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New Zealand's national public holidays:


New Year's Day and the next day - January 1 and 2

Waitangi Day - February 6

Good Friday/Easter Monday

Anzac Day - April 25

Queen's Birthday - first Monday in June

Labor Day - fourth Monday in October

Christmas Day - December 25

Boxing Day - December 26

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At present there are four species of native frogs and three species of introduced frogs in New Zealand. Two of the introduced species, the Bell frogs Litoria aurea and L. raniformis, as well as all New Zealand's unique native species (in the genus Leiopelma), are listed as threatened or endangered in the recent Global Amphibian Assessment. Hamilton's frog (Leiopelma hamiltoni) on Stephens Island is one of the rarest frogs in the world with a population estimate of about 300 individuals.

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New Zealand has a claim on Antarctic territory, however, a territorial dispute exists. The New Zealand Antarctic claim has not been recognized by the United Nations, U.S., Russia, or by other countries (other than Australia and U.K.).





9 Jan 1841 Ross Ice Shelf and Victoria Land claimed for Britain.

23 Jul 1923 Antarctica between 150°W to 160°E officially annexed by Britain.

30 Jul 1923 Claim transferred to New Zealand (Ross Dependency).

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A contribution from NASA's archive, South Island at 250m/pixel resolution. Christchurch and its associated volcanoe to be on the right (ESE) corner of the island to the north of Dunedin, under a little bit of cloud cover.

Oh I forgot, the fault zone in the northern part of the island is clearly visible in this image, running from WSW to the ENE.



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The Fox Glacier/Te Moeka o Tuawe is a glacier located in Westland National Park on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. It was named in 1872 after a visit by the then Prime Minister of New Zealand, Sir William Fox.


Fed by four alpine glaciers, Fox Glacier falls 2,600m on its 13km journey from the Southern Alps down to the coast, and although retreating throughout most of the last 100 years, it has been advancing since 1985 at an average of about a meter a day.



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Lake Matheson, near the Fox Glacier in South Westland, New Zealand, is famous for its reflected views of Aoraki/Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. A traditional mahinga kai (food gathering place) for Māori people, the lake contains long finned eel as well as being home to many water birds.



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Milford Sound

One of the most visted spots in NZ is Milford Sound. The glacially-carved fiord is over 400 meters deep at its deepest, with the huge Mitre Peak (on the left) towering nearly 2000 meters straight out of the water. It is an impressive sight.



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Animals were much more than a source of food for early Maori, they were considered part of the great family to which we all belong. Some were cheeky, others with wise, while others still were dangerous and cunning. In some cases animals worked with man to educate or guide. Yet they all had a role to play and a destiny to fulfill. In this beautiful book, Warren Pohatu introduces us to special members of our animal family and shares their characteristics and roles with us. He retells legends of the past in which animals played a special part and emphasises the bond we can all share.


This is Warren's second book and he lives in Henderson, Auckland. His iwi affiliations are Ngati Porou, Rongowhaaka, and Ngati Kahungungu.



Now, this looks like a really fun book. I will have to look into buying a copy :)



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Te Papa is New Zealands National museum. It is in the capital city of Wellington.


Te Papa is a new age museum - very much a touch and feel museum where there are a VERY large number of interactive exhibits. Very worth while visiting. Leave yourselves a lot of time - I'd recommend an entire day. There are areas on each floor where kids can go to have some fun and learn about things, you can experience an earthquake, walk through native bush, dig for dinosaur bones, virtual rides... and the list goes on. There are cafes and restaurants too, and a gift shop or two.

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Kune Kune


The Maoris in New Zealand kept Kune Kunes both as pets and for meat, allowing them to roam freely to scavenge in and around the village houses. This close association with man probably accounts for the Kune Kune's love of humans and their placid and friendly temperament.


If grass is available they will graze and do not dig up their pasture. They will thrive on a diet of grass, fruit and vegetables with a small amount of protein meal when the grass is in short supply.



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I just discovered this thread and WOW!...What good info~Great Thread Mark! Great fun to read em and what a cool learning experience too!!!


My first quest was to find the % of Diesel vs Petrol (Gas) use in NZ...I discovered foreign countries diesel use and am appauled at the lack of imports of Diesel engines into the US. Seems that everywhere else in the world, they are blessed with the efficiency, durability and Biofuelability of Diesel engines! But not here... We are cursed with the innefficient power of petrol...with very little hope of Diesels becoming a part of our major vehicle lines...Sure theres some, but nowhere close to the amount in the foreign countries.


I actually thought the numbers would be higher here as far as the diesels vs gas in passenger cars, but its better than US...and almost shares the total uses side by side with .3 milllion tons higher gas usage...and is steadily increasing.


The following was Plagerized from a Diesel/Petrol comparison in NZ


New Zealand uses around 2.2 million tonnes of petrol per annum (2,900 million litres), of which about 75% is regular grade. The corresponding diesel consumption is around 1.9 million tonnes per annum (2,400 million litres) (MED, 2001a). As a comparison, the Australian market is currently around 13.5 million tonnes of petrol and 6 million tonnes of diesel per annum (EA, 2000a). The relative volumes of diesel and petrol for the two countries are significantly different.


