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GeoCoin Pre-Test

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Lars at GeoCoinShop is working with me to mint my idea for a trackable geocoin. He as given me a sample demo image of my idea for the front side which you can find at http://www.mysticdreaming.net/front.jpg

All balck is raised metal the background grey will be the accual metal its minted on.


I'm thinking of Silver, Gold, Bronze.


I'm writing this to see how many I should mint. Depending on how many of you look interested.


The Back of the design is just an idea at the moment


Celtic Knotwork around the edge in multi color, a circle of people holding hands around a fire in the woods. with either a geocach ammo box, or the Groundspeak logo coming out of the fire.


Name of coin "Gathering of Tribes" has a nice ring to it.


Feedback on this idea is wanted. Both good and bad. But dont be hateful.




(Sorry for spelling, no spell check)

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Just got up .... so sorry for the late response :-). I like the look and would be up for a couple.




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Interesting design, Will have to wait for the back, Perhaps something to make it more geo-caching related, also any thoughts of a Black Nickel finish ? Given the design could also include glow features.


Also the wording "Bringing People Together"


could read


"Bringing People Together To Cache"




"Caching Brings People Together"


Some feedback for you, Glenn <_<

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Well, it looks interesting. I must admit I am confused a little by it.


I see two symbols at the top representing the Judeo-Christian religions, a Chinese philosophical symbol (turned 90° I believe?) adopted by Taoist philosophy/religions, and also Confucianism, an Ankh which nobody knows what it was really supposed to represent, but apparently means 'life' (and became related to the Christian religion in the fourth century), and the other symbol at the bottom I have no idea. I might guess the Muslim religion?


And all of that is inside a pentagram, which is mostly pagan, but was also used by Christians. (And Satanists, but with the "top" point facing downward.)


So, after writing that, maybe it's starting to make sense to me. (Or maybe not.)


Can you give us your take on the symbolism on the coin?

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From all my research a Geocoin is suposed to have some representation of the person minting the coin, as well as somthing to do with geocaching.


The front you are correct in all your symbols expect the bottom one is an "Om" or somtimes spelt "Ohm" its a hindu symbol. It is inside a pentagram or more so a "Pentacle" because its a symbol for unity. A pentacle is "Earth, air, fire, water, spirit" Each point is. And circled by divinity. Each other symbol is there to represent types of other people, I couldnt fit thousands on it <_<.


It also represents a ring I wear all the time, accualy exactly like my ring. I am a pagan, have been 25 years. So the front of this coin represents not only myself, and my faith in unity.




Will represent the "together" a circle of people holding hands in the woods around a fire, with a geocach ammo box coming from the fire, or perhaps the ground speak logo. To represent every ones love of the game, no matter who they are, what they believe, we can all come together for at least one thing, even if what we think, or feel is diffrent from the person standing next to you.


The woods part well, most caches are supose to get you out into nature, into the sun, (Back image coming soon)


So hopefuly i've helped explane my design abit.


I enjoy all feedback and perhaps now more people will repsond knowing my symbolism of idea.


Also depending on how many show interest depends on if I will mint enough to sell and do an icon, or just mint a a handfull for personal use.


I'm not into this for a profit, like some are. I only want to see an idea manafest it self. If a coin costs me $5 to mint, then i'm going to sell it for $5 + Shipping & Package cost.

250 gets an icon, I plan to order myself 85coins, 75silver,5gold,5bronze


So if people want one there will be 65silver, 45gold, 45bronze up for grabs. But before I commit to minting that many I want to know how many want one, if there isnt many people wanting one, then i'll mint enough for what I want, and how ever many others want.




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R3 lived with a Pagan in Colorado Springs for 3 years.


His roommate was the only registered, practicing Druid in the local Wicken group.


So R3 will be interested in 2 of each metal. (my ex-roommate will get a kick out of this)


Don't get burned jumping the balefire! LOL!!


Have a great day!

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I must admit I am a confused. So is this a multi-regional sect or religious coin or a personal coin?

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Will you put your geocaching handle on the coin? (I think you should.)

I didnt know if that would be proper or not, but if you think it would be, I would like to do that.

You might consider putting it on the edge, which is what crake does. If that's too expensive, or you don't like it, then I think you should find somewhere on the coin to put your handle: probably on the reverse. This is, by any rational definition, a "personal geocoin"; the symbolism has meaning to you, and derives from your own personality and philosophy of Life. As such, it really needs your name on it, IMHO.

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Well that is a good way of looking at it.


The Reverse design is almost done, the front has been changed slightly. I am going out of town and return on monday and if all goes well. The whole final design will be released and production on High Quality imageing, and die molding will start. Then a pre-sale. Perhaps a few will get ordered.




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