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Portland Cachers Needed!


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Last year the NCCE Conference was in Seattle. We had many cachers volunteer their time to help the 3,500 participants learn how to geocache.


This year the conference is in Portland.


Hey Portland cachers we need your help?


Anyone interested in volunteering at the geocache booth during the conference hours 8 - 4 on 2/8, 9 & 10...Last year we did 4 hour shifts and all volunteer got free admission to the exhibit hall featuring the latest greatest equipment in educational technology.


Here's the rough plan...we'll be placing 5 temporary caches in and around the general area of the Oregon Convention Center in downtown Portland located at 777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Participants at the conference will stop by the both hoping to win a GPSr..to do so they will have to complete the geocaches to be entered into the drawing. You'll check them out a GPSr and show them how to use it. You'll give the basic Geocaching overview and send them on their way. They will return with the GPS and turn in their ticket for the drawing.


We also need help setting up the course and checking it throughout the day. We'll need help programming hte waypoints into the expected 100 GPS units.


Are you interested? Can you help? What questions do you have?


You can contact me at GEMalone@comcast.net.

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I wanted to start a geocaching school so other people could participate in our game. I didn't think there really was such a thing but I guess I overlooked it. :)


Well I'm glad that there are other people doing Geocaching-like schools because it would be better if people like them showed people how to do it, partly because I would probably lead people into a swamp or something. :)


Well have fun with the school. :D

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I wanted to start a geocaching school so other people could participate in our game. I didn't think there really was such a thing but I guess I overlooked it. :)


Well I'm glad that there are other people doing Geocaching-like schools because it would be better if people like them showed people how to do it, partly because I would probably lead people into a swamp or something. :)


Well have fun with the school. :D

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I got the Free Geocaching giveaways today.


The first 20 volunteers that work for at least 4 hours will receive this free shirt!


The first 10 volunteers that work at least one full day will receive a shirt (above) and a free official Geocaching container (Decon or Ammo can) complete with official sticker.


The first 5 volunteers that work at least two days will receive a shirt (above) a container (above) and an official State Geocaching GeoCoin (either 2004 Washington, MIGO Michagan, GOWT Tennessee, 2004 Pennsylvania, or Canada)


Random additional prizes will be awarded!


Join the FUN...Come to Portland!


Who do we have so far? And what prize are you hoping to claim?

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We found last year that it was nice to have 4 volunteers at the booth at all times from 8-4 each day while shifts from 8-12 and 12-4 seemed to work best.


13 cachers considering:


Soup Man




Palm Grunt

Herr Fritz

Mountain Mule







It's time for a schedule.

What time slots works best for you?














Did I miss anyone?

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I'll be at the conference starting Monday evening, I'm sure you will let me know what I can help out with. I'll also work in at least one 4 hour stint at the booth and help out between conference events. Still have a dozen containers from the Frontier Park training as well as the big box with the locks, if any of that stuff would be helpful. Talk to you next week.

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pdxmarathonman and I will be making final decisions for the cache placement for this event. We're meeting at 9:00am on Saturday 2/4 @ 45 31.630 122 39.660Grand & Hoyt (Coffee People). I should have created an event cache to do this but I didn't think about it soon enough. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone else scouted out any hiding spots for the caches for the NCCE conference? If so, please come join us Saturday or drop us a note to let us know where you thought good hiding places would be.


So far only 5 of the folks who said they were interested in helping out at the 3 day NCCE conference have actually put their names on the schedule. If you can't figure out how to add your name (I was stupefied :rolleyes: ) then just ask GEMs to do it for you.

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Headed to Portland!

Stop our booth and say hi. Here's the details..special thanks to doodlecat and pdxmarathonman for their hard work to date! Please do not disturb the caches but you can help one of the 3,500 people looking for them around Portland. Booth set up up tonight and open at 8 am tomorrow, we don't expect many cachers until later tomorrow and Thursday.

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This was a lot of fun. Who knew teachers could be so diverse and entertaining? :)


We had a great time showing teachers how to use a GPSr and then sending them out into the neighborhood around the Oregon Convention Center to find some caches that we placed for the event. One of the teachers won a brand-new Garmin 60C just for finding 5 of the 7 caches :laughing:


It was especially cool to talk with the teachers that had just a vague notion of what a GPSr could be used for when they came to the booth, and after seeing what they could do in navigating to the simple caches to go away with new ideas to bring this technology into the classroom! Awesome stuff. We met quite a few teachers who were already geocachers! MountainMule was a conference attendee and a volunteer!


Doodlecat, CharlieWhiskey and fractal, (and MountainMule too!): I really had a lot of fun volunteering with you guys. Good luck to GEM's on the upcoming national conference in San Diego.


I wonder if I can get a volunteer coins for my 24 hours at the conference :laughing:

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Yeah.. This really ended up being a blast!


And like pdxmm said, it was so cool to see how many teachers actually "got it" and saw how it could be used in an endless number of ways in (and out of) the classroom.


Met a lot of really cool teachers and saw a TON of technology that I wish I would have had in school... Really cool stuff.


If you have the time, I HIGHLY suggest volunteering for the NCCE the next time they are near you. It's hard to explain the joy and satisfaction you feel after teaching someone how to play the game, and they return with a big smile on their face, telling you that "they loved it!"


Great fun, and I'll TOTALLY be there next time in Portland!



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WOW! What a great group of Cachers in Portland!

In all 6 Portland cachers evangelized the fun of Geocaching to over 2,000 teachers from across the great northwest.

doodlecat bought, labled and assembled all of the caches and even a few extras!

doodlecat & pdxmarathonman set the course the Saturday before the conference


fractal & pdxmarathonman manned the booth all day every day!


charliewhiskey manned the booth every afternoon


doodlecat manned the booth manned the booth all day on Wed & Fri


Mountain Mule stopped by and helped inbetween sessions throughout the conference.


& Soup stopped by the booth with his little souplet for encouragement!


It was an honor to meet them all!


& a Huge Thank you to Groundspeak for their generous support!


We'll be in San Diego on the 4th of July and Spokane next year. More info on both soon.

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Thanks to everyone who helped out. I was amazed at how well we all worked together, keeping the caches filled, helping the teachers, keeping the handout updated...


Special note to Palm Grunt: sorry you couldn't be at the conference. Hope you come home safe from your deployment.


It was cool to hide so many caches in such a short time. Since the area of the convention center is so urban I was a little out of my element but Pdxmarathonman helped make it work. I found that getting property manager permission made planning the course a lot easier. Almost every property manager was glad to let us place temporary caches. We were able to use courtyards, outdoor smoking areas and landscaping features to hide the boxes. A coffee shop even let us hide one inside their store which probably kept it from being stolen.


The main reason we were there was to help teachers learn how to use GPS units but I think we drummed up some new visitors to geocaching.com. When teachers asked about buying GPSr units, we suggested they check out the geocaching.com forums that discuss different models and software and also the garage sale forum. They were also happy to hear there was a forum for GPS's in Education.


It would be great if there was a flyer or brochure from geocaching.com that could be handed out at events like these. Especially one that emphasized using the website for group events, youth activities, or education.

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