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Am I Addicted?

Big Max

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I found myself opening and closing the coffee can this morning wondering how watertight it was. I think I may have a problem.


Hi, my name is Big Max and I am a cacheaholic.


Have you found yourself always on the lookout for good swag, or when you see an item you first thought is, this would make good swag.


As you are driving around do you wonder, are you passing a cache area, or is this a good place to put a cache.


Do you plan you errands so you can leave a little earlier or be gone a little longer so you can grab that cache en route to your errands.


If you have answered yes to these thoughts than yes, you are cacheaholic.

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whenever we come across a footpath sign in the car, we shout "footpath!!" and ponder if there is a cache hidding on it.


Whenever i find a small object that i haven't used in a while in my house, i wonder about its potential for being a good swag.


Before i started caching, i couldn't walk past the stationary section without spending some time looking through everything. now i spend even MORE time looking for swags.


we point out every cache we've found that we drive by.


god i'm sad...... but i enjoy it :)

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Hi my name is USAFKNine and I am a cacheaholic....... I am constantly looking at everything and thinking if it would make a good cache or not. I also see swag everywhere I go. I am afraid to go into my sons room for fear of taking all of his toys for swag.. hahaha!


Question for those who have been caching for years.. Are there phases to caching? Do you go through a "that would make a good cache" phase, or a "gotta find some swag" phase?


I would like to know what kind of phases we will go through and if there is some kind of 12 step program if caching takes over....lol..


Disclamer: This post does not reflect the ideas or opinions of the USAFKNINE caching family as a whole. We, USAFKNINE and family are not responsible for any verbal forum altercations that may result due to our posts. If you have any comments feel free to leave them so you may increase your addiction to number of forum posts. We are also not responsible for any mispelling that may occur do to my lower standard education received while growing up in Alabama:Dislamer

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Yes, you have a problem—but it's a good problem.


Went to see the Pirate movie this weekend. Fabulous places to place caches throughout the movie. Our neighbors in the crowded theater were not happy when I would announce to my wife just where the cache should go. Now can anyone tell me how the movie ends? But I'm glad I don't have the OP's problem, OP's problem,OP's problem,OP's problem,.

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I, too, was once addicted. Then I had a bad experience with a moderator refusing to answer my questions or accept my apologies. This killed my enthusiasm for geocaching as a whole. Another moderator was able to explain the issues quite well and I appreciate mtn-man for taking the time to walk me through it, but it did little to help my caching-related doldrums. I used to have a constant eye out for swag and an unending thirst for unique containers. Oh, well...on to the next thing...maybe it's just the heat...

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Are there phases to caching? Do you go through a "that would make a good cache" phase, or a "gotta find some swag" phase?


Yes. Then you have to go back out and fix various caches you've hidden. After doing that awhile your desire to hide just any old cache lessens. You get very picky about where you might hide a cache and what you might hide there. Maintainability becomes very important.


That coffee container? If it's metal, it'll rust (and they're not very good at keeping water out) - and the lids crack. If it's one of the all plastic sorts, those lids suck. I had one out and it got infested with mice. Most disgusting cache experience ever (and it was my own too). I replaced with rigid plastic and screw top food storage container. I opted against ammo can because of proximity to muggles.

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When I first started caching, I had a caching-related dream every night . . . . for months . . . :)


Addiction can happen very quickly . . . . B)


Yeah. Fortunately a few were pretty cool. Too bad dream reality doesn't carry over. The laws of psychics are too strict here in the waking world.

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Here's the real sign (and I've done this) you look at a piece of gladware and suddenly remember that you can use them to store food!

We were at a picnic on Saturday, and I saw that Patudles had brought some food in containers (lock n lock knock-offs) that we normally use for caches. I reprimanded her for ruining perfectly good geocaching containers. :)

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You know your addicted when:

The last thing you do at night is check your email one more time to see if there are any new caches, or if anyone logged one of your caches.

You dream about caches and caching.

The first thing you do in the morning is to check your email to see if there are any new caches, or if anyone logged one of your caches.

And GC is your homepage. :)

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