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There can only be one !


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Please update (recalculate) your bugs, because the grim reaper is coming in the morning!!!




It would seem our TB message in a bottle has been thrown in the sea and is traveling to London. According to ihilux who went to check on the cache for me, this is what he had to say "Went past earlier this morning, and the TB is definitely taken.


Check the log book and on 06 May 2007 it had the following entry:


"Great cache. Took the TB (great idea). Our plan is to place it in London, as we will be there shortly.


B&R Sanchess."

So it would seem its out the country but has not yet been logged and the person could can not be found under that name. So i hope it does not get lost or those people actually play the game.


So not sure how that affects the game but if someone is to get the chop it would seem its our bug, let the others play on. ;)

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Race Update




It is another grey, windy, dull and cold morning in KZN. The clouds are still hanging low, making it especially mournful after the GRIM REAPER visited us in the early hours of Sunday morning. Another KZN bug , "Message in a bottle" has lost his head in the race for glory. With only one bug left from KZN our hopes are with "Strandloper" to hold its head up high, not too high though and make it for another month.




The race organisors send our deepest symapthy to Tim & Sam on their bugs eviction from the race and we hope that you see it one day, in far off places.




The race will diffenately start speeding up from here as we head into the second half of the year and I heard that the grim reaper is alo going to be speeding up his culling song.





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Race Update end July


Wow! what a month. Slow race organisers, suicidal race bugs, other bugs fighting for their lives, and some not moving for an entire month or more. tsk tsk tsk....


Some heads are definately going to role...


The current standings are:


01 - Frustrated 4x4 - warthog - 7126

02 - Rupert Rex - Tricky Vicky & Mickey - 7056

03 - Half Bait - QFC - 6671

04 - TB Cache Surfin' - The Huskies - 6306

05 - James' leaping lizard - colinaly - 6304

06 - Die Rooi Gevaar - cownchicken - 6245

07 - P-38 - GlobalRat - 6041

08 - Baiesukkel - Guineafowl - 5140

09 - Mickey Racer - TeamTGF - 5005

10 - Strandloper - Whostops - 4935

11 - [MIA] TF Are we there yet? - 4163

12 - Lazer Razer - cache-fan - 3141

13 - [MIA] Stormer's Racing Bike - Stormers - 2363

14 - [Chopped] Bolivian Bob - Discombob - 2261

15 - [Chopped] Message in a bottle - batsgonemad and his squirrel - 1389

16 - [Chopped] Noddy on a mission - Noddy - 1087

17 - [MIA] Terri Tiger - Seeker Two - 1062

18 - [Chopped] Little Penguin Farmer - Team_Farmers - 979

19 - [Chopped] Mpumalanga Cache Adventures - ZAlandyman & Susieq - 631

20 - [MIA] Behind the Mask - B. Whelan - 603


Major events of the month have been as follows:



[*]First Stormer's Racing Bike fell on its own sword an lost it head afer being left in a cache by its owners

[*]Having heard that there was a suicide TF Are we there yet? just could keep asking the same question over and over again and and found the nearest sharp object to remove its head.


We bid them both farwell from the race and hope to see their brothers next year.



The once cruising race car Mickey Racer has seem to be hit by the JHB fuel shortage and has been stuck for the last month. Let hope he finds some fuel and keeps on racing


Head loss:

Even with the begging and pleading Bolivian Bob has left the race to go and make coffee in the big cloudy coffee shop above!


11 racers.... 5 months.... Who can survive till the end!

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Our condolences to Trackinfind, sad to see “are we there yet” having the same bad luck as our TB. Despite the unfortunate suicide we really enjoyed doing the Everton river cache and we can recommend it, at least our bike chose a very beautiful place to end it all :)

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Sadly to annouce that Lazar Razar has been removed from the country last week by an unsuspecting visitor (having + 3800 caches on his account?) not aware of the race. Anyay as Lazar Razar was currently at the bottom this does not matter too much.


Sorry Lazar Razar, wish you a nice summer holiday in Europe and like to see you back soon.


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Another month comes screaming to an end, but does spring bring new life.....NOPE (Not in this race)


An overseas cacher has taken the latest victim on an early trip or did he know that Lazer Racer had no chance to survive for another month.


The latest standing are:


TravelBug Name Owner Caches Km Provinces Points

TB Cache Surfin' The Huskies 19 7966 4 8841

Half Bait QFC 16 7238 4 8038

Die Rooi Gevaar cownchicken 21 6640 6 7765

Rupert Rex Tricky Vicky & Mickey 21 6617 5 7642

Frustrated 4x4 warthog 21 6049 6 7174

P-38 GlobalRat 18 5496 5 6446

James' leaping lizard colinaly 14 5582 4 6332

Baiesukkel Guineafowl 18 4248 5 5198

Mickey Racer TeamTGF 13 4182 5 5007

Strandloper Whostops 14 4145 5 4994


All Bug owners are remined to update their bug details at the end of September to ensure acurate results. If you feel that you bug has been ufaied judge (km's, province or caches), please send me a PM.



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September Update


The organising body are very sad to announce the untimely passing away of two travel bugs this month.


They are:


Strandloper Whostops 15 4201 6 5176

Mickey Racer TeamTGF 13 4179 5 5004


There are three months remaining and 8 bugs still with all their body parts. How many will die next month?


The race finish will be placed on the 1st November 2007 in KZN. Watch out for it, as all bugs must make the finish.


As Christmas approaches, only 79 shopping days left, who will keep their head.



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October Update

2 Months Left!


Congrats to all that have got this far, but as usual some must go for others to win.


We say goodbye to Half Bait and Baiesukkel and congradulate the owners on getting this far. But there can be only one and you have been CHOPPED!


As time passes we urge all SA cachers to help the bugs that are out there! Get involved. Maybe you will need help next year for your bug.


There is little time left in the race... Stay tuned for some possible upsets!!!!

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Yup an update is available!!!


3 bugs have finished alread and 3 are still racing.


Updates are available at 2007 TB Race. There is also a excel document with all of the calculations if any of the owners want to check out their bug's progress... Race Bugs


The next update will crown the winner and send out awards. This will unfortunately only happen on the 2nd of Jan 2008.

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September Update


The organising body are very sad to announce the untimely passing away of two travel bugs this month.


They are:


Strandloper Whostops 15 4201 6 5176

Mickey Racer TeamTGF 13 4179 5 5004





Mickey finally came to say hello in one of my caches over the weekend !!!! :D:D


Sorry QFC the race is over. Maybe Mickey can enter again in the 2008 race as most of them are stuck in Germany??? :D:D


This shows you – “never give up” :o:D

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