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    power trail

    "Good listing + Interesting hide + Awesome location = Great Cache If you wouldn't make it a Favourite....why place it?" - My motto with geocaching too, rather have a few quality caches and maintain them well than spreading geolitter all over the show for the sake of numbers! Gape Geckos said: "I smell a making up event cache... " wil have to do something of this kind or else events are never going to be the same!
  2. NAY Have never been a fan of micros - especially if it is not at least taking you to a special place. Cannot agree more with Fisheagle on this one - if you were looking for a competitive sport, there are much better options. "... and it breaks my heart to think that newbies will see this as the premier example of how the game works." If I was living in Gauteng, I would have made it my mission to do those trails - (with a big rubbish bag in hand and collecting them all - would even consider logging a find on them to accumulate some favortite points to award to those caches which really make this game special!) Any Nay-Sayers feel like organising a CITO event?
  3. We are very tempted to join the Africa caching tour. Are there anyone interested in doing the round trip i.e. from Zambia, through Zim & Moz back in stead of backtracking through Botswana?
  4. Thanks, I will definitely give it a try! For now I did a work-a-round as I have to test my cartrige on the ground before my vacation is over.
  5. Thanks Tom, but that seems as if I will need some programming experience in LUA. I was hoping that it would be possible to specify it using the Wherigo Builder. Is it something which is not yet built into the beta version or why would there not be an option to do it the easy way (for dummies like me?)
  6. Hi, I hope someone can help me here! I want to show a message box and make uses of both buttons: One with text "Yes", the other "No" and different script to each, but there is only one place to write script and it then seems to get applied to both buttons. This is really confusing - where can I write the script for button 2? Thanks!
  7. Gerhard jy't toe nie jou nommer gegee nie, maar ek dink ek het Wayne en Anton en Elsie se nrs. Ons kan gekontak word by 0827088973 of 0832344651 SIEN JULLE WAAR DIT KOUD IS!!
  8. Behalwe vir die versekering en logboek, is daar enige ander vereistes vir jou voertuig soos ZA plakkers?
  9. Ons wil ook graag in Lesotho oorslaap, so ons mik vir die Sani Top Backpackers as plan A, vat die tent saam vir plan B en as die weer regtig lyk of dit mislik wil wees, plan C - Sani Lodge (Bottom). Ons plan is om by laasgenoemde in te boek vir die Vrydagaand.
  10. Wow, I like that display you've put together for the photo! Identified the numbered Rubic's cube as well as the blue smiley rubber (bottom centre) as familiar, but of course - there's many other "Crazy Store" items that also look familiar Did you really find the GPS recievers in caches too? - suppose those were just to show how you got hold of all of these toys!?
  11. I just finished reading the post about "what annoys you most..." and quote from there DamhuisClan's question: What do you guys do with the items you trade in caches? We try to trade at every cache we find and even try to leave something small in micros. With only 98 finds to date, we already have collected quite a few things and the female in the team is now getting worried that it's getting in the way! Somehow these things do have sentimental value as I can still remember the effort that went into finding most of them!
  12. Getting back to the topic... What's most annoying for us is? -seeing new & exciting cache hides popping up daily all over the country and realising that there will never be enough time to go and hunt them all down! Also not very fond of micros hidden for the simple reason of pushing cache stats up - a micro has it's place where there's something special to show and no suitable hiding place for a regular cache, but otherwise they are normally disappointing with not much chance of trading. Agree with previous posts about caches who's owners quit the game or become inactive without archiving their hides or alternatively give them up for adoption. THANKS to Fish Eagle who has started archiving caches without owners! Lastly, finding an ideal spot to hide a cache, preparing a suitable container and anxiously awaiting a suitable date to go and hide it and then noticing someone else's post popping up on the radar for that very special spot!
  13. I&J

    Family Cachers

    We are a husband & wife team, considering ourselves casual/holiday cachers. We introduced the game to Johan's two younger brothers who both registered. -"Bosveldklong" (12 yrs younger) are really hooked and has hidden and found many caches in the E Cape. He's currently in England, scratching out caches from nearly every second bush. "Starsky&Hutch" (14 yrs younger) started off in Pretoria then lost his girlfriend, moved to Capetown and then lost his GPSr (not very active currently but keen to start again once he get together enough money for a new GPSr). When on holidays, we take other family members with on caching trips - even took Mom & Dad with through Baviaanskloof! and although they all enjoy it thoroughly, haven't got motivated enough to register on their own.
  14. I&J

    I spy

    Hi cache-fan! Glad to see there's someone else who don't have anything better to do on a Friday evening!
  15. I&J


    Uiteindelik is TD V (Die Slag van Bloedrivier) ook geplaas! Geniet u besoek aan die Noord-Natal Slagvelde!Finally TD V (Die Slag van Bloedrivier) is up for grabs too! Enjoy your visit to the Northern Natal Battlefields!
  16. Half of team I&J is also keen on this attempt! Will never do it on our own , but this is almost sounding like an event - one not to be missed and one to talk about at every event thereafter! Anyone of you have rockclimbing experience? gear? mountaineering experience in the berg?
  17. I&J

    Oldest Virgin

    Sorry for that duplication My browser gave an error message when I clicked submit, so I tried again, and again ... Is there no way I can delete my posts?
  18. I&J

    Oldest Virgin

    Did someone say something about bees? Contact my brother (Bosveldklong) - he has some beekeeping experience and access to some protective wear and a smoker! What a sweet find that would be - wish I could make it!
  19. I&J

    Oldest Virgin

    Did someone say something about bees? Contact my brother (Bosveldklong) - he has some beekeeping experience and access to some protective wear and a smoker! What a sweet find that would be - wish I could make it!
  20. I&J

    Oldest Virgin

    Did someone say something about bees? Contact my brother (Bosveldklong) - he has some beekeeping experience and access to some protective wear and a smoker! What a sweet find that would be - wish I could make it!
  21. I&J

    Tb Help

    I am the cache owner - unfortunately I never noticed the drop of this TB in my cache. The last time I visited the cache (in December) there were no TB's inside. I did not read through the logbook so that's why I couldn't comment. What I do know, is that this cache is not in a place where place where many people go and then it is also not right next to the normal footpath, so I doubt if someone actually stumbled on it by accident - It must have been someone who got the directions to it from the Groundspeak site and actually went through the trouble of decrypting the clue. Hopefully this guy one day relise that a TB is not actually something you can just keep for yourself. This is particularly bad for me as it is the second TB that has gone missing from one of my hides.
  22. Never knew that there are member only caches in SA! Anybody wants to tell us non-members how many there are and how are they distributed - all over the country like the free caches or only in Western Cape and Gauteng (like most of the free caches)?
  23. Something is weird then - if I go to "Hide & Seek a Cache" and search under South Africa, I get the search results page 1 of 26 OK, but from there I can go nowhere - I tried downloading coordinates from that page, but get the "The page cannot be displayed" screen. Tried going to page 2 of 26, same error page pops up. Just tried searching for another country's caches - same problem. Then I used a different computer with a different dial-up connection - same problem. Not logging in - same problem Where do one report such kind of a problem?
  24. Hi! Has anyone tried downloading geocaching waypoints recently? I keep getting an error message when I try to do that and need to know if it is only something wrong with my computer or is there a problem on the Groundspeak site.
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