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Cache in a Fire...

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I give those firefighters tons of credit for slogging through the woods to get to the fire. Our fire company helped the state boys on one of their brush fires a few years back. It wasn't easy, and it was right off the highway.


It's not a long hike from the road, maybe a mile, but it is very steep. They have to carry all that water and equipment to the fire.

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An offduty policeman was attempting sleuth to nab a cache where I work when a fire truck drove up and parked at that location getting ready to do an inspection. The firemen reconized the cacher and found out he was looking for something so they took a few moments to join in the hunt. About this time the employees of the business where the cache is located noticed the fireman and went out to see what was happening. It was at this moment that I returned to the yard only to see a large crowd, a fire truck, and people pointing at me as I parked. Well, it was my cache. The cacher had his find but sleuth didn't work in this case. <GRIN>

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Too cool. That's a great story, and one the finder will remember and tell for a long time. I'll bet it's an even better story a year or two from now. :D


We had a Duval County Deputy Sheriff assist with a tricky find two years ago during GW5. We insisted he sign the log. He even gave us his name and badge number with the offer to contact him if we had any other LEO encounters that night.

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