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  1. My vote goes in for South Jersey Geocachers. Besides all of the great things that have already been said, I can add that this group has made a huge impact on our family in such a positive way, we have made some awesome friends. They really support the advancement of geocaching and being an active part of the community in which we cache in.
  2. We had this happen to us last winter. Cache was in a crevice in the top of a tree stump, completely encased in ice. Tried to chip away at it but was afraid of damaging the container. We took a picture and claimed our find. Emailed the pic to the cache owner. We were lucky that this one was close to home so in the spring we went back and actually signed the log.
  3. I can only speak for the laws in New Jersey, but I would imagine most states would have similar regulations. In New Jersey only not for profit organizations can hold Games of Chance (raffles), in order to do so they must first receive a registration from the State, the registrations are good for 2 to 3 years, can't remember which one. Once they are a registered organization, they can then obtain a license through the municipality in which they are holding the drawings. There are fees for holding raffles that must be paid to the state and the municipality to obtain the license. I would imagine if you are holding any games of chance at your event and you list it on a public website, you have the chance of getting investigated by the state. I know in NJ they have an active investigation unit.
  4. We live near this area and have family that live even closer, they were evacuated. Looking at a map, the area just west of Rt. 532, south of Rt. 72 and west of the GSP is the area that burned. The fire started just west of Rt. 532 and the winds brought it across 532, but Mother Nature and the Firefighters were able to contain it before it jump Rt. 72 or GSP, but it came right up to those two roads, from what I have read and been told by people on the scene. As far as I can see, the Scrub Pine Review cache was the only one in the area of the fire. One of our local cachers who is a firefighter and was working on that fire said they found one tupperware container that was melted, probably that cache, but not positive.
  5. We are just coming up on our 1st Anniversary of geocaching, April 9th, and we hope to hit 200 by then, we are at 179 right now. We will never forget our first cache find, it was hidden by a local legend, thank you Lava, and ever since then anytime we do a Lava cache it is a challenge. We actually went out to find our first on April 2nd, but no luck, another lengend in our area was kind enough to give us a hint, hey when caching with kids you gotta find something or they get bored quickly, since that first find we were hooked and our kids enjoyed it enough not to grumble when Mom and Dad's answer to "What are we doing today?" is usually "Geocaching", they grab their hydration packs and hiking poles and off we go. We have yet to hide a cache, I blame that on Lava, because his cache was so devious, he has my husband determined to hide one that Lava won't be able to find, well almost a year later and he still hasn't come up with one.
  6. There has been only once where we have logged a find but didn't sign the log, same reason as someone else has posted, it was frozen in place, we found the cache, took a photo and e-mailed it to the owner, if we had attempted any further to remove the cache to sign the log we were afraid we would have damaged the container. Now that the weather is warmer we will go back and sign the log. We once came across a cache that was MIA, we knew exactly where it should be, on our way out we found the container, but no log, I placed the container in another spot in the park for the cache owner to pick up in case they wanted to use it again. I e-mailed the cache owner and posted a note on the cache page, we did not log a find. Since then someone found the container where I had placed it, and claimed a find, there have been other finds logged since then.
  7. Here is our 2006 TJ Unlimited Rubicon during a great day out caching, sorry, no action shots yet, The one in our avi was one we rented on the Outerbanks last year, we won't have to rent this year We loved our new Jeep so much 3 months later we went out and bought a 2006 Commander for me, I would have loved another Wrangler but our family needs at least one vehicle that holds 6-7 people and some cargo. Hubby hasn't let me take the Commander out caching yet
  8. We had that happen to us, we searched for a cache where we absolutely knew it should be, it wasn't there. While leaving the area we found the cache container laying on the ground but no log, I place the cache container in a spot for the owner to retrieve in case they wanted to use it again. I posted a maintenance log, but not a find, we don't post a find unless we sign the log. Since that time about 3-4 people have posted a find because they found the container where I had placed it, which was not the original cache location. Oh well, I still won't log a find. The only time we logged a find when we didn't actually sign the log was because the cache container was frozen into a hole in an old tree stump and there was no way to remove it without possibly damaging it, so we took a picture and e-mailed it to the owner and logged our find. This one is close to home so now since the weather has warmed up, we will go back and sign the log.
