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  1. You don't need to change the time zone or home coordinates, the date change was done in a different way. I won't present that method here, as most of the people here are of the opinion that it is a forbidden practice. Personally, however, I think that the cause should be addressed, not the effect, which is the attempt to change the date to the correct one. That is, to prevent the publication of events that take place more than one day, which seems to be illegal. If you ask somewhere else, someone will probably direct you to a pictorial guide to date change created by the organizer of an earlier Maze. However, not here.
  2. Not exactly. The type called lab cache was presented to the public on August 17, 2013. This type of cache was intended to test new gameplay possibilities. The first thing tested were temporary physical megaevent caches. There was also an activity called I <3 Geocaching, where each player with a premium membership could create one cache for one player. He could make the link to the listing available to many players, but only the fastest player could log the cache. The first 250 players were selected to create their first Adventures in February 2019.
  3. I'm sure the weather played a role. However, I would like to know if the 2013 record is the sum of players who logged at least one cache with a given date on a given day - or just the sum of players who logged at least one cache with a given date on any other days? There are many players who postpone writing logs to the next weekend. Especially now that many foreign players are still in the US. Is there any possibility that in two weeks we will know that the record has been broken?
  4. Last night I created a survey question in a Facebook group Czech Geocaching, because the players from the state with one of the largest numbers of Biltema caches are definitely the ones who should comment on it. The question was: Biltema caches (and similar, for example in wells) a, should have their own attribute b, should be unique cache type with icon c, don't need any distinction So far 370 players have participated in the poll and the results are as follows: Only 4.6% of players think that the current situation is sufficient. For the remaining 95.4% of players, the current situation is insufficient. This number may seem frightening to the uninitiated, but Biltemas are really something that has been resonating in the Czech gaming community for a long time. This does not mean, however, that the Czechs are fans of Biltemas. Of course, there are many supporters. Mostly those, I think, have chosen the should have their own attribute (59,6%). These players have invested some money in a rod or telescopic pole, so they would like to find caches where they can use this tool. The attribute is ideal for this. Another group of players, on the other hand, hates Biltemas and would like to filter them out. If someone doesn't like climbing caches or earth caches, he can simply filter them out through the terrain rating or icon. It is practically impossible to filter out Biltems at this time. And without an external program it would be difficult even if the attribute would exist. I think it's mostly people like that who chose the option should be unique cache type with icon (35,8%). I personally found the first biltema cache in October 2012 in Poland. It's been a long time. At the moment I consider more important that we have more Biltema caches in the Czech Republic than Wherigo caches, Virtual caches and Challenge caches together. So I see a reason even if no one new Biltema cache will be created. I don't think it's just about how to get the final coordinates. If player has to complete a task or answer any questions, then it is Virtual cache. If player has to answer questions about geology, then it's Earth cache. If player has to play a game on the phone, then it can be Wherigo cache. If player has to complete a task before finding (and it's on posted coordinates), then it is Challenge cache (they don't have their own icon, but they must be Mystery). If player can print a stamp in his diary (and it's on posted coordinates), then it is Letterbox cache. If player has to fishing - it sounds logical to me. And to the arguments that then anything could have its own attribute/icon: Yes, the player can also dive or climb a tree at the given coordinates, but on the one hand it is usual to "get yourself to the cache" and on the other hand it is easily detectable from the map according to the terrain stars. And yes, the cache in the pipe into which the water must be poured is also "getting the cache to the player", but such a cache is one in a thousand. It's really just a matter of having some way to filter and filter out this very common type of geocache. At the moment, there is no one method.
  5. I think it is important to distinguish in what connection the word was used. We have, for example, a drugstore brand named Aunt, geocaching shop named Geocache. The word Biltema came to us as a designation for the type of geocache, so I don't see a problem with that. By the way, Geocaching HQ also uses this word on its blog. I do not think that a relatively large number of already existing attributes means that we no longer need any more attributes (but as I mentioned above, I think it would be better to have new geocache type with new icon). (Un)popularity of this cache type in Europe means that it is necessary to do something with it.
