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Lemon Fresh Dog

Take a Kid out caching!

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Hello all,

As some of you may know (and some not), the Alberta Geocachers have a lovely Wild Rose coin which was created to promote geocaching and the enjoyment it offers. The production and sale of this coin resulted in some coins being given to the group in order to give them away!!!! whoo-hoo!


So! Here is the deal.


Take a Kid out Caching.


Post photos here of families enjoying the wonderful hobby of geocaching. At the end of the month, we will RANDOMLY draw out 10 posts (those that have photos) and give away 10 Wild Rose Alberta coins.


Have fun!

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Easy too! We vowed to make sure our little guy grew up in an active home - so, hes our caching buddy! Will be three in a few weeks, and he LOVES the outdoors!

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Here is some of our girls while out caching:


th_Feb2007189.jpg They found this special cache that was just for them in Utah by the Cache-U-Nuts. B)

th_Feb2007106.jpg In Oklahoma caching in the snow. Our first snow find. They loved the snow! :(

th_Feb2007086.jpg Our oldest at the during a 6 mi round-trip hike to find a Snipe Hunt night cache.

th_Feb2007095.jpg Here she is after the hike and she is tired, but they found the cache! B)


I am sure I can find some more pics. We have tons.


Our oldest wanted a Alberta Rose and she almost got one at GeocoinFest in the raffle her number was called and as we were waiting in line at the prize table she saw one there but one of the people in front of us got it for their raffle prize. So she picked the FTF Card Game instead and we have had fun playing that!


Thank you Alberta Geocachers for holding this contest. B):D

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Dang! Wish I had seen this b4 Sunday. Wife, 12 y/o, and I found 7. Could have taken some great pictures. Will get some soon to enter.

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1st Find



500th Find




Our little dudes are the best caching buddies and have been with us for a lot of our finds and

almost all of the events/dashes we attend!

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This is really awesome guys! Keep those photos coming!


Every photo has something I love -- a SMILE! B)


Just so everyone knows - the drawing will be random. There is no way I am going to pick one child over another!!!!! haha!


So, enter away!

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What a great idea...my kids love caching. And besides the find, they love to log trackables...



Luke with the log...



Sara with the cache

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What a cool contest....here are a few pics of the kids in our group that visited Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness!








Here is a picture in the Smoky Mountains of when me and my younger sister went caching:



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Oh, gee, an opportunity to show off my kids? Can't miss that!


Here are GrouchoMark (daddy) and ToriExplorer at the Bumby Camp cache.




Including the bonus cache to the Persimmon Mound, it was a total of 9.5 miles, so we took several breaks.




Here are pictures at one of my favorite caches, the Maritime Hammock in Melbourne Beach, Florida. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous! This walk was about a mile, so ConnorCacher came, too!








Thanks for the opportunity to share! B)

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Let's just say that things were going ok until "Billy" wanted the GPS.....stupid take a kid caching game.....


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I better get busy then and have another kid! B) Nah, been there done that, just gettin busy is fine but having another kid is out. :(

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Too many pictures here. I don't know where to stop. Taking our kids and other kids out is the funnest part of Geocaching for us!













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I just took a crew of 8 for their 2nd cache, the first time I had no camera but here are some pics of my friends kids and their cousins from So. Cal. I took them to my cache while out playin some Disc golf.

A FREE FOR ALL!709fe541-898a-4998-9e94-84da1eb4c454.jpg

Little D and his GeoClaw- He just had to have it!63ff056d-ac92-4eda-9a27-97f38c1d7b6c.jpg

Dont they look happy- Its only their 2nd cache- While we were playin some Disc, she asked me "are there any of those little GeoBoxes around"- I said "were takin a Detour"f8b1f825-fe21-4eca-a366-cba79af31771.jpg


It was great fun and the kids loved it! Kids and caching just go hand in hand!

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One of grand-daughter Sasha's first finds (Ely, Nevada)



Oldest grand-child Kaelinn caching with us along the Jordan River


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We have a ton of cool caching pics taken while caching as a family. I just can't post them all, so here's a few.



