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I keep hearing about people enjoying caching in the cold. ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS???? I don't care about layers. I start doing that when it starts dropping below 70! I will cache when it's in the 60s, occasionally the 50s but colder than that..... It has to be real close to the truck and easy to find. I don't mind bugs. This is even after getting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever this year. I don't mind snakes. Yes, I've seen several while caching including one on the first cache I took my oldest daughter on. Heat, bring it on. As long as I have water, I don't mind it. I thoroughly enjoyed hiking around Utah a few summers ago in temps around 110.


I MAY go after a cache this weekend. It's down the street from my mom's. I was suppose to go out to her house earlier this week but it was cold and it snowed. I didn't leave the house. Good thing I had the day off work!


My biggest problem... I married a guy from Maine who hates the heat! Now, he has no problem caching in this. And yes, I think he's nuts.



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I really don't mind the heat, but I'll take the cold over the heat anytime. You can always put on more clothing to escape the cold, but when its real hot there is not way to escape the heat other than going indoors.


Right now its 29 degrees and crystal clear skies with about 8 inches of fresh snow on the ground. Cachin' weather doesn't get much better than this.

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Was 17 degrees, dark and Windy when we did one last night. Did 5 others at 19 degrees on the sun. 2 of these caches required that we walk about 2 miles.


I will admit I prefer the 30's and above but geocaching gets em out in the winter instead of sitting on my duff watching TV.

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Last night I went caching with my buddy cutter mike in Bedford IN. It was in the single digits and with a wind chill of 0 to -1. At one cache my gloves started to stick to the metal I was touching. That is cold. But we found about 20 in two hours becasue there was no sign of muggles. In fact a local officer who caches cameout to see us because we were the only people out in the town last night. I actually perfer the cold:

1. No Muggles

2. No spiders

3. No bugs

4. Better sat. reception without the leaves

5. Easier to see at night


7. I am addicted, and I am man enough to say it

8. Gives me a reason not to be stuck inside

9. Testing winter gear is fun

10. Irish coffee waiting when I get home to warm upto



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hello everybody,


myself and the lost fool do most of our caching in the winter.

there are many advantages to winter caching and a lot of disadvantages as well.

the advantages are:

improved tracking ability....yep, i look for foot prints in snow to lead me to cache locations.

decreased vegetation and over growth...keeps down the need for bushwhacking.

no spiders and no snakes. this is especially beneficial to the lostfool.


the disadvantages are:

finding that unseen slick spot under the snow in the jefferson memorial forrest and landing flat on my back. lostfool knew that was going to happen, especially when he looked and i was sliding down the hill towards him.


hypothermia can become a major concern in cold climates regardless of how you are dressed or the footware you have on.


terrain features can be changed in their appearances by ice and snow.


a very good understanding of wind chill factors is essential.


never under estimate your need for hydration even in winter.


best regards, and merry christmas


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Wow. You folks who cache in northern climes this time of year are the bomb.


Right now it's about 68F and sunny in LA, and I don't go back to work (or at least, not on a "schedule") until January, so I'm trying to squeeze in as much caching as possible. Our mountains will start getting snow in the coming weeks, so I'm thinking it might be fun to try hunting in them once it comes. It sure beats being up on the trail when it's 95 degrees out and loaded with snakes...



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It was something like 15 below when we did this one a couple winters ago. We went in at night because, well, it was going to be dark anyway. It's an abandoned railroad tunnel. Those ice columns are 20 feet high. The cache container was stuffed into a cubby hole inside the tunnel, but was frozen solid in the ice and could not be removed. They've since re-lined the tunnel, and the container had to be moved outside. We went back and revisited it this past Sunday.




Here's my partner, hermeanness, heading down the rail-trail toward the cache. So far it's been a good season for winter caching.



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So far I think this winter caching is fun! I just did my first winter cache Middle of the Kaw GCPR41. It was a nice 17 degrees (when it was over). The fun part is you have to cross the river to get to the island where the cache is. We were told the water level was down so I figured it would be a good time to go. It probably would have been good to cross at the otherend of theisland (where there is a rock land bridge now). But no I had to do it the hard way. It took almost 5 hours before my feet finally warmed up! Then my daughter wanted to go get that one to so... Yep back accross the river I went. I must say though it was a blast! The next cache run involved 5 degree weather and 35 MPH winds, so I think that I have an idea what the rest of winter will be like. Should be interesting!

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