Petrol consumption in New Zealand has been fairly static over the last 5 years, with annual growth averaging less than 1%, and the proportion of premium grade slowly declining. There has been a fairly steady growth in diesel consumption however, averaging around 5% over the last 5 years.



Vehicle numbers and types

There were around 2,750,000 vehicles on the current register, an increase of 61,000 over the previous year. Of these, there were 427,000 trucks, 14,000 buses, 13,000 motor caravans and 79,000 motorcycles and mopeds. The balance, which makes up about 80% of the total, is cars. (Just to give an idea of where the diesel is used)


Petrol vs. diesel

Nearly 93% of cars currently on the register are petrol driven, and around 7% (approximately 148,000) are diesel driven. There are around 278,000 other diesel vehicles including trucks, buses, motor caravans and tractors. LPG and CNG account for less than 1000 cars in total and less than 1700 other vehicles.


I couldnt find the facts on US Diesel vs Gas...But am sure it is much less!...My dream engine is the Toyota 1KZ-TE found in the Toyota Hilux, Surf and Prado...almost had one- But hopefully I can trade mark my entire Geocoin collection for one of those beauts!!! :)...untill then its the 4BT 4cyl cummins im after...much heavier and nowhere close to the 1KZ-TE!

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Got another one...You all will like this one!


New Zealand was the first country in the world in which all the highest offices were occupied by women, between March 2005 and August 2006: the Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II of New Zealand, Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright , Prime Minister Helen Clark, Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives Margaret Wilson and Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias.



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Heres some Political party facts I found...Very interesting, much more info than whats here-But heres the jist of it!


New Zealand has a strong party system in place. The first political party was founded in 1891, and its main rival was founded in 1909 — from that point until a change of electoral system in 1996, New Zealand had a two-party system in place. Today, New Zealand has a genuinely multi-party system, with eight parties currently represented in Parliament. Neither of the two largest parties have been able to govern without support from other groups since 1996, meaning that coalition government is required.


The two largest, and oldest, parties are the Labour Party (centre-left progressive) and the National Party (centre-right conservative). Other parties currently represented in Parliament are New Zealand First (populist, nationalist), ACT (free market), the Greens (left-wing, environmentalist), United Future (family values), the Progressives (leftist), and the Māori Party (ethnic).


Seems that there are still 2 main parties, but the participation of the other parties appear to be a key role in deciscions made in legislative issues (Just appears that way to me)...sounds good- maybe we could take some lessons on this one.

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G'Day Guys & Gals :ph34r: Just thought I would throw a wee hint out as to when the next coin will go. It should be the secret posting number, and the hint is...


The number increased by "1" today :) Any ideas? (sorry no free coin for getting this question right)


Because I'm having so much fun seeing what you guys are posting I have decided that After this Post #) coin has been won there will be another small comp. to win another of my coins :)


So keep them posts coming.

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Few more photos of my favourite end of the country (South Island)





Is that the Poolburn Reservoir?


Edit: Yep it is!! My wife if from very near there - Poolburn! :)

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May is New Zealand Music Month :)... unfortunately Coca Cola have just announced that they are pulling the local plug on the CokeTunes Music Store soon. :ph34r:


I guess now that iTunes is [FINALLY] here* it was just too much competition for them! (That's not the excuse they gave... but reading between the lines I picking it's the real reason)


* - Yes, New Zealand only got iTunes back in late December 2006! It was a l o n g time coming! Nearly everyone else had it before us...

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G'Day Guys & Gals :) Just thought I would throw a wee hint out as to when the next coin will go. It should be the secret posting number, and the hint is...


The number increased by "1" today :)


Your age!


Happy twenty-first! :ph34r:

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G'Day Guys & Gals :ph34r: Just thought I would throw a wee hint out as to when the next coin will go. It should be the secret posting number, and the hint is...


The number increased by "1" today :)


Your age!


Happy twenty-first! :)


:D Not quite, but good try, I'm a Scorpio :D

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Time for a small geography lesson...


Everyone knows that New Zealand is made up of many Islands, with the main ones being the NORTH ISLAND...








But there is also the long Last WEST ISLAND...




:) Sorry Bunya, I know you are in here somewhere :ph34r:

And Cheesy Pigs, Team Falling Numerals, Aushiker, Forthferalz etc etc etc,


Truely we do love our neighbours :)

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Hmm . . . in the interests of maintaining international relations (not to mention my chance of winning) I've been resisting telling any "New Zealander" jokes . .






























. . . . and I still will resist . . . :)

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Hmm . . . in the interests of maintaining international relations (not to mention my chance of winning) I've been resisting telling any "New Zealander" jokes . .






























. . . . and I still will resist . . . :)




Best of friends :) but also best of rivals :D

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