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the geocaching diet

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I've noticed that the little bit of a belly that I'd been growing has since shrunk back to basically flat. Then again, it's probably both sad and pathetic that I'm losing weight, since I'm basically a twig at 130 pounds at best anyway :D


Well... maybe I'll grow some muscle and put on weight that way with geocaching :D

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Didn't lose a single pound. I did however gain stamina, the ability to hike further, especially vertically and am in better shape than I've been in a long time. Well..until this summer when caching had to go by the wayside.


I noticed the same thing the other day when I was doing a huge elevation change over a short distance. My stamina has improved tremendously.


However, I am about ready to start my winter hibernation cycle where the most exercise I get is complaining about having to snowblow the driveway (I do so much complaining that I probably burn more calories doing that than actually doing the driveway).

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Lost weight and gained stamina.


Also developed an uncanny ability to successfully navigate via GPS on inadequately-marked road systems in far-off exotic lands (like New Jersey...). Friends & family are now tolerant of my wierd stops for photos of benchmarks, as long as I can find the nearest outlet mall / good hotel / great restaurant with my handy Garmin mapping software (my wife says I have to sprint to the marks to save time - thus keeping my stamina up while doing 'drive-up' benchmarks... :laughing: )

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I suffered a back injury at work in Jan. 2004, and it keeps acting up, and have bone spurs in my foot. Two really painful reasons to keep me on the couch. I have been caching (almost daily)for 2 months now and have lost at least 10lbs, and have had absolutely NO back or foot pain. Have not taken pain pills since I started, and I was taking 3 a day. The water I am guzzling is replacing the Diet Pepsi.


So yep, I notice a big difference.

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On the other hand, I've gained twenty pounds since I took up geocaching. Oh, well.

Yeah, I found Frappuccinos about a year after I started geocaching. :laughing:

Have lost about half of it back though recently.


I used to hike longer distances. Twelve mile hikes. I've even backpacked almost half the AT (in ten years). Swift Run Gap to Pinkham Notch. Now, I've settled for two days a week of five miles of hiking for caches. And I've gone from 185 lbs to 205 lbs as a consequence. Oh, well. Circumstances have changed, and I'm a bit older now. And I hated the Presi Transverse. Madison Springs Hut to Pinkham Notch is not hiking. Miles of climbing over sharp boulders. Not my cup of tea. The Presi Traverse is is 26.3 miles. It took us 35 hours of hiking. We did bag seven of the 4000 foot mountains in New Hampshire on that trip! But, it took us four hours to hike the one mile from Madison Springs Hut to the peak of Madison! With the promises of Wildcat Ridge and Mahoosuc Notch being even worse.

My sister (and New England backpacking companion) did not enjoy our assault on the Hundred Mile Wilderness. We accomlished 48.6 miles of our 75 mile planned hike before she decided that she just wasn't having fun. We made it from Daicy Pond to Jo-Mary Road, and hitched a ride back to Millinocket.

Don't get me wrong. It isn't geocaching that cause the weight gain. I was more the decline in exercise. Hey, I'm growing older.

But! I have gained twenty pounds since I started geocaching. And it wasn't the frappuchinos

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I lost 50 pounds right off when I started cachin' in 2003. I've pretty much kept it off too.


At the time, I proclaimed myself to be the Jared of Geocaching. I was pretty much living off of Chic-fil-a & Taco Bell at the time too, so I figured that I could get an advertising contract and make a million bucks like the real Jared. :laughing:

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