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Announcing the Egyptian Anubis Geocoin


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I just wanted to post a note here letting everyone who may be interested in knowing that there is a new coin on Dorkfish Coins. This is the 2nd coin in the Egyptian series. It is trackable on geocaching.com and has it's own unique icon. Here is some information about the coin & a picture. Sorry the photo is a bad one, the coin looks much better in person.




The Anubis geocoin is shaped in the form of a Canopic Jar. Canopic Jars were used to hold the organs of the mummified individuals. The lid of this jar depicts Qebehsenuef who was the Falcon Headed God. The back of the coin has an image of the God Anubis. Anubis was the God of the Underworld and therefore had the lucky task of embalming individuals. While the rest of the coin is black nickel, Anubis is gold metal overlayed on top. The hieroglyphs on the front of the coin translate into something Anubis might be saying. I don't want to post the translation here in case people want to try and translate it themselves, but it is posted on my website.


It is a two tone geocoin with black nickel & gold and is currently on sale for $8.50 The coin is 1.75 inches tall & 3mm thick. Minted by Landsharkz and designed with the help of Geocoin Design. The coin is available here:


Anubis Geocoin

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