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Cache in a Pub? OK or Bad Idea?


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I am working on a new type of cache and wanted to get some input on whether it would be appropriate.


I know caching is a great family activity - BUT This cache would be clearly marked for "adults only"


I want to set the waypoint just out side the pub and include some hints that will take the adventuer into the pub. The owner/staff are completely cool with idea and would welcome the foot traffic even if someone has no interest in staying around and being a customer. We would mount a cache with a combo lock on the wall amoungst the many interesting art-photos-items that adourn the wall and would would make for interesting find.

Inside the muggle proof box would be a tag to give the bar keep to redeem a prize such as a tshirt , free pint or beer company give away goodies. The placement of the cache would also be within view of the streaming web cam currently in place and would have its own web page titled "Muggles, Muggles, EVERYWHERE Muggles!!!" and would include a virtual logbook that finders of the cache would be incouraged to sign.


What do you cachers think?



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It wouldn't fly because it violates the commercial cache guideline, which prohibits caches that "attempt to use the Geocaching.com web site cache reporting tool directly or indirectly (intentionally or non-intentionally) to solicit customers through a Geocaching.com listing. These are NOT permitted. Examples include for-profit locations that require an entrance fee, or locations that sell products or services."

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As long as they serve Guinness at room temperature, I'm OK with the idea. I think it'd be kewl to find an ammo can affixed to a pub's wall amongst all the other stuff. However, Brian's right in his interpretation of the guidelines. I think that, as you described it, it probably wouldn't fly. Before you dismiss the idea completely, talk to your local reviewer. They may be able to guide you in a direction that ends in your cache being approved.

Good luck!

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How would I find contact info for my "local reviewer"?

Check some of the newer caches published in your area and see who published it (the "Published" log will be the first one). That is your (or one of your) local reviewer. I think Clan Riffster is right-- you should give it a shot. The guidelines do say "Some exceptions can be made. In these rare situations, permission can be given by the Geocaching.com web site. However, permission should be asked first before posting. If you are in doubt, ask first.", and I think it's a cool idea. I've been to more than one cache in a store/food establishment. Once I needed to go to the counter where they sold all of the candy and sodas and tell the worker that "the cache flies at midnight" :laughing: It was fun, IMHO, and it got approved.


If people with kids (like me) try to find it, the kids can wait outside for a minute. As far as "caching and alcohol".... I can't even count the amount of caches that are in front of or in parking lots of places that sell liquor... Beverages & More comes to mind.....

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How would I find contact info for my "local reviewer"?

I looked at your profile and where you've found caches so far. Someone should be able to point you to a reviewer covering Florida.


As for your idea of a pub/cache, I'd avoid it as your first hide. As mentioned above, the guidelines will likely prevent it from being listed. If you are itching to hide a cache, go ahead and hide a more traditional one, like at a park, or along a walking path or a hiking trail.

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Something similar was submitted in Sydney, Australia, with plaques in several historic pubs (well, as historic as you can get in Oz...)


It wasn't published, since requiring cachers to enter a shop, regardless of what it's selling, is against the guidelines (and quite rightly, too, IMHO)

There's now micro-waypoints near each pub, but on the outside.

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My concept would be muggle proof as would be contained in one of those combo key pad masterlock keyboxes real estate agents put on house for sale. For example I would put in on the wall in view of >> Muggle Cam It is really a fun place, and the owner is excited about it, we had even talked of holding some Saturday afternoon rapid cache hunts in the surrounding 5 square block area.


As for beer and caches go... I say navigator can have a few as long as the captain is sober.

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Inside the pub=bad idea and not very likely to get published IMO. I don't think it is a compelling and unique enough idea to warrant an exception to the commercial cache guideline, but that isn't my decision to make, so ask away.

However, as a series of hides near your better than average beer purchasing venues, it makes an excellent idea. As long as the cache page isn't an advertisement for the establishment, you should have no trouble getting this OK'd.

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Tread carefully, work with your Reviewer and you can likely get it done.


One issue is that Groundspeak does not want its listings used to advertise or promote a business enterprise unless they get paid for doing so... a perfectly logical business practice.


Further, Groundspeak and most everyone else involved want the game to remain free and non-commercial.


Entrance fees to parks and the like excluded, if you gotta pay to get the cache it's gonna be seen as commercial.


Your challenge then is to write the listing page in such a way that even though the cache is inside the business you don't invite cachers there to do business, or even suggest that they do - they must be able to complete the hunt without being involved in a transaction of any kind.


If you show the Reviewer that the cacher can go to the location, find and complete the cache without doing business or feeling required to do business then you will likely get it listed.


In this game Reviewers are your friends, and the closer you communicate and work with them the more creativity and flexibility you will find available to you.


Good luck,


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Bad Idea.... geocaching and alcohol don't mix. Seriously reconsider this cache idea, I won't shoot it down but I bet a reviewer will


On the serious side, it will probably be nuked instantly for multiple reasons:


1. It is commercial in nature

2. It might be construed that you are promoting a vice

3. I would enjoy it, therefore it must be banned


On the personal side, I would enjoy it, but then again, I find that cool carbonated adult beverages are quite refreshing after a long hike. I said AFTER, please take note. :)


Good luck!

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