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Hello Geocacher, hello Geocoiner,


It’s been a long time, since I made my decision of producing my own Personal Geocoin, in last december.

(the old forum thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...7743&hl=Cologne )


It was intended to be a small edition in my favourite metal Antique Silver and mainly for trading.

Three weeks ago, the postman gave me a 22 pound package!

And as you can see, I stick to my principles by and large.

Now it is a total circulation of 250 pieces, 225 of them in Antique Silver and only for trading.


The diameter of the Geocoin is 1,75" and it is not trackable!

($750 USD for 500 Tracking-Codes extra, was too much for me)


I will take up 50 of them for me to give it to special people as a present

and for putting them in nice caches. Thus, there are 200 left for trading.


To give you the possibility of comparing what a Geocoin costs in the future:

I had to pay $4,90 USD for 1 Geocoin! B)


Since I really look forward putting the coins in caches as a thanks

and trading for other beautiful coins from around the world, the money was worth the fun.


I mainly prefer other personal geocoins.

If you don’t have a personal one yourself, please take a closer look at my Geocoin List

for whats missing and what I am looking for: http://cointracking.com/public/HerrK


If you don’t find something matching, there’s no harm if you tell me

that you plan either a personal geocoin in the near future or ordering any other Geocoins.


Last week I offered our geocoin to all my previous trade partners and in the local forum,

so currently there are 70 of our geocoins traded yet! Now it's your turn.... :D


These days I am really stressed by a big Turnaround at my work (12 hours/day),

therefore I have to wait those week until the Turnaround is done and I can sent all the geocoins.

(all the packaging material and stamps are ready for action)


In the following picture you can see the steps of my geocoin design:


And here you can see all the different metals of our geocoin:



I thought that if I have to pay everything by myself, I wanted to try everything as well.

That’s one reason why I have experimented with so much different metals. B)

The Geocoins with a limited edition are intended for other rare geocoins.

Apart from that, everything is about the Antique Silver Geocoins (Hard Enamel while stocks last)

I am going to sell also two geocoins at eBay (1x Regular/1x LE) just for fun as well. :lol:

Important: I limit my coin to only 1 per person!


Please do only answer to this eMail adress: cologne_geocoin@gmx.de

with this subject line „Trade: Coin XY <-> HerrK Cologne“ for a better overview.

Just add your geonick, your complete shipping address, if possible a picture of your geocoin

and if existing, the link to your Geocoin List to the eMail.


If you have any questions about our geocoin, feel free to ask me.

I am really looking forward to an answer and a trade……………


PS: If we arranged a trade otherwise, don’t pay attention to that eMail! :D


Best regards,

Andreas (HerrK)

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+++++ UPDATE +++++


Please don't worry about getting no eMails from me.

Since yesterday I have no internet connection because of a broken DSL modem,

(right now I'm at a friend's house) so I can't answer all the eMails!

There is no chance to get a new modem before Tuesday. <_<


But from Tuesday on I will ship all coins to the people I made a finished trade with so far. <_<

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