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Geo-opoly Or Cacheopoly

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Ok some of us are geocache mad, so how much of a grip has it over you? I like caching, Geocoins and now I have just purchased my own " make your own opoly" game! so I need a name for it and as its places will be caches located in the uk I need to choose them wisely too. And I need to print my own money. Any suggestions greatful.

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depends - do you want difficult ones or not? If I'm permitted to recommend one of my own, I would say X Marks the Spot (check through my profile, this PC is too slow to open up links...!).


I would also recommend Alpha Quest Y by messe. If you want some virtuals, the Ghost Village in Tyneham is high on my list of favs, but I haven't done that many virts.... I'll try and think of some others as well!


Links can be posted this evening from home PC, if you need them and someone hasn't fone it already...

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its also illegal to scan banknotes, hence why most software will stop you from doing it


Wow, I never knew that. I just tried to scan a £20 and got a scary message saying it is illegal to do that. I tried a few apps and got similar messages. I am only doing it out or curiousity, but am I playing with fire? I'm worried now!


The cache/cash is too good to miss. How about the cashes (or cashs :) ) being safety depost boxes?!

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Fascinating! OK own up, who else has just tried to scan a tenner?

Anyone know how it knows it's a banknote? I'm guessing it's something to do with non-flourescing paper.

Who said you don't learn something new everyday.


I am only assuming, but I think the software must be checking the scanned images against templates for colours/layout/histograms/etc.


It is very clever though, I wonder what can be done to 'confuse' the software... I thnk I really would be tempting fate doing that. Who knows what data is sent in and out when the computer thinks you're trying to print money. I'll end up with Scotlad Yard banging on my door tonight! :)

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Mine scans notes just fine.


But the pattern makes great fringe patterns that would make printing a convincing copy impossible.


Changing tack slightly, rather than just making in a geocache related monopoly, why not go the whole hog and design,


Geocache: the board game


Fun for all the family when the weather's too grim to go out.

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Let me set things straight, firstly the software I got for the game has a design all I needed was a bank name and someone gave me a good one. Secondly this thread is about designing the Geocache-opoly game, Please lets keep to it rather than ranting on about what legal or not about scanning notes. I am nearly finshed with the design of the game and if others what ago making their own email me and I will let you know where I picked up the game half price.

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