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I have 2 hides for March. I made D-Born's cache in the Swakane a 3fer. Lincoln Rock is on the bottom of the hill and Bedrock is about halfway to the Glitters. I get a day off and good weather and I get and itchin' to go cachin'.


Blue J


For the record, there are actually 6 caches up Swakane Canyon.


I just hid a new one down in MalagaA Different Valley View


I'm starting this as a new thread as the originator of the old one decided to move it off of the Groundspeak site.

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Really? What are the other caches up the canyon? We (in our pre-100 days) had tried to go after one but car sickness took over and we turned back. We thought we were taking the wrong route or the "long way around" which is actually our alias ;)

THe Dragon's lair is about 1/4 mile past all that glitters, Roughing it is about a mile or so past that and dadgum! is at the top of the canyon. that one may be closer to get from the Nahahum side, but there is a big mud hole to navigate just uphill from the cache, so unless you have a 4x4 with good tires, it is best grabbed driving up Swakane. I was along for the hide on that one but didn't log it at the time because I neglected to sign the log.

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I made time for my not-nearly-once-a-monther: "I see George, Washington". Enjoyed a little free time and great company on the sunny side.

This is a nice cache hunt to do. I did it a week ago and I would recommend that you go in from Wahatis Peak. You will walk along the crest of Saddle Mountain for a good share of the distance and see both the Columbia River/Wahluke Slope and the Crab Creek Royal Slope area at the same time. There are several places you will walk by and see where Petrified Wood digs had taken place. I found a small piece of Petrified Wood that you can see see the wood grain very well.

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Hmmmm...Woods? There are forests in Quincy?


Forest o'sagebush <_<


Actually not too far from Caliche lakes-speaking of which- how is Caliche pronounced? Mr. g-people and I have a bet on this one.


On this page you can click to hear the correct pronunciation: Caliche


Who won?


Thanks Nav for the link. When I was over near the Potholes last month I was asking the Game Warden how Upper Ca-Liche, was doing. He was new, so he said....."oh that's how you pronounce it".....LOL....guess I was wrong.

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I had to up to Blewett Pass yesterday so while I was there i hid my cache for May. It is called BLEWETT and it is from the ghost town series. Enjoy the area and ask me for a good story on hiking up to the top of the trail that leads just south of the cache area.

I'm glad that I could give you motivation. :laughing::laughing::ph34r:

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"Log Date: 5/3/2006

We will take Blue Jay with Air Berlin to Berlin next Saturday. We hope he will

enjoy the flight.

Greetings Mausbibers from Vienna

Susanna & Heinz"


My travel jet is on its way to Berlin. Maybe that will speed it on its way back home.


I need to find out where the Navigator that is racing the Jet is.



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Just hid 2 new caches today. One's called "Rooster Comb" and the other called "Navigatorz Milestone Hide".


Strap up your bootlaces for a 1.3 mile hike with a 900 ft elevation gain. Spectacular views.


Oh my when do we go after these. Should we go for a FTF or wait. I can see another Cache infestation here as on Saddle Rock..


Guaranteed somebody will be making more than one hike up there. My $$$ bets on The Nav!!

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:) I know where there are two more caches hid on the Rooster Comb side. Yes one of them is mine. :D


If anyone is thinking about placing a cache up there, I sugest you contac The Navigatorz and get the skinny of some of the hoops he had to go through with the volunteer reviewers before his caches were approved. Thanks Nav for what you have done. -G-

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We think the Birdy(s) will wait until the dust settles on Rooster Comb. :D We were too busy on our one day in town Wednesday to get to any caches. It has been a long time since that happened :lol:


BTW we pulled Cache of Least Resistance so there is an opening along the Wenatchee side of the Loop Trail. ccmin was interested once she is mobile again ;)



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We think the Birdy(s) will wait until the dust settles on Rooster Comb. :huh:


The dust has settled.


What I meant was if anyone is waiting for the other caches hidden there to get approved, it's not going to happen. The approver doesn't want that area to get saturated with caches, much like it is on the west side. That ought to feather some ruffles.

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