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Group Hike On Sunday Feb 19th

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There has been some interest in hitting TRL's new long hike multi Stokes State Forest Petroglyph Trail Challenge as a group hike. I am planning to head out with the REAL Quoddy relatively early on Sunday morning with the hope of making this #1000. I would welcome the company of anyone who wants to make this 8.6 mile hike and do what looks like an outstanding 5 part multi.


Please plan to meet and begin the hike at 8:30 at the end of Coursen Road. Coordinates roughly N41 12.252 W074 45.933. Weather is forecast to be great...Partly Cloudy with the high in the 30's.


Hope to see you there!

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The snow will be a good equalizer for the group approach - Avroair might actually have to bring his GPS. ;)


Really, stages 1 and 3 could be very tough with greater than an inch or so of snow on the ground. The other are a bit more obvious with the help of the clue. I'd give you a number for a phone-a-friend but I'll be on a plane throughout the day.


With this talented crew, I'm sure you can find them. Bring a towel to dry off the petroglyphs so you can see them. Good luck!

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Here's a good description of the access and a actual set of coordinates for the parking...taken from Team R2's description for the nearby Stoney Lake Micro.


"Enter stokes state forest off of Route 206 in Sandyston. Go straight through the gate, and stay straight on this paved park road until you reach the end. There will be a small childrens park and fields off to your left and a picnic area in front of you. Take a right. Drive up there and park in the big parking area (can't miss it) at about N 41 12.183 W 74 46.356"

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Good news...the cache was done Friday the 17th by cerberus1 with no snow problem. Everything looks good to go...OK, it's going to be cold, but as long as we keep moving. For those with the time constraint problem, we can leave a car or two near the stage five end of the trek, otherwise I'm all for hiking the round trip and enjoying a sunny winter day.

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