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  1. I voted, but you're still tied with the pizza...
  2. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun for adults, but you must remember that there will be children involved. You can put a notice on the page, that it's for adults only, but some people never read the page before going after a cache. Another problem that I see is the DVD player. Not everyone will have one. Could you possibly use a "journal" instead? Maybe with a few snapshots for "evidence". One other thing. I do hope you're not planning on creating a "ransacked campsite" in the woods. You should read through the Guidelines for hiding a cache before going much further.
  3. My new cachemobile is now ready to go. Put the front bumper and winch on last week. I think this one will get me real close.... And, Ellie is ready too. She's modeling her 'Buckle-Up-Pup'.
  4. Imagine my surprise when I logged on one day last summer, and saw my grandson and granddaughter staring at me! The picture was posted by my daughter, Mommy2Tyler. They live in MN, and I'm in PA. Cute kids, huh?
  5. Congratulations!! Doing sixty caches in 6 days in ten counties is quite an accomplishment! In fact, you may be the first to complete the series! Does anyone know for sure? I know that the AGT series has been a real boost to the area. Lots of new cachers, and many cachers coming from other areas, not to mention the locals renewed interest.
  6. There's 108 out there now! Go get them!!!
  7. You might want to take a sheet of plastic to sit on, or to empty the cache on without getting it wet. Also, take a pencil. it will write after the pen freezes.
  8. Briansnat covered it well, so I'll just add that I have the Legend C, and wish that it was the CX for the map memory. Still, I can get 5 or 6 counties on it, and that's enough for a long day of caching. You don't really NEED US Topo, but it will help you to avoid swamps and cliffs on the way to caches. It will even help find the road that is closest to the cache. Also, here in PA we have lots of Game Land caches, and it helps to know where the trails are at. They're not always on the mapsource maps, but you can get most of the Game Land maps at the Game Commission site. Happy caching!
  9. If I see someone near GZ, I usually hold back, and greet them on their way out. If I inadvertently saw the hiding place, there's no point in waiting, so I'll go introduce myself. If I'm at the cache, it doesn't matter much to me. I like to find the cache by myself, but I also like to meet new cachers.
  10. I agree. It sounds to me like you drilled a hole in a tree. Not a good thing! The reviewer will frown on this one. Also, check the distance between each stage of your multi, to make sure they are ALL at least 528 feet (.1 mile) from your other cache. You should do this before submitting for approval. It makes no sense to submit a cache that will get turned down. Sounds like a cool cache. I hope it works out for you.
  11. I'd say to keep it. I use it for geocaching, and it does help when trying to find the closest road to a cache. It's even useful when you're in a city that you are not real familiar with. True, some roads are misnamed, and some contour lines don't match up, but it's still useful. You just have to remember it's limitations. By the way, if you want to use it without having the CDs in the drive, just create a folder on your HDD, then copy the entire contents of all disks into that folder. Remove the disks, and run the "setup.exe" file that's in the folder. You won't have to insert the Cd every time you use it, or change maps.
  12. The last word is that four counties have coins, and the others are validating passports and will mail your coin to you. Several counties will have coins around the end of October, the rest by the end of November. Don't hurry, as there will be plenty of coins to go around. No word on when the regional coin is coming out. Grab them up!
  13. AGT Caches All the caches in northern PA that are part of the Allegheny GeoTrail. Learn about the AGT here: Allegheny GeoTrail.com Have fun caching, and earn unique geocoins in each of the ten AGT counties, and a special one for the whole region!
  14. Ah, yes, sometimes we are so intent on being nonchalant that we become obvious.
  15. Awwww, She's such a little cutie! But, make her trade even!
  16. Locks are out. no lock small enough to use on a coin is secure. A blow with a hammer, or wire cutters would do it. Drilling a hole would deter a collector who shows his coins, but not one that keeps them for his own enjoyment, and does nothing to prevent it from getting 'misplaced'.
  17. Here in PA, we have some coins that are very hard to find. The Allegheny GeoTrail coins can only be earned by finding six unique caches. I've earned one, and it's special to me, but I'd like to send it out for others to see or discover. Problem is, there is a person (and I use the term loosely) who has been raiding caches in the area, taking all the coins and TBs for his 'collection'. I refuse to let him add my coin to his stash of stolen property, therefore I'm going to make a copy to send out. At least then, if it gets lost or misplaced, I can make another copy, and keep it moving around. I know that copies are not held in great esteem, but I plan to make the copy look and feel like the real one. I'm using a washer the same size as the coin, and attaching hires scans on each side, laminating them to keep them dry. Sorry, but these coins are just too valuable to throw out there.
  18. There are now 92 AGT caches! I picked up my Crawford County coin yesterday. It's great! This project has brought many new cachers into the game. Also, it has fired up the old cachers. Most of these caches are getting 5-7 finds a day! Everyone wants to get their passport stamped!
  19. I always use a compass. In fact, I carry a spare in my caching bag, in case I leave mine in the Jeep. I'd be lost without it. I have my GPSr set up to show bearing to the cache, distance to the cache, and the accuracy of the GPSr, all on the 'arrow' page (sometimes mislabeled the 'compass' page). When first starting out, I go by the arrow alone. As I get closer, say 100 feet or so, I line up the north end of the compass with the needle, and sight a line in the direction of the bearing that the GPSr is giving me. Many times, by looking for likely hiding spots, I can find the cache before I even get there. If not, I go closer. When I get as close as I can, I set it down, and take a look around for the hiding spot. After a few minutes, if I haven't found it, I go back to the GPSr. By then, it has had a chance to 'settle', and will give a more accurate reading. If the cache is hidden where the signal is weak, I use the compass to triangulate. Go to a spot that gets good reception, and using the compass and GPSr to get an accurate bearing. Notice a few landmarks that are in line with that bearing, then go to another good signal area, and repeat, noticing where the two lines intersect. That's where Graound Zero is. This works great for finding those micros in the woods. When leaving the road, take out your compass, and notice which way the road is running, and which way you go into the woods. If the road runs north /south, and you go in west, then you know that you'll have to go east to get back to the road.
  20. There are now 90 AGT caches out there to find. I have one county complete, going after another tomorrow. If you need a pocket query of the caches, there are two bookmark lists that I know of. H2OBob's AGT caches and Guyute1210's AGT caches Keep on cachin'!
  21. And here ya go again! Both guyute1210 and I have bookmark lists, and we'll try to keep them updated. I just hope it doesn't cut into our caching time.... AGT Caches
  22. You'll probably get a variety of answers. Personally, If I saw something that I liked, I'd trade for it. You'll find that you will have to 'freshen' your caches from time to time. What starts out as a cache full of quality swag, ends up as a collection of wet business cards, broken McToys, inkless pens, erasers and other useless stuff. I don't make daily trips to my caches to see what cool stuff is in them, but if I were performing a maintenance visit, and saw something that I wanted, I would trade for it.
  23. I'll have to agree. The event went very well. The poker run was lots of fun, and it was great to see old friends, and some new people. Ellie even made some new geodog friends there.
  24. I believe most have an altimeter, however, from what I've heard, they are not that accurate.
  25. AWWWW, How romantic! I hope you two have many long years of happy caching together.
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