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  1. Awesome! I don't know how I missed that, Thank you!!
  2. If this is not the right place, please feel free to move this. I am writing an application that reads in pocket queries and displays them on a map. I already have it parsing the gpx and wpts.gpx files. I want to be able to list the associated waypoints under their geocache, but I am at a loss as to how to link the waypoints with their geocaches as there seems to be no reference in either file to the other. Is there something I am missing? Thanks!
  3. Wow! Never again did I expect to hear from Spooky Boo again! Thank you very much for resurrecting him to be a happy travel bug again! All of our travel bugs went missing, and to recover at least one means a lot ! Thank you Brown Coat, letting us know what happened to him is really shiny of you . The Beast.
  4. You would need to log in to create the pocket query or to (eventually) do the automatic querying so GC.com should do the filtering automatically.
  5. It already is working with pocket queries! That's how I'm loading the data you see in there now. I still have an email out to Groudspeak, because I think it would be awesome if it could update the display dynamically, but this is a good intermediate step!
  6. Good call, I sent an email requesting permission and information. Thank you. I am writing this app for the Android platform, so the Trimble software won't work for me. While waiting for Groundspeak to get back to me I started off with loading in gpx and loc files so I could have something loaded. I now have it load in the file and display the caches on a map. You can pan / zoom the map and when you click on the cache it gives you the option to see the cache page or to navigate to it. Both of these seem to be working though I can't be 100% on the navigation screen until I get real hardware to test it on. Anyway, here are some screen shots of what I have so far. The accuracy is so bad because I am using a built in GPS simulator that has the accuracy hard coded to 100m.
  7. Good call, I sent an email requesting permission and information. Thank you. I am writing this app for the Android platform, so the Trimble software won't work for me.
  8. TOU agreement? I've heard of TOS, what's TOU and do you have a link to it?
  9. Do you realize how hard the area would be to do? You would have to make a xml of everywere. I think at least. Work on central ohio first. We will have it it first My idea is to use positional data from the device's GPS and then request an area around that position. The query that gets executed when you search from GC.com looks like this. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat_ns=1&lat_h=40&lat_mmss=05.879&long_ew=-1&long_h=83&long_mmss=04.775&dist=5&submit8=Search lat_ns=1 tells us that it's North lat_h=40 is 40 degrees lat_mmss=05.879 is the decimal minutes. these are the same for the Longitude dist=5 says that we want to search a 5 mile radius. This returns an html file that the browser displays. I want to make a similar query that returns an xml file that I can parse right away to show that caches on the map. I wouldn't be keeping the xml files around and I would only have caches on the map in the area around where you are looking at that time.
  10. I an working on a mobile application that will sit on top of Google maps and display caches in the immediate area. How can I go about querying the GC database? I've seen how the queries that return html are formatted, but parsing that would be tough. Are there queries that return xml, gpx or loc?
  11. Sweet, that's what I needed to know! Thanks!
  12. When I try to load a kml file that I made in Google Earth it gets distorted. This is what it looks like in Google Earth: Here is what it looks like on Geocaching.com: I have the kml file and can email it if anyone is interested.
  13. I just released my first TB and I was looking through the page for it and messing with some of the options when I noticed some strange behavior. When I drop down the combo box under Trackable Item Owner Options there are three choices: Recalculate Distance Mark Item Missing Move to Last Location If I choose one of those and hit the "Go" button and then drop down the list again there is a second copy of these options. This will keep going as many times as you press the "Go" button. Here is a screen capture incase I am not explaining clearly. As you can see the Red bar shows the three original options and the Blue bars show all of the options added per button click. I am using Firefox, incase that helps.
  14. If you google html font it will bring up a bunch of references to the font tag and all of its attributes. The one you want is size. It would look something like this <font color="red" size="7">STEALTH-REQUIRED</font> -=EDIT=- D'OH mgbmusic beat me to it!
  15. I used to tie mine and then tuck the lace in the top so that the "loops" didn't get hung on anything.
  16. I'm glad to see the positive responses! It seemed that most people on here were, all-in-all, good, friendly people, but I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be stepping out of bounds!
  17. While reading through the SCREEN NAME IS MORE THAN AN ALIAS thread there were several people that I wanted to send messages to so I could ask more about the things they mentioned. I thought of contacting them in order to either more clearly understand what they were talking about or to see how they got into it or to express a shared interest. My question is, would that have been out of line? How would YOU react if some random member on here sent you a message asking you stuff like that?
  18. Il y a aussi un forum français au fond de la liste. Voici le lien.
  19. Maybe the person who put the number on there got confused by the slashed-zero and used your Ø instead?
  20. Did you put the space in there? I just copied and pasted what you posted here and it came up!
  21. All you need to do is go to geocaching.com, click on "Hide & Seek A Cache" and enter you postal code. I did that and found 437 within 20 miles of that post code. Here is the link to that search.
  22. I get 8.13 MP$ costing me a grand total of $9.84 for my round trip to work!
  23. I vote for video games! I have several that I am in the middle of that I really should finish! In Progress: Condemned: Criminal Origins Oblivion God of War Tony Hawk: American Wasteland And here are some others that I reccomend: Silent Hill Hitman Call of Duty Tony Hawk: Underground These have helped me pass a lot of time!
  24. There is a fixed positon relative to the time, so you could consider it a 4-dimentional positon that is fixed!
  25. You need to add a line break. In HTML it looks like this <br />
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