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  1. In fact you give a lot of explanation ! How about making it SIMPLE and just have people do a normal addition ? In that case, you wouldn't have to change anything in your description because of this extra decimal place added by Garmin.
  2. 14 years ago I asked why not use Decimal degree instead. Easier and in fact it is the way it is stored, computed ... Was too late already.
  3. Are you serious ? Confused ? This is basic arithmetic any ten year old masters, decimals, rounding etc... ! Now I understand why there are still people stuck with miles, inches who can't read maps understand scales etc.... Anyway, this Garmin GPS accuracy remains the same. Won't make Geocaching easier ! Don't question Garmin please ! Question yourself !
  4. 6 months ago after reading this thread I bought a 64S on sale instead of the 66S despite all its added bells and whistles. Coming back, I don't regret it. Besides the 66 is so much more bulky. For geocaching a smartphone is easier anyway BUT I WOULD NEVER rely on a smartphone into the wild ! I carry both now.
  5. Thanks. Funny but when I noticed the issue a few days ago, I checked the firmware release via Basecamp and it updated to 5.50 . Didn' solve the issue therefore my above post. OK now Basecamp did update to 5.60 That was the quickest fix I ever experienced ! At least for me because this thread is more than 4 years old
  6. Long time no see ! Bought a 64S on sale 6 months ago. Three days ago got Weak satellite reception, lost satellite. In the same condition my still working 60CX had no issue. I disabled Glonass just to see and was happy to see sensitivity was back to normal. Then turn Glonass on, still working fine. Came back here to check if other had experienced this issue. Indeed, it is an old but still current problem despite my 64S has soft ver 5.5 ! Garmin has reaches the same level of other companies, ALWAYS have some funny random bugs popping up now and then and never fixed. At least, it is less serious than the Boeing 737 MAX (I never fly in this airplane anymore)
  7. Personally, it is when I am engaged in an illegal activity that if questionned about, I answer "I am geocaching" and explain the game !
  8. The above indicates that you are one of the "most people" who do not understand how GPS uncertainties work. My advice: unless you actually know what you are talking about, don't spout off on technical things like this in this forum, as there are people on it who do know what they are talking about. Whether I choose to add better coords to a cache log depends on a lot of factors, but in excellent conditions 6 meters is pretty far off. Are you kidding ? Besides, errors induced by the GPS of the cacher adds to the one of the finder ! Oh, by the way, 6m off means an uncertainty of 3m which does not even imply to be 100% guaranteed !
  9. Some would even start a war for this Google maps off
  10. Garmin software SUCKS big time, others most probably too ! On the PC where it's close to being pitiful and even on the GPS ! The GPS chipset is now a commodity sourced outside of GPS handheld manufacturer and is included in high end smart so called phone. Currently the only thing in favor of the handheld is ruggedness and battery. Too bad smart phone mfgd keep making their devices fragile. Why ? Just to keep selling new ones. The comparison with stand alone camera is not valid, a camera needs quality optics of a certain size.
  11. As geocaching became more popular, it is a fact the overall level of caches has gone down. Yet there are still smart caches worth the find. The real issue is how to "find" them in the listings, in an area ? Of course its popularity can't be used. The difficulty level gives an idea but yet incomplete, to read the logs is time consuming. OK, there must be caches for everyone, but not just for the lazy, not very bright one, smart and courageous people are entitled too Usually, equality leads to mediocrity, so let's not forget people who are more equals !
  12. I know about the "property" of the spectrum. In fact, to rent/sell it, is a major source of income for the State. To "remove the GPS antenna" OK but if it is a hidden one ? Ideally, you should be able to block any kind of "wave" in your personal surroundings. True, it is not easy but jammers have a limited range. Anyway, we should be more concerned about all these privacy invasions especially because they are justified in the name of a so called "public welfare". The US used to be a reference in terms of "democracy",
  13. As an engineer who lived during the Cold War, I think technology can be used against technology that threatens your privacy or security. Human laws are just opinions. I agree that GPS tracking device can be useful and to defeat them may be against the rule but that doesn't justify the ban on the equipment to counter it.
  14. Suscrofa, I BELIEVE THAT I HAVE HAD ENOUGH IRONS IN THIS FIRE - FRIENDS FLYING INTO UNCHARTED MOUNTAIN PEAKS - TO SAY NOT AMUSING! Don't think that any of these incidents had anything to do unit conversion errors either. MEL Many have. I found the minesweeper story amusing, yes, that doesn't imply I consider all accidents to be amusing ! Other source of information state that they had been warned via radio, by the Philippine park rangers. RT Never trust one single source of information when your life depends on it. Uncharted mountain peaks ? Quite strange.
  15. Instead of a robe, I would use a drape or a sheet, better yet a rope, unless you are a princess locked up in a dungeon
  16. Just set up a cache on a benchmark to give users the 'false' opportunity to check their GPS "accuracy" Accuracy of a GPS is in itself grossly inaccurate ! It varies and is not repeatable. It largely depends on the satellite configuration among other things. At time, your GPS will be pin point accurate, at other 10m off. That doesn't mean, it became bad ! But using a benchmark for a cache at least takes your GPS accuracy out of the game, provided the benchmark coord. have been properly updated.
  17. Amusing May be due to confusion between nautical mile, km and US miles (statute or survey ?) From car bolts to spacecraft, plenty of errors due to these archaic units.
  18. He gave a valid explanation showing an understanding of the issue ! Having a lot of "found" doesn't make a GPS expert but being an engineer is a good way to start !
  19. Don't waste your time converting to minute, second, it is as absurd as inches and miles ! Use decimal degrees and set up your GPS for decimal degrees if it isn't already. This is in fact the default and standard format in car GPS !
  20. Lot of equipment is returned and many calls to service department for no other reason than the inability of the users to use, configure, understand. Some people can even make good money out of it.
  21. If the title had been a humble statement like : "Help me understand what I am doing wrong" instead of "Something wrong with my GPS? (Montana 650T)" which implies a knowledgeable person who after careful testing came to this conclusion, which obviously was not the case, there would be no snarky comment ! If you don't know, you ask, nothing wrong but if you try to be smart when you are not, take the beating and don't whine. If you whine expect more beating. This is the way things used to be before this crap called PC, excessive tolerance, obsession not to offend people !
  22. Why can't people accept that it is their brain that is not functioning properly ? Why always blame the equipment ?
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