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  1. So, the rubber button on my Oregon has disintegrated. Garmin no longer supports this model, so Id like to repair it myself. Rest of the unit is in good shap, except for the big old hole where the on/off button was. Any hints/help/tutorials out there? Thanks
  2. It's Czechoslovakia. It's like going into Wisconsin. Hopefully someone will get that. I got it, thanks! /Dont call me Francis
  3. I got a call like this once. Some one did not return an unban cache as it was hid, and the cops ended up with it. They ciontacted me, and all I had to do was go downtown and get it. They asked nicely that I not hide it back in the same spot.
  4. Was tired from doing two of the above with Wimseyguy
  5. I broke one while i was out of town recently. Took a little drive to the hardware, bought some exopy and fixed it as good as new. I broke it, felt I should fix it.
  6. nice job and congrats. Some friends and I did 121 in 10 hrs a few weeks ago, pales in comparison. Id like to try to get 200 in a day.
  7. My 5th too! Already paid my Platnum fee x2 and I'm lookin' for a place to stay... bringing the snooglette this year? Looking forward to seeing you again, one of my wifes most prized geoswag item is her smashed Snoogans penny.
  8. signed up, paid, ready to roll to my 5th Geowoodstock!!
  9. 73 last sunday, and 14 DNFs. nice mix of short hikes and park and grabs
  10. I liked the old way better as well. Thanks for the update Nate.
  11. People try to log one of my virts without visiting it. If I suspect some one of doing that, I check thier caches found. If they logged caches 1000's of miles away on the same day, I delete thier find. There are a couple of other nearby physical caches that most people get when they get mine, so I check them too.
  12. " that cache is unsafe. I now think its okay to go home and stick my fingers in our mouse traps at home"
  13. This is most certainly not accaptable behavior in our neck of the woods. One GC Number, one smiley
  14. busted my arm out caching, two days off work /Wouldn't say I was missing it, Bob!
  15. My goodness, who on earth came for your Wal-Mart LPC's? Unless you mean disturbed banned forum poster TrackinTheBox, but I'm sure nothing ever happened there. Besides, no one has come for OYR's if this is true, it's an internal decision. I was making and analogy. If we lose one place, I fear more will follow. Might not seem like much, but it slowly adds up Don't know of too many city parks that allow camping or hunting
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