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Suncatcher 2006


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Glad to hear they (finally) made it to New Zealand! I'm happy to announce that a small shipment of coins arrived last night and now all of the initial orders have been filled with the exception of a handful of folks who are local. Whew!


For potential trades please email me.

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All orders on file on Sunday were covered by on-hand stock. I have a couple of international packages to send tomorrow, but otherwise everything have been set.


I'm out of warm suncatchers right now. The mint owes me a few but they haven't given me a delivery date yet. So I've pulled the combo and warms from the store. I have plenty of cool coins on hand.

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Got mine today.


The whole family thinks that they are cool, even the warm ones. <g>


Side note: If you keep selling great coins like the ones I keep ordering from you, I'm gonna go broke!


I still dont have mine :huh: And I am being tormented by finding other people's suncatchers in caches. Excruciating!!!!


I have to agree with Brosch, you will have to put a halt to your fine geocoin designs, because I just cant say no to them. I am getting into debt, and its all your fault :huh::lol:

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These coins are Beautiful.


I drive by this site a couple of times a week and every time I go by I cannot help but think of the suncatcher coins. I think, but am not sure that it is a church. I finally took some pics...




and a close up



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