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Our Psycho Urban Cache #13 has been published this morning. The unilateral feedback which I am receiving is that this cache, in terms of terrain difficulty and danger, is among the five toughest caches in North America, and may never be found. One of the FTF prizes is a $100 cash prize. And, for the next ten days after cache publication, until 9/22, that prize amount will be $160 (instead of $100)!


If you wish to take a look at this cache, it is called Psycho Urban Cache #13 - Impossible! Give Up Now! You may find the cache listing page at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4f-15f835b7155d]http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=5a7fa052-552a-43d1-8f4f-15f835b7155d


Waypoint ID is GCY72P



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I have gotten a FTF prize yet. :sad: Then again I have not gotten a FTF in the first's pace.


That's my problem. I'll get there.


For my first two caches I've placed, both "Cliché Caches" and both 1/1.5, I left a Where's George dollar bill for the finder to log and then spend.


I'll do nicer prizes when the caches are more work.

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As I start to hide caches now that I have found enough of a variation... I am offering a FTF Prize with mine... the prize is a custom paracord bracelet and/or keychain. I make these myself and offer them for sale as well, so I figured they would make a nice FTF prize for my caches.


I build a webpage with all the options available between weave patterns and colors. Since personal tastes in both options as well as wrist size, for the bracelets, can vary from person to person, I figured this would be the easiest way to do it. And yes with my first and only hide to this point, I had co-FTF, they each got to choose what they wanted.


Here is the site I build if anyone is interested... http://bandit1979ftf.webs.com/

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My wife & I were shopping and my phone sounds off with a notification of a newly published cache not far away from the store we were in. We left shopping cart and all right where it was and went immediately to the new cache and we were FTF. Inside was a very nice antique broach. We figured it was a FTF prize so we took it after signing log. A few hours later we get an Email from the cache owner introducing himself. He was a college student at one of the universities in town. He also added that he did not think that there would be any other geocachers in this town (lol, little did he know!). He was at an antique store here in town with his girlfriend and noticed that she especially loved a broach there. Later when she was not with him he went back and bought that broach for her. He was planning on having his girlfriend be the FTF for his first hidden cache. After hearing his plea to get the broach back, my wife & I (being newly weds ourselves) did give the broach back to the young man.

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On my 7 FTFs I had no special price. No problem with that, was fun anyway.


On my own hides I usually give certificates for FTF, STF and TTF. Plus presents: once a 10 EUR voucher for a neighboured bar/restaurant (in an old mill complex, which is the theme of the cache), an unregistered FTFcoin, some blue glass marbles with a world map on it (see Geocacher store) and such.


On one of my caches I made a stupid mistake in the calculation, so I rushed on scene and invited all finders til midnight (cache was published that evening) in the said bar. FTF, STF and me sat there for hours chatting (TTF came two days late). Was really great... :)


FTFing is like an extended Beta-test. As a cache owner I appreciate the first ones giving me a real feeling how the cache "works".


As a FTF I yet have to be offered a prize, even if I did my share to give the owner some improvements (last was initially 130m off...) or even his GPSr back (he lost when placing the cache). But I do it for the fun - and unintentionally bad caches often make good stories... :)

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Just recently I've FTF'd a small bottle of sparkling wine in the woods: http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/large/1e51fc8f-b468-4dc7-b170-a9b74b512e12.jpg (not exactly kids friendly, but just OK for me and the STF team).


Once I found a whole working GPS unit on a FTF hunt, but the cache owner was glad to get it back... :)


I have put the following FTF prizes in my three caches:

1. for FTF a 10 EUR coupon to a nearby bar/restaurant, for STF one of those blue geocaching.com marbles, for FTF/STF/TTF a small laminated certificate

2. for FTF an unactivated FTF-coin, for STF a marble as above plus certificates for FTF/STF/TTF

3. for FTF a marble plus certificates for FTF/STF/TTF


The coupon was very appreciated, since it was found on a warm summer evening and immedeately invested in a nice drink at the bar's outside garden - perfect fit.


The unactivated coin was met with unexpected suspicion: the FTFer wondered what an unlisted coin should be for...still isn't activated yet. :)

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