  6. Czech geowikipedia says "The name Biltema comes from the name of a Swedish retail chain that sells telescopic poles, among other things." This word is also not in the Czech dictionary, it means nothing other than this type of cache to us (and absolutely nothing for muggles, unless they were sometimes in Sweden).
  7. It can also appear in your country. As our biltema cache hiders say, "I bought an amazing telescopic pole for several thousand crowns (Czech currency), I want to use it more than just once. That's the only reason I hide another biltema cache." So once it starts, it spreads like Covid. We also have one nearby (but really only one). Like a cache that requires a screwdriver, both are listed as mystery cache on coordinates. I think this is also a good idea, because players who want to look for caches will ignore it. Unlike this - it looks like a drive-in cache, but it's a biltema. I can imagine that such an icon would symbolize these things as well. It doesn't have to be Biltema Cache directly, but for example and I don't think there's much difference if you're hunting caches up in the tree, down in the well; you need to hit the eyelet with a hook or attach a magnet to it. The special tool required attribute can be still useful, because you need your own rod in most cases, but sometimes is a wooden pole ready in place from cache owner. But in general, I do not think that this request has a real chance. - This is not the first time I have seen a similar request here. - It is a local problem, mostly in Central Europe. For example, here in the Czech Republic there are 1332 caches with biltema in the name (and many others who do not have that word in their name). There is none with this word in the entire US. I'm afraid HQ can't understand a problem that it doesn't know personally. - I have a feeling that Geocaching is evolving according to some internal document of long-term development, not according to what the players themselves want/need.
  8. The line can be drawn according to the number of uses. Number of caches within a 13km radius of HC requiring: - fishing rod: 223 - flashlight (already has an attribute): 12 --------------- <-- line - QR reader: 5 - magnet: 1 - screwdriver: 1 The rope/ladder is not included in the list, because these caches have a terrain of 5, which is already visible after clicking the cache on the map. But I don't think the attribute is the solution. Yes, attribute can be helpful for players who want to search for biltema during home preparation. But I'm looking for caches in the current area behind the wheel of a van and I only open the listing when I'm standing on the coordinates and I can't find it. I think the ideal solution would be a special geocache type (and icon) for this type of cache. Not only because of their number, or because of the need for special equipment. But because when the cache is in a stump, in a cavity, in a museum, in a rock where you have to abseil, or it is diving; whether you need a QR reader to solve, internet to solve, or a screwdriver to open; you always have to get yourself to the cache. In this case, you need to get the cache to you, with the help of a fishing rod. This is as big a difference as between traditional and virtual caches.
  9. Thanks for verifying my assumptions. And wouldn't it be possible to program an exception for this multi-day event? I think it is illogical that on Friday it will be possible to write only WN, and then the date itself will change to Saturday, even though on Saturday one could have been somewhere else. Especially when it is a long-planned multi-day event, especially when this protection feature was intended to help players with an incorrect date entered by mistake. I'm afraid the current situation would result in swearing at the system after the weekend, which would certainly not be good. Thanks for understanding.
  10. Hi, Gigaevent and Maze will take place in Prague from Friday to Sunday. Because only one day can be writen in listing, it is Saturday. But a few hundred people are going to Gigaevent on Friday (only day with free entrance), and many players are going to have "most geocache types found in one day" on Sunday. I would like to know if it is true that: - none of Friday's participants can log their Attend - only Write Note will be available - no one will get a cache type record on Sunday, because their Attend logs date will be automatically changed to Saturday Thank you
  11. Czy niemoze to byc zmiana na mapach? W mapy.cz jest kesz w srodku drogy, w Googlu po prawej strone drogy, v Google Satelite prawie w lesie. Jesli dobrze pamietam, Geocaching w momencie zalozenia kesze uzywal Google mapy. Teraz ma wlasne mapy na podstawie OpenStreetMap.
  12. Hi, I have a question about the minimum distance between CCE and classic event. We are planning two events for one Saturday in June. In the forenoon it was supposed to be an classic event in the park with a game program. In the afternoon, a Community Celebration Event with a program to mark the 20th anniversary of Geocaching in our region (exhibition dedicated to twenty years of geocaching, guests such as the author of one geocaching app, a game with a model of the first cache in our region), two kilometers away. In this form, it was rejected