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Needs Maintenance Logs

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My first needs maintenance log was by a sock puppet named 123456789. It pretty much tells me that they stole my cache and want me to check on it so that their efforts are rewarded.


The second one was a relative newbie who is pretty sure that my cache is gone. That one is supposed to be an easy find. I figure he should have emailed me “Hey I looked down the pipe since that’s the only thing there…” Then he wouldn’t be pretty sure, he would know because I would have said “Yes that’s where it’s supposed to be.” Now I'm not sure.


The third one was on a cache that got a DNF last May. They said the cache was now in the grizzly den at the zoo. I drove by and the spot still looked like it was supposed to which wasn’t a bear den. Then a newbie with 3 finds (and looking for this one as her fist cache) had a hard time finding the secret compartment in the real bird house. Of course if she would have emailed she wouldn’t be guessing. Now I'm having to wonder if she could find that compartment at her level.


So far these logs just are getting in the way of the email that concerned finders should have been sending to begin with. Except now I have 3 Red Crosses on my caches. In time I'll check on them, but I'd rather get the email so that I know for sure what's going on.


Time to send a couple of emails.

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Unless I find bits, I'd never guess a cache was missing. I'm not the best seeker in the world :)


I've used a "Needs Maintenance" log once: when the log in the micro was so wet you could nearly wring it out and there was maybe room for 2 more signatures. Beyond obvious *maintenance*, I'd email the owner. Potentially missing is not needing maintenance as I could simply be looking in the wrong place.

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So far, no "needs maintenance" logs on any of my 75 hides. I still like the general idea but I sympathize with the OP and the frivilous use of the log type. I am still amazed at the number of people ready to declare a cache missing just because they couldn't find it. One of my caches got 6 DNFs in a row including one from a finder with 2000+ finds. Last log declared it missing "for sure". Was found the same afternoon by another.


Maybe some kind of definition should be included for those selcting the log type to help try and weed out problem ones.

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Maybe some kind of definition should be included for those selcting the log type to help try and weed out problem ones.

Good luck with that. For six years, people have been trying to define what "found it" means. :)


I agree, the examples given by RK are not appropriate uses of the log type. I've had it used once on one of my caches for good reason. The duct tape holding my cache to the bottom of an object had come loose. I need to go fix that. The maintenance log helped focus me on that need.

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I have yet to post a Needs Maintenance log, even when the log was soaked. I did include a note in my online entry that the log was soaked, though.


The only time I've questioned if a cache was missing was when the thing hadn't been found since before the hurricane. I'll post something like, "We couldn't find it. I notice it hasn't been found since before Katrina. Do you know if it's still there?"

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We have had two NM logs on our caches and only one was needed. The log and container was wet and moldy. The other was because you have to bring water with you to float the container to the top and grab it to sign the log and the people did not bring enough water either of the time they visited, so they thought the cache was broken.


We have posted a few NM logs. One for when the cache was open and scattered about and the log book was MIA and the other couple of times for wet and moldy caches/logs.


I have never posted an SBA but one did get archived because of what we wrote in a DNF log....:)

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It's mostly been a dead end for me. The caches that I find that need maintenance or a visit from the owner to verify it's not missing (after many DNF logs) are usually owned by people who no longer cache. So no matter how many notes, e-mails and needs maintenance logs are written, nothing gets done. The solution unfortunately ends up being the SBA log.

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Needs Maintenance Logs, How’s that working for you?

ok I guess.


Only one has been posted to my caches yet. A new cacher (joined a month ago, had a dozen finds), posted a Needs Maintenance saying the logs would soon be full, (he had not posted a find). Seemed kinda harsh for being the first to note this, but at least it was for a good reason. Checked and replaced the log (which was full). I also emailed the person explaining they should also post a find since needs maintance don't affect find count :).


For posting them, I put a Needs Maintenance on a cache that has had continous full log / full cache camera problems. About a week later someone put in a new log, but the attribute is stuck there since the owner hasn't be around since last summer :).

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it seems obvious to us that the appropriate way to use them is when a cache needs maintenance, not when someone can't find the cache. the cachers who've logged them on your caches, RK, are using them incorrectly, so as relative newbies to the game, i'd assume they don't know any better and i'd send them a polite email.


my area has a problem that is quite the opposite: they aren't used when they should be. nary a one on these three that need maintenance in my area:





the thing is... the first two have a cache owner who hasn't logged in since january. the last one, the owner got the emails and knew he needed to perform maintenance anyway.

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Ive used the "needs maintaince" once and plan to use it on another cache soon. i used it in a situation where i searched repeatedly 3 times in an area i knew like the back of my hand since i was little; I normally wouldnt do it because i am a newbie and i dont trust my finding capabilities but there 3 others who failed to find it, one of which found 1933 caches. the user who owns the cache also hasnt logged in for months. I did it in hope of getting the owners attention. also its in a mall which i know gets maintained daily.


I'm planning on using it on another situation where i searched 3 times (i dont write a thing anywhere unless ive tried 3 seperate times) for a cache that is in the middle of a creek and hasnt been found since the last rain season. this time people who have found it before are unable to find it again. Same user as the one above, hasnt logged in for months.


both situations many users had posted notes asking for the owner to please confirm its still there. i only did it to try to get the owners attention.


as for when there is soggy log book. i typically replace it, put the old one in a plastic bag and notify the owner.

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Here's my $.02. If the log or the cache is in need of some care that is what NM is there for. Writing a note in your entry is not likely going to do any good. If they are not maintaining there cache what makes you think they are going to read the logs to see if they need maintenance.

Second, I personally posted my first NM the other day for a cache that nobody can find. It was rated a 1/1 cache and nobody had been able to find it in the middle of the woods (does not sound like a 1 terrain to me). Some of the DNFs are from really experienced cachers and who knows how many did not post a DNF becuase they did not want a frowny face. The person who placed the cache has found 4 caches over a long period of time and this was their first cache placement.

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I have used the NM log twice. Once because when I found the hide I inadvertently pushed it out of reach. The other time was for a wet log that had been noted for several months by other cachers. I have also used the SBA log a couple of times after not finding the hide and looking back through the previous logs of no finds for 6 months or more. Of the times I used the SBA log the owner had not visited Geocaching.com for over a year and had obviously abandoned the hide.

I use the DNF log if I do an intensive search for a cache not just a casual glance.

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Here's my $.02. If the log or the cache is in need of some care that is what NM is there for. Writing a note in your entry is not likely going to do any good. If they are not maintaining there cache what makes you think they are going to read the logs to see if they need maintenance. ...


Fair point but if they are not maintianing their cache from a note the maintenance log won't change anything.


One of the people to post a NM log emailed me back. From the sounds of it they looked everwhere but where the cache is. I asked them if they wanted a spoiler that would tell us both if the cache is MIA.

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