Arrrgh!! and Rock Star Sarah find Grrrl's Rock !!! (GCGKJ8)



Arrrgh!!, MamaMia and Rock Star Sarah pose around the giant flywheel at Mill-a-ped (GC1861)



Rock Star Sarah proudly shows off the prize at Masonic Overlook (GC5F82)



Rock Star Sarah, Arrrgh!! and tom4props found Pali Cave (GCH33H)



GranMa Dee, MamaMia, Rock Star Sarah, Arrrgh!! and Cousin Daniel found Iris Island (GCX5F1)



Rock Star Sarah and Arrrgh!! get their feet wet at Escondido Falls (GCJME1)



Rock Star Sarah, GranMa Dee, Arrrgh!! and Cousin Daniel found CITO Falls (GCVM61)


Okay, time to stop myself. I have an endless supply of pics of my kids caching. Hope you enjoy them.


Happy caching!

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I’ve been taking the Bug Crew caching with me for almost 4 years. And the “crew” grows larger every year.


This was Noah and Marisa’s first cache in June of 2003. He had just turned 3 and she had just turned 2. I called them the B Crew (for Baby).



Otteria (aged 3) joined the “B Crew” in May of 2005 and they officially became “The Bug Crew”.



Then Angel (aged 10) started caching with us June of 2006.



They have been to more playgrounds, in more cities, than I can count. The playgrounds are as a big a draw for them as “finding treasure”.



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trying to make this thread a bit more global. This is team Franky639 from the Netherlands with Ilse when she was little. Now she is 4 years and she has already found many caches in Holland.

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Caching twins double the trouble ...er...I mean double the fun.


Cache clean up...double the pick-er-upers!



Twins finding the first cache placed in the houston area.



Twins on their Second coin quest.



Twins on the glass beach..Cali baby!



Twins in the Cascade Mountains...WA.



Ok i'll stop now I have lots more where those come from. B)


Fun thread young man.



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I have really enjoyed seeing the photos posted in this thread. B)

So here is a pic of my oldest son entering a contest to win a Kilted Cacher Geocoin. (He won a coin)



And here is a pic of my youngest son at the APE cache in Joliet



Thanks LFD, for starting this thread

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I love this thread...it made me go thru our old pictures. Here's the girls with their usual caching buddies:




When I took the Girl Scout troop to a CITO...




Our girls and their cousins...



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Nothing like taking kids to a gator bait cache!



We bring friends along all the time. Sometimes mamacache only takes the friend! LOL!

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Me (on the left) with Geocachingdragon and his two little dragons. If this post gets drawn, the winner would be geocachingdragon, since he had to carry his littlest dragon most of the time!


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At "Barnyard with a View" in Bracebridge. The masks are part of the cache!



Jakob at "Rocky Lighthouse" in Meaford. Here, the saying "don't step on a crack..." refers to your own back!



Jakob at "Georgian Bay Series: Christie Beach". We found the cache, but didn't move on for close to an hour while we explored these rocks off shore. Had to walk through super-squishy clay to get there, and almost fell in many times!



The Kritter and I at "Killarney - The Crack". By the time we hiked all the way up there, climbed to the top of one of the pillars for lunch, and generally hung around, we completely forgot to look for the cache! I realized it after we started the descent, but it was too late.



Geocaching on Toronto Islands. These huge ribbons hanging in the tree were good for a half hour diversion.



Jake and The Kritter, Bracebridge, 2005.


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Here's a few pictures



This is my daughter, Stellar Jr., showing off an ammo box at an event.



This is my daughter, Stellar Jr., along with Zane the Stellar Geo-Dog after

finding a cache.



This is my daughter, Stellar Jr., with a friend of hers who is now a geocacher.

They just found the cache and are looking through the ammo box.

