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Wrong Boots ?

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I have just bought a pair of hiking boots with all the fittings for laces. First I think ..too late, that the laces will snag on all the thorns and undergrowth. My sneakers had velcro straps, no problem.

Since I can't take them back and guess they all have laces anyway, very little selection here., I need to know how to tie them.

There was no instruction manual, and even the website about the science of tieing laces is not much help, anyone out there have any advice please.? Btw the boots have no little loop at the heel.

I have thought of duct taping over them but......

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If you are that obsessed USE DUCT TAPE. Those bows wont get caught in nothing. :)


Used to wrap our hunting dogs feet in duct tape. Tried the fancy booties, rubber inner tube, etc but they always managed to throw them. Finally in desperation one trip we duct taped one of the dogs feet. Worked great. We reverse wrapped it loosely around the feet so the pads could splay out then wrapped it regular above that. Worked like a champ and they never lost one. It pulled some hairs out when you took it off but that never seemed to bother the dogs.

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first lose the flat laces and get round ones ( para cord works great or get some military laces) Pull them up as tight as you can, this will reduce blisters. Tie the laces in a square knot. Wrap any excess around ankles ( or cut it off and tie knots in the ends ) Tie another square knot and tuck everything else you got leftover into the tops. para cord might be hard to untie square knots but the military laces do not deform when cinched down on and are therefore easy to untie by hand but not by anything else. This is a combat proven method. I know some soldiers that put in new laces everyday as they just make a bird's nest of knots every morning and cut them of every night. just advice from a not so old soldier!


remember a knot is only as good as the person who tied it!

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Tie them from the inside out. That is, take the lace and feed it through the outside of the lace by taking it over top of the boot and feeding it back through. That will force the lace to keep the boot tight.


Another tip. Buy really small bungee cords. Put them around the top of the boot and tuck your pant leg up in. Police do it all the time. Keeps pant legs dry and keeps ticks etc. out

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I'd buy a DOZEN pairs if I had a credit card, In thailand the banks worry that us old farangs will die and stiff them with an unpaid bill or do a runner, even thouh I've lived here 33 years and am "a man of property"

A kind USA cacher comes here and brings goodies loke TB's and Camo tape. He's coming in 2 days, next time GATORS..thanks very much.

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I have a different way of tying my boots and since it doesn't involve a knot but a cinch they don't come undone.


Unfortunately looking at the pic of your boots my way won't work because the top of your boots have hooks instead of lace holes. I find these come undone often too and try to avoid those type of boots. But I understand that where you live the choices may be more limited than where I live.


Now if you ever get a pair that have lace holes here is how I do it:


After lacing all the way to the top I double the lace back into the hole you just put it through. I do this on each side leaving a small loop. Then I cross the lace over and through the loop on the opposite side and pull both laces taught at the same time.


If there is too much excess lace I just cut them off and melt the ends or stiffen them with super glue so they double back through the lace hole easier.


If after some hiking they loosen a little (they will never come undone on their own) I just pull both ends and they are tight again!




The boot on the right is before inserting through the loop and the boot on the left is finished.


No loose loops to get snagged by brush. I have tied mine like this for years whether I am walking steel beams hundreds of feet in the air or busting my way through the dense rain forests where I live.

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