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Hello, I am pretty new at this and I have decided to put out a geocoin. I plan on having the coins minted at coins and pins, but I have never done this and might need some advice. I am going to have it be trackable, but should I get an icon too? This is what I want the coin to look like. This is a very very rough sketch though. I really am not artistic in any means. Coins and Pins is going to do the artwork, but I wanted to give them an idea of what I want. Any ideas for a background of the coin? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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I am by no means an expert on this since I am new to this as well. I have done one coin though and will offer you this. I myself prefer coins that are both trackable and have an icon. I have heard many others express that it really is not important to them whether a coin has an icon or not but stil many others say that they will not buy unless it does have an icon. I would error on the side of providing an icon so both sides are essentially happy.


I really like shinny gold plattings and think your coin would look good with the Falcon being 3D and adding color detail around the Falcon of its surroundings.


Have you thought about what you would want on the back of the coin?

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Ok. I am going to do an icon. For the back I think I am going to have a falcon diving out of the sky over the outline of New York. It will also have the geocaching logo somewhere on the back with room for a tracking number and the track this coin at geocaching.com. I think I will also title it on the front rim redtailfalconer's falconry geocoin. My question is, if I put the outline of New York, would that make it more of a location coin? I want this to be a personal coin. Thanks for you input.

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Lots of people put an outline of the state they live in on their personal coins (I did!). It just gives people an idea about where you do a lot of your caching - in no way does that make it a "state" coin.


I agree that the falcon look awesome 3-D. I personally would not put a bunch of color around the 3-D, but that's just my opinion. Maybe make the flip side 2-D with colors?


Icons are nice, I like collecting them. But it does not determine whether or not I will get a coin.

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I like the simplicity of the two tone 3D on brushed metal. The design of the bird will make a beautiful 3D. I wouldn't put any color on that side other than in the writing if it were me. I'm not a fan of most shiny finish coins as they look cheap to me (like kids play money), though there have been a few that pulled it off.

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Ill be sending my ideas to coins and pins sometime next week. I plan on doing them with silver, and black nickle. The peregrine falcon is known for its dives out of the sky at over 200 mph, and the f-16 fighter plane was modled after the aerodynamics of this bird. I enlarged the falcon, and around the front rim it will say Redtailfalconer's Falconry Geocoin. The back I plan on having the outline of New York State with a peregrine diving over it. When a falcon dives it is called a "stoop" I think I will have the back rim say "The Stoop 2006" The front will be 3D, the back 2D. I dont want to use many colors on this, but the back will also have the Geocaching icon, and a trackable number. The icon will be of a falconry hood I think.

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Sounds like it could be a good looking coin. I would like to trade you our personal coin for yours if you are going to do trades. check our web site listed in the signature for ours.


Our standard coin is black nickel... I would suggest that you have them do sandblasting for it... that will really help you see the details, otherwise black nickel can be way to shiny to see any details on it. There are also pictures of our two tone coin that is done like Hula Bum mentioned. (gold and nickel (silver) base with black nickel 3d dog image) so you can see what that would like. (both of those used the sandblasting done on them to bring out the details)


I do agree with Hula Bum that the antiqued, brushed, sandblasted, or other textured backgrounds for the coins tend to be easier to see the details and look better.


(edit to add finish info)

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I liked the other picture of the falcon on the glove better. I can't tell what this new picture is a picture of. I know because you told me & I've been following this thread, but if I found this coin I'm not sure I'd know what I had. I like the the beak & the branch the way they come out over the top of the edges of the coin. I think the stark white of the NY behind the bird adds a busyness that detracks from the beauty of the bird in flight. IMHO

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