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Myrtle Beach, Sc Caches

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On our last visit to Myrtle Beach, we particularly enjoyed the Vereen Memorial Garden Cache (well, it's a bit north of Myrtle Beach, but only a half hour's drive or so) and Maclean Park Micro (closer, but still a bit north of town). There are lots of other caches in the area to fit every taste from drivebys to hikes in the state parks - if you post what type of caches you prefer, somebody more local can probably provide some specific and up-to-date suggestions, but it's a fairly cache-rich area and you'll find plenty to hunt of almost any type you like.

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I have done most of the caches in the State Park and they are pretty good. And although I haven't done them yet there are plenty on the old Air Force base. Also if you want a nice little hike and adventure you might want to try Avian Island #1. I didn't find it :rolleyes: but still had a great time. It is just across the state line in NC. If you have kids caching with you they might enjoy this zoo cache. Hope you give us an update on caches you did so I can choice some new ones to do when I go to MB later this year.

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i'll be in area around mid july. we cached in the area a couple of years ago and loved "vereen", "avian", and "weekdays" to name a few; but i was curious as to what was new. if you go to gc8c99, there are a couple of bookmarked lists i think will be helpful. sis

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We just got back from the MB/Surfside area this past Sunday! We really liked the two we did in Huntington Beach State Park (Spooky Forrest and Archer & Anna). We enjoyed going to Inlet View, the Hidden Boardwalk Cache, and Misty Passage even though they were DNFs for us (for one reason or another). Muggler's Park was a tricky hide at a nice community park in Surfside, and "TWISTED" was a well-stocked cache near the air base. The Pancake Cam was a fun web-cam cache. We also visited 1611 KJB #2 Beacon, the 'Imagine' Geocache, and King's Ransom on the way back to Columbia (though we DNF'd the last one - getting dark and we left the clue back in the car). Some were better than others, but they were all fun - even the DNF's, which happened mostly due to high muggle activity.


Hope this helps. Have a great holiday, and go get those smileys!!



Cayce, SC

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You are getting great advice. We enjoyed the ones at the old air force base, and in the state park (Small entrance fee to get in there, take a picnic lunch with you and do all the caches there, then do lunch while you enjoy the view from the beach).


We helped place "Twisted" and the local who owns it does a super job maintaining it. He's a natural cacher.


I ab-so-lute-ly loved "Misty Passage". Most unique cache I have ever done. We stayed at the nearby resort and it was nice, also. Had a great room right on the beach.


ARC Cache was relaly interesting, and Better Lake Than Never was lovely in the early evening.


We didn't do all the caches we wanted to do, so we'll just have to go back again sometime.

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I'll tell you the easiest way to find the caches here in Myrtle Beach and around the area.


Since you'll be in North and South Myrtle beach, and the areas around it, do a Zip code search for these two cities. Set your milage for say....100 miles from these locations. This way you'll get a wide selection of great caches.


**Look at the list below. It's only a few, but all are great ones.


29577 Myrtle Beach


29526 Conway


From those two zip codes, you'll be able to find, counting micro's, well over 200 caches. Some are well stocked, others are okay. I have a list of some great ones. But I'm not sure how to code them. But here they are, in no real order.


'Imagine' Geocache: Our Tribute to John Lennon by The Prynce and MoonWolf *A cute place to stop and pray*


Better Lake than never by Chazb[TRH] (GCRWW1)


Hidden Boardwalk Cache by TeamBugg (GCED67)


"TWISTED" by Drgnsrealm & NEOS 1, NEOS2 (GCV605) *Myrtle Beach Airforce Base*


Sunny's Favorite Spot by Hoomdorm (GCF3FE) *Seagate* 17 business, just past AFB. Look for Seagate sign. Do not try using the AFB road. *Great place for kids who loves dogs*


Arc Cache by GeoPerson (GCMEKP) *Seagate* Think Blood Drive


Ode to Mans Best Friend by 2by2 (GCT64Z) *Seagate*


Watch Your Step by Team Bugg! (GCMD3T)


Stumped in Seagate by 2by2 (GCT4DG) *Seagate*


Another MBSP Cache by Geo13 (GCMNPM) *Myrtle Beach State park $4.00 *Cash* fee per car load. Bring lunch!*


Snake Chasing (Myrtle Beach State Park) by jgattis (GCJ4ED)


You Could Learn A Thing or Two! by Vapor [TRH] (GCRV47) *Hard one*


Rose Bud Woods by preacherspal@juno.com (GCPYC4) *Watch for barb wire fence 6" off ground. Side road before hitting 544. Look for Granite counter top company, follow road and GPS*


Creekside Cache by Vapor [TRH] (GCRZJT)


1611 KJB #2 Beacon by preacherspal@juno.com (GCV5TZ)


The Pancake Cam by Mvillian (GCPKQE) *Phone a friend!!*


Lions and Tigers and Bears-"OH MY" by patchmaster1 (GCGZEE) *ZOO. Great for kids*


Socastee Stash Cache #2 by Hoomdorm (GCDDB8) *Just down the road from Zoo at city park. Use the far trail. Great walk. During weekends they run remote controled cars and trucks at the track there. Fun for all ages.*


Waterway Fossils by digndirt (GCQ9BB) Look for during low tide. Shark's teeth and fossils. Help kids down bank*


Goin' back to Cali by wildfireman (GCV9YK) *Just look down along the trail, or you may miss it*


Another "Angel" Tree? by Geo13 (GCM91T) Look up!


Mattone Rosso by the ditch weasel & digndirt (GCVNGB) *Nice walk*


make a wish by chuck & Janice (GC3588) *Extra Big cache. Great stuff*


On Fire by wildfireman (GCVAF9) *Full of Travel bugs* Off 501 Aynor Fire station. Cant find? Ask someone there! :unsure:


Lookin' for a place to go ! by team_firerescue (GCV9X7) *Great place to ask directions, and potty break for the kids. Off 501 coming into MB*


That's only a small number, and most of these are Ammo boxes. There's planty more if you care to do a search using those two zip codes.


29577 Myrtle Beach


29526 Conway


If you need help, email me. I'm always willing to help a fellow cacher. Good hunting, and enjoy the sunshine and sandy beaches. Bring bug spray and watch for ticks! I haven't seen any, but heard they are out there.


Happy Caching

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