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Dorkfish 2007 Geocoin


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I just want to thank everyone who has bought this coin and for all the really nice comments. I had such a fun time working with Jamie & Helen and I think everyone is really going to love these coins. I am so excited to get these mailed out :lol:

Thank you so much to everyone who has paid so far. I think about 3/4's of the payments have come in. Tonite I've been putting the envelopes together with labels, stamps & customs forms when needed. I've also cut up little pieces of paper and have been randomly pulling out who gets what coins. I get so excited when I pull out one of the LE coins. I really wish everyone could have one, but to those who are getting one, I hope you are really happy when you open your envelopes.

Ok, back to putting envelopes together. Thank you again, you all have made this so much fun for me!

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what is the PMS color for the blue of the water in the fishtank? third one down from the top of the list...




I don't know the name of the color but the number is 299, is that what you were looking for?


Yes, thanks! I'm trying to find a blue that I like for the Geo 40 Series, and my monitor is a bit lighter than the actual colors.

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