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  1. I don't think GSAK is replicating the poi's. The Garmin POI loader is the culprit. You should see a box to tick for removing previous poi's before loading the new file.
  2. I have been on several 40-50 mile cache runs by Road Bike. Also various length Mtn. Bike rides in parks and rails to trails. Fun stuff!
  3. You may be happy with exporting a HTML file with GSAK. You can chose from multiple options on the export. Here are a few screenshots: I place this export in my documents. GSAK will name the folder Cache. You can rename it afterward. Connect your PDA or copy the file over to your SD card if you are using one. A second option is use GPX Sonar and export a gpx file with GSAK and copy that export to the pda. Both ways work great for me. I probably use GPX Sonar but the HTML is hard to beat.
  4. If you want free maps check out gpsfilesdepot.
  5. There goes five minutes of my life that I will never get back!
  6. As far as I'm aware, the POI's are stored in the unit, and not on the memory card. I use the macro myself, and sent the info as caches and as POI's. As said above, if you need the info -clue etc- just hit Find >POI >nearest. The GSAK Macro will create a Custom POI File that will be loaded to your Garmin 60CSx by Garmin's free POI Loader. The files are installed to your SD card. You can access the card while connected to your computer and placing the GPS in Mass Storage mode. There you can modify the file name if needed. In mass storage your SD card is read just as all other external drives.
  7. You never know when you will be caught out in the rain while biking. No matter what mount you use it would be smart to wrap the unit with a piece of clear wrap (Saran Wrap). Don't forget the underneath, those tires will throw a rooster tail and it will get wet on the bottom.
  8. I do both. Helps with Bench Marks and metal Bisons hung in bushes.
  9. Lets all bow for a moment of silence
  10. Oh my, yes! As you have painfully found out, a FTF is much more important than even (moderator note, don't bring politics into this forum).
  11. Yes, you can do that. It may depend on the cable you use. I have read that not all cables contain the same chipset and the ones from Radio Shack are known to not work. You can find info on the GSAK site that addresses this also. HERE you can read about the cable problem.
  12. You will need to manually delete the old waypoints from your GPS. My best suggestion for the Garmin and GSAK would be to read. Just as with any new purchase to become proficient with it one needs to understand the operation. For many, GSAK seems overwhelming! Not the case. Not everyone will use every available function of GSAK. But, it's there for you if so inclined. Search for and read the Gsak tutorials HERE. Don't worry about absorbing it all at once just learn one aspect at a time. You will find all kinds of help from users over on the GSAK site if you get stuck.
  13. I use the set up you listed. For the x50v suggest GPX Sonar. Also available you find GPX View and Cachemate. To filter,sort,export,load caches into the GPS and PDA I use GSAK. I'm sure others will be along to offer suggestions. Where in the Piedmont are you located? There may be a cacher close by or an upcoming event planned that can give hands on help/
  14. Many thanks guys, I knew you would get it fixed.
  15. From what I have read the PQ engine is feeling a little sickly. In the mean time you may be able to restore your GSAK settings if you are a regular user of the back up option. Go to file/ restore and tick the boxes you need included to achieve desired results. Navigate via the browser window to the back up files and chose one Screen shot below:
  16. I like to start my hunts with the caches furthest from my home location and work my way back home. If it's a long day and I have a few to go before completing the run I don't feel so bad knowing a warm shower and meal is just a few miles away.
  17. I can't think of an easy way for this to be done. The "My Finds Query" should return all your logs for those 936 caches. Depending on how many DNF logs you posted you could create a Bookmark for those and run a PQ to get those caches and load it into GSAK under a "MY DNF's database. Since this will return only 20 logs, yours may not be included. Open those cache pages, where your logs are missing, in GC.com and search for your log. Then You could copy/paste your log to GSAK using the edit waypoint function. You could paste it into the user notes/log section. Do the same for other categories where you are missing logs. Maybe you would rather have them in a word doc. or elsewhere instead of GSAK. Either way it looks to be time consuming. Good luck which every direction you take.
  18. Whats is RTV and where can we get it. It's a silicone rubber sealant, comes in a variety of colors. Can find at most hardware stores, walmart, plumbing supply stores, etc. One of the above post says cure a week or so. I usually alloy 24 hrs. I'm not talking about caulk, that's something else.
  19. I use RTV on just about everything. Hard to beat.
  20. GSAK doesnt open routes or tracks. Try viewing in Mapsource, that should work
  21. Garmin offers an app called "Web Updater". You might consider downloading it to your computer and run it periodically. Don't depend on the Garmin e-mail offer of update notifications to reach you. I signed up for that and very seldom receive them. The updater will keep your unit current much more easily and is more dependable.
  22. Like I posted above, the unit holds 1000 files. Call them what you will:files, waypoints, caches, etc. 1000 is the limit. Poi"s are only limited in number by the size of your sd card
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