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Isn't It About Time......

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Well, you just read my mind. I'm sitting here in an old Victorian school with no air con and 34 deg inside, can't work out why as it's only 24 outside and we have all the wndows open. For some reason my mind drifted to 'pub' and 'caching'.


July and August can be tricky to organise with many people off on hols.


Any thoughts on a date?

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If I am otherwise free, I will be along. I know it is less disability friendly than the other Londo nvenue we used, but I much prefer the atmosphere of the 16th Century Pub - I mean, it has atmosphere for a start!


It also serves a decent pint, not the carbonated cat's pee 'Euro-fizz' stuff :unsure:

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Right.... there seemed to be enough interest so the deed is done!


I've had to take what dates the upstairs room at the pub is available and it's been booked for Thursday 6th July from 18:30 onwards. I'll submit an event cache page as soon as I can.


Sorry... I know that that date won't suit everybody, no date ever does, so rather than get into a protracted 'discussion' about who can and can't make what dates, I've made an executive decision and that's it.


Look forward to seeing you all there.... go on, you know you can make it... :laughing:

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