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  1. Ok, ok, they may slow it down a tad, but they are not the major culprit and they are not what's causing timeouts and other issues. And now I get a popup ever time I signed in:
  2. hahahere is a litle song I wrote. Here is a little song I wrote You might want to sing it note for note Don't worry be happy At every cache we have some trouble When you worry you make it double Don't worry, be happy...... Ain't got no place to lay your cache Somebody came and kicked your ache Don't worry, be happy The reviewer say your cache is late He may have to litigate Don't worry, be happy Look at me I am happy Don't worry, be happy Here I give you my phone number When you worry call me I make you happy Don't worry, be happy Ain't got no cache, ain't got no style Ain't got no swag to make you smile But don't worry be happy Cause when you worry Your face will frown And that will bring everybody down So don't worry, be happy (now)..... There is this little song I wrote I hope you learn it note for note Like good little children Don't worry, be happy Listen to what I say At your cache expect some trouble But when you worry You make it double Don't worry, be happy...... Don't worry don't do it, be happy Put a smile on your face Don't bring everybody down like this Don't worry, it will soon pass Whatever it is Don't worry, be happy
  3. Every since the Google adds this site takes for ever. No?
  4. Awlthough your point is taken its the smart mouths like this that makeit seem the modrating is and everybody else just wants to talk to. lol The forumsd are ok and some of the mods and it does seem lick the people lick to argu for anything.
  5. Escuse me Jeremy, but I hAve a very close friend who (respectfully) says you're just wrong. Sept1c_tank was baned about a year ago for just being a PIyourA. Officialy the site baned him for using a so ck puppet but he didn't. I know this for a fact. He didn't really do anything but he admits he was a paine in your A. You guys were just upset because he calld you about your sofamoric dealing a out putting Dave Ulmer out of your history. Now that you and hime have kissed and made up, you should let sept1c and his daughter back in the forums. She didn't do anything wron either. You are the ones who did wrong and you can't denie it. I like this site a lot so please don't ban me to for beign a pain in your A.
  6. And my other hobby is spleeing. lol
  7. I think I agre with Deablo. I only have one cache thought and it has been out for only a few weeks but I think it will be oK even if I don't do anything. I just put cheap stuff in it and thats all you find anyways. I certainly hope these defeatest attitudes don't cache on in the community! What's wrong with trying to do better than those who set a poor example? If your neighbors don't cut their grass do you let yours grow? Decent swag is history unless cachers dedicate themselves to keeping it up. Ed Ed, It's not a defeatest attitude. Why should I keep spending money replacing junk that the local cacher place. They need to learn by example. If they want to find good swag, then they need to leave good swag. It's obvious from watching over the years that a cache placed whith good items will quickly deteriorate into junk in a short period of time. Why is the owner responsible to continually be his brothers keeper? If cachers want to find good swag, they need to leave it. Like I aid earlier, I'm not going to be their local Wal-Mart. El Diablo I'm a newbie not a deafatest and I have a good cache already that I already checked 3 times but why would Iwant to add mor stuff to it? If epople want to have good stuff they will put it in to but I think almost everybody doesn't care. If I find somethingto wsap for I always leave something good but there is never asnything to swap for and I cut my grass more than my neihborhood. Have a nice day.
  8. I just tie them licke normal and then tie them again and when they get caught they don't come untied. sheesh
  9. You've heard of will work for food? will lick for fish. lol ok so I'm a lousey spellar fellar. I like to fish two times a day and hunt for rocks..
  10. I'm a rock houdn that licks to fish.
  11. I think I agre with Deablo. I only have one cache thought and it has been out for only a few weeks but I think it will be oK even if I don't do anything. I just put cheap stuff in it and thats all you find anyways.
  12. I don't understand it at sll either. Micros aew coolif you ask me even the ones in lampools. I think there is jusr to much junk in them to trade for so they complain about that. People probaply complain about minnies just to have something to rgue about. lol I lick them all.
  13. I think if you are goin gto put out a hard one you shoul put it where everyone can see it if you are going to make it so hard and put it in the forums. At least let us see how hard it is.
  14. Ok I’m not the best spellar but I looked it up and I know it is laissez-faire and I know what it means. I ‘m pretty new geocacher and I like finding and hiding caches. Every one argues to much about geocaching and I don’t care. Everyone argues too much about lame minies and I don’t care. And everyone argues about what kind of cache to find and what kind to hide. People argue here just to be in the forums and I don’t care. You can call me lazy fiar and I just don’t care just don’t call me late for dinner lol.
  15. I heard that everyone hates mini caches so I hid a big in a duck everyone licks and two people found it the same day. lol
  16. I think we neew them because we could not hide any more caches. This is silly why would you want to argue about it? And the m oderaters are just doing what their Jeremy told them. Besides you people agru about everything. Sheesh
  17. ]I wanted to address this part: Rather than count how many caches we find, why not count how many hours we spend playing the game? This would totally revolutionize the game, and end all this angst about faked find counts! Instead of counting how many times you found your own caches (I mean, how lame is that?) we could have a new stat category, "Hours spent looking for own caches" Think about it, this would give people the credit they deserve for spending hours on a hard multicache and wouldn't reward those micro park-n-grabs everyone loves to hate. Everyone would be limited by the number of hours in a week (168) and those that log day after day with no sleep would be instantly outcast as cheaters whether they found a cache or not (unless they have enough receipts for Red Bull to prove they stayed up for so many hours)[/color] Are you for rael? Thats just silly. lol
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