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Take a Kid out caching!

Lemon Fresh Dog

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No, nothing here.


Every couple of weeks my daughter is asking if her geocoin came yet. I think it's time for me to purchase one to make her day. :D


Anyone know if the Alberta Wild Rose geocoins are sold out? If not, a link to the site?



I haven't seen anything either, but I do have an extra one of those Alberta Wild Rose coins. Send me your address and I will send it to your daughter tomorrow. oshndoc at gmail dot com



or better send me your daughters name as well, so I can address the envelope to her. :tongue:

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About 4 weeks ago my 10-year old niece visited us. We have a little castle nearby, with an easy multi-stage-cache, and I thought it was a good idea to take her out to a treasure hunt at the castle. We had a lot of fun, found the film canisters at the stages, but then... the final box was muggled :lol: We searched for nearly half an hour before we left the place, and after that I contacted the cache owner. The next day he confirmed that the cache was gone. Too bad... My niece still asks me every time we meet if the cache has been replaced. I think she enjoyed the hunt, but was quite dissapointed that we couldn't find that treasure I told her about :lol:



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Our family is new to geocaching, and our son, especially, loves it!!! He is 6 and really into the "treasure hunt". Ryleigh who is 2 1/2 doesn't mind riding in the backpack, but always wants to check out the contents of the cache as well. We have a rule, they switch off on swag, unless there are two really great items that they switch for. They bring their own swag to trade, and pick it themselves.


We love geocaching as a family!!



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