  9. Teamcoz consists of me, my husband and our two kids. We usually always cache as a family, that is probably 95% of our finds. Of our 140 finds, I think there are maybe 10 I have not been out on. Occassionally hubby goes out with the kids and some other people while I get stuff done at home or there was one night cache he has been itching to get and I was not in the moode to cache at 11pm when it was 20 degrees out. We have not gone out on caching days without each other and I don't really see it happening, we like doing it together. I plan our caches, he mans the gps and the Jeep, any 1 of the 4 of us actually finds the cache, and I log em when we get home.
  10. Um, they get stuck too, unfortunately know this from first hand experience. No matter what vehicle you get, get a winch.
  11. Both of the Little Coz's got their own hiking poles so they don't steal Daddycoz's anymore.
  12. REI sells a waterproof paper that you can use in your laserprinter, I think it was around $20 bucks for a pack of it, I think about 250 sheets of 8 1/2" by 11"
  13. We cache as a family, there is me, my hubby and our two children ages 9 & 7. All of our finds are logged under our name Teamcoz, we generally do not cache without each other. Hubby has gone out and found some with the kids and some friends and I stayed home, I would not go out and do those caches and log them again even though I never found them. We do it as a team and log as a team, no extra logging if we do it separately.
  14. Holy crap....well I guess I lost THAT race... Speaking of which for those of you with youngsters out there - what would be the best type of carrier to go along on a cache hunt - back pack, front rider, side sling? Any input? --MGB +1 I would say a front carrier, or side sling, one where you can see the baby. With going through branches and stuff, you want to make sure you can see the baby at all times so you can make sure they don't get accidentally whacked by a branch or poked or something. We take our 7 and 9 yo all the time and they take turns reading the GPS and leading us to the cache area, once there, we all look, sometimes we find it, sometimes the kids find it. Our 7 yo just spotted one recently that a couple of veteran cachers haven't spotted. Just depends on if it is your day or not.
  15. Last month we did a group night out during Tropical Storm Ernesto, it was a blast. Even the Little Coz's were out and hung in there during the heavy rains.
  16. The Parks and Recreation Director does not have final say, depending on which form of government your town runs under, it would be the Administrator/Manager who has final say on what goes on with township property, it could also possibly one of the sitting Council Members. If you really want this cache placed, go to the Administrator, explain geocaching to him, explain this would bring people to the recreational facilities of the town, explain heavily the aspect of it being handicapped accessible, and that you will be totally responsible for the cache. I work for my local town, the Recreation Director does not have final say, I would highly doubt this town is set up that way.
  17. The 20 nearest caches that we have not yet done range from 4 mi. to 7.8 mi. The 3 closest we have yet to do are night caches, if weather permits we are going to try for those this weekend. 1 we did try and got a DNF, we will be going back for it. The 16 left we just have not tried for yet. When we head out we usually head out in a region, like SW, E, etc. we have been concentrating on finishing up the S, SE, and E areas from our home, haven't done much N, W, NW from our house, that is where most of those 16 are, but we will get there. We don't get out as often as we would like, I would have loved to go out today, but it is raining here in Jersey
  18. Have you found yourself always on the lookout for good swag, or when you see an item you first thought is, this would make good swag. As you are driving around do you wonder, are you passing a cache area, or is this a good place to put a cache. Do you plan you errands so you can leave a little earlier or be gone a little longer so you can grab that cache en route to your errands. If you have answered yes to these thoughts than yes, you are cacheaholic.
  19. If there are three bugs in a cache and I know I can help them along on their journey, I will take all three. We are new to this but I have seen alot of posts by owners of bugs that always say "travel bugs are meant to travel, not sit in a cache". Other cachers have no idea that you are going to come along later in the day or the next day or even next week. We just consider it a lucky surprise to find a TB that we can take and help it on it's journey.
  20. We just got our new geocaching mobile and we are going to use our name on the plates "TEAMCOZ" in Jersey you are allowed 7 What about ZULUCCHR
  21. Teamcoz just got their new Geocaching mobile. Less than 24 hours old and already has mud on it. It is going out on it's first geocaching trip today.
  22. New reports are saying it should take 24 to 48 hours to get everything back up and running.
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