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What's With The Handle?


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In 1999 we spent most of December playing Quake 2, and I needed a nickname. There was a movie called Small Soldiers in which one of the characters was a mean looking dude called Brick Bazooka (See AVATAR) The name was too long to be used, so I became known as Brick. And the name stuck ever since.

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How did I transform? Well.....


I used to own a vespa when I was in high school. I loved that thing, and even drove it across the United States the summer I finished high school. But I sold it to a friend at the end of that trip. I still pine for that scooter though. :unsure:


The X is a symbol used by a youth group in the states called Straightedge. They basically abstain from smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs (some go vegetarian as well) so it is a toss back again to my high school days putting X's on my hands and going to concerts in warehouses to see not very popular bands play.


The second vespa comes from just needing to add something after the x. :rolleyes:


Discombob did think that mine meant I owned a vespa and now don't, thus vespaxvespa. Maybe that is a better, shorter answer. maybe.


I am thinking of changing mine though. Just need to debate it in my mind some more.

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In my meaner, leaner and sexier youth I was a surfer, until I discovered motorbikes. In surfing terms, a left-handed (or left-footed) surfer is known as a goofy-footer. And so this goofy-footer became a Goofster. Simple, really. :lol:


And I'm not going to speculate as to how discombob becomes helga. Perhaps there's some mascara and fishnets involved?

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As many have figured, our name comes from our initials with the &Dogs being our children. Now in a disjointed kind of way GS&Dogs also implies GSD which is of course German Shepard Dog- our children being white German Shepard Dogs. I assure you this makes perfect sense to us :unsure:

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Looks like we are now categorising by age group, I am with Brick and Goofster and think that the youngsters would not have heard about Adam Ant. :ph34r:


They grew up with "computer generated" music. Real rock died out before they were born. Viva the 70's/80's!

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We rushed into geocaching, finding our first cache without a 'handle', so we signed the logbook as Johan & Irmhild. We decided to use I&J as our username because we couldn't think of anything else (and original) at that time. I suppose the well-known frozen food brand name made I&J sound a little better than J&I although Irmhild would propably say it's a form of gender equality ;)


I see it's about time we get a little logo as well!

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