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Walmart is one of my chief sources. I can get ponchos and waterproof match containers for 84 cents each.


I know a few people who use the Oriental Trading Company. You can get some large lots of swag very cheap. Make sure you pay attention to how many items are in each lot though. I know someone who thought he was buying two dozen of something and it turned out he was buying two dozen lots of a dozen. He wound up with 100's of the item and we're still seeing them in caches around here <_< .

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I have used OTC as well. The bendy signal frogs are team blank sig items around here. The military rubber ducks are great but a friend of mine use those.


party stores also have themed items and cheapo plastic party favor items. I just got a second hand button maker so plan on giving that a shot.

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I've found interesting things at the local craft stores. I bought a bag of assorted seashells that I leave in caches that I find. I bought a dozen painted wooden tokens (about 1/8" thick, roughly 1" across) that fit the theme of my first cache, wrote the name and GCxxxx ID of the cache on the back, and started the cache with them. And of course, they have Fimo...


Also, party stores have all sorts of party favor items available.

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Local flea market has some places near the back that has big bags of assorted kids stuff for really cheap, I got a huge bag of toys with all kinds of random stuff in it for about 3 bucks, all said about 1/5th of them were broken in some way, a couple beanie babies, and assorted cars, trucks, ect. definately going back :lol:

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Check the end caps of Wal-Mart, Target, K Mart, Walgreens, Michaels - all of these stores have swag for a dollar, sometimes they are things on sale, some are always priced around a buck. Keep your eye out for sales of anything...flashlights, carabiners, compasses etc. Even Orhcard hardware store and Ace hardware sales have great things for swag.

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I buy charm bracelets for $.58 each at Buck Wholesale. They are nice heavy, good quality bracelets. I used to sell them on ebay for $5 each. Then we got in to caching and I started using them as swag. I have enough bracelets to last us another 2 years. They do have a minimum order of $50.


(edit: they have lowered the minimum from $100 to $50)

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Hello... Garage Sales! I get tons of little dodads for a quarter each at sales... I've found new batman keychains, little painted vases, cross stitching kits... you name it. Plus, I get to go garage saling and find all of the other wonderful things for cheap. The only way this could be any better is if the garage salers would start posting their gps coordinates along with their street addresses... Sales are fun and cheap and another good way to get out of the house for not much cash.

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I recently went through my CD collection, to weed out the ones I no longer listen to. I was originally going to try to sell them to a local used CD outlet; but then I thought, "Why not use them as trading swag? Or, better yet, i want to get an ammo box and make a CD exchange cache. Just a thought...

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