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I don't have kids but I drag my niece and nephew with me :D


08ba8e6b-a0c9-48c8-93dd-0780eb5f8554.jpgAbbie and Little Gabe in York, Montana


3c485742-473e-4fcc-b4ed-19d3ba1f98bf.jpgAbbie and Little Gabe by the Missouri River under Canyon Ferry Dam


5813c134-4456-4236-8379-e1be39f67659.jpgThese are my real kids Cowboy and Dakota :D (had to put them in)

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Alright after going through some pictures here are my entries. These pictures where taken while doing cache maintenance. The water was way to deep for my daughter to make the trek, so Dad to the rescue!!


Note the water line on the shirt.




My reward for the safe journey.




Boo_Boo and Damenace



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Puplets with a travel bug:



The princess helping with a virt:



Plenty of pictures not uploaded...

It's hard to get out for the more difficult hikes since they want to go treasure hunting with me every time :D

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You can post as many times as you like! However, only one entry per cacher will be placed in the drawing. (to be fair).


I guess I should also post "Princess Maddie" here as well. "Earthcache Kid" has also been caching, but I don't have the photos handy at the moment.


This is us getting ready to place some caches - I think we hid somewhere around 8 that day.



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Boo_Boo at one of the Hobo Events




Boo_Boo at one of the local parks caching




Boo_Boo on top of a mountain after solving a puzzle cache



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Lots of cute kids in this thread ... awwwwww


Since I'm a CAC local, I guess that I'm not eligible but I guess that I gotta brag about my granddaughter lil seeker


Doing some benchmarking



Out with grandpa nicolo



Working on an earthcache with grandpa nicolo ( she looks scared! )



lil seeker finds her first lame micro, :D



Another benchmark in downtown Calgary


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This looks like a fun thread. My niece Melissa loves going geocaching with me. Her geocaching name is Messa. All she wanted for Christmas was her own GPSr two years ago. She did win one in the Magellan contest which is very near and dear to her.





The cache was called "Hibernating" and she thought the container was all too cute. <p>



AuntieNae & Messa at the Indian Trail Tree.

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I thought I better give some press time to my boyfriend's son Mathew. They geocache under the name "The Tapps".





The Tapps Sr & Jr at the Fox6 News Geocache January 07



The Tapps Jr with our friends Gr8 Eyes and Lego Lover at the Hobo Springs Earthcache



And. a photo of Messa and The Tapps Jr together

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My daughter. a PM working on her 100th find.




I know he's not a my kid or even a kid, but I did adopt him as a newbie cacher and helped him grow.



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Sorry I don't know how to post a picture.

We take our boys every time we go treasure hunting.

Just tonight when I was tucking my youngest in and about to turn the light out he told me/asked me to go treasure hunting tomorrow.

We take a photo at every find (as long as we remember to take the camera!)

No treasure hunting if they have needed time out for bad behavour.

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Sorry I don't know how to post a picture.

First the photo has to be on the internet somewhere. You can load it to your profile here if you don't have a place for it. A lot of people also use photobucket.com, flickr.com or one of the other photo storage sites.


Once it is loaded somewhere, click on it and cut the URL. It will look something like this:








When you go to post in the forum, above the text box you will see a line above that has some letters followed by tiny icons (B I U S A and some pics) Click on image.gif, then paste the URL you previously cut out in the box and click OK.


That's it.

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Great pics everyone. Geocaching really is a great family hobby. It has taken us places we would never have gone to otherwise! :D


Some of my favorite pics are from virtual caches we've done:



In 2 States at the same time......plus a benchmark. Really the middle of nowhere.......



....and an hour later at one of the Cache Across America series and it was whipping up a freezing wind!



Dino Thunder Earthcache........



......and the nearby regular cache that brought us to the dino tracks. Oh the places we will go!



Go Girl & King Finder at a really grand view



A favorite virtual cache - worth the climb!


This is fun. I have to go back and look for some more.

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What a great hiding spot! Kids seem to like Geocahing and im glad we can do something together that we all enjoy.

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Let's see How About Caching with Lewis and Clark.


How about Sacajawea.


And a National Public Lands Day Clean up.



Did I mention these are my grand daughters we are raising.

We just finished up the Entire Length of the Lewis and Clark Trail.

OH yeah those rare Earth Caches.


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