! Maybe next contest (if there is one).

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And now for breaking news, that is I am breaking into the discussion for a Stat break.






How about some bonus scores? OK.




Oh, by the way, not much time left...lots of marks left - somewhere.


We are still enjoying the pictures. :laughing:


!Remember! If you want to be in the drawing for the signed book or other prizes - you have to have at least One Hand on the table, err, board.


Good hunting players!

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I have a question for A tapeworm, Why a 4 of a kind with all of those potential Royal Qs? Trying to make others jealous that Qs are that easy to come by? Or "Yes, Virginia, there are Qs - Plenty of 'em!"?


Since I largely seem to be looking in some of the same areas as a tapeworm, I can say that there's suprisingly few lines here in michigan that seem to have the real potential for the royals. I'd have to look at my notes for the state, but most of those look like ones that aren't doable as royals anyways. (I often feel like I'm running around behind a tapeworm.)

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!Attention! Only ONE week left!


Now for the updated Scores sheets.






I am just wondering who will come in last? Who is waiting till the very last to post?


Good hunting everyone.




PS, we had a really funny E-mail sent to us....


How about a booby prize for the first one to collect a full set of hands? B) This contest has really gotten "out of hand!"



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Didn't do as well as we might have today. Something about a dumb dolphin locking his keys in the car, and having to call AAA... ;) Been a lot of new and interesting places. (Okay, and a number of rather dumpy places...) Unintentionally, but, perhaps, appropriately, we ended up today in the old Mennonite area of northwest Jersey. Independence, Liberty and Hope. (Didn't get to Tranquility or Stillwater on this trip.)

Not sure what this has to do with benchmarking, but as I've been know to say: "Remember: The Land of Make Believe is in Hope, and not the other way round."

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Thanks to all who participated! It was a great contest.


In the last section of this post you will see the results of the Fun Run from the highest to the lowest and with any prizes awarded. If your name has a prize after it, please E-mail us your snail-mail address and we will send it out to you as quickly as we can.






2/3 Marine...............917 pts buckle & coin for 1st


Harry Dolphin...........832 pts buckle & coin for 2nd


a tapeworm..............673 pts buckle & coin for 3rd


Jedi Cacher..............401 pts buckle for 4th


Geo Trailblazer.........366 pts buckle for 5th


Grizz Flyer...............326 pts


Shorebird.................325 pts


Piper 28...................172 pts


T8r..........................153 pts


fossillady..................133 pts coin drawing


WV Hillbilly...............105 pts


Klemmer....................79 pts binoculars for oldest (benchmark)


Rumpled.....................30 pts autographed book drawing


Bean Team..................11 pts


Ernmark........................3 pts old GPSr & coin for last place


Oh, did we mention that there is a $25 shipping and handling charge for the prizes?






Just our last little bluff/joke. You will receive them without a bill.


Shirley & John - The Original "2oldfarts"

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Best photo, not showing a benchmark: Andy Bear at Hawks Nest. Rte 97, Orange County, New York. High above the Delaware River.


Wow! That is a beautiful spot! And that is a great idea to post any picture from your travels with the contest that any of you would like to share.


Thank you all for your kind words and we still need a couple of Snail mail addresses so we can send out the prizes.



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Thanks John & Shirley for the contest. Got to see even more of Colorado this time around, which is half the fun with your contests. Some more counties will no longer be WHITE in NE Colo pretty soon, which is a bonus. Didn't think I would outlast the Dolphin!! Really could have used Andy Bear to help with the gas money.

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Thanks John and Shirley for all of your hard work in putting this contest together. :laughing: Also thanks for your patience John in helping this newbie out with all of my questions about benchmarks and this contest. Before this contest started I had only found about a dozen benchmarks and found over 100 in the last 2 months. Also got to see and explore the country that was in my own backyard that I normally wouldn't have got a chance to see. :)

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Prizes were mailed out today at 3 PM for those who had gotten their Snail Mail addresses to us. Jedi Cacher, yours will be mailed on Tuesday.


Rumpled and Ernmark, you need to send us your addresses or tell us you do not want your prize. Just shoot us a note.



Edited by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
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Got my autogrphed book, thanks mucho!

Too bad the oldfarts haven't even seen it.

I wouldn't have minded at all if you'd pawed thru it, QC inspection; you know?


I'd trust you guys to run the contest and be in it, too.


I'll see if I can do better at completing the next contest, whenever/whatever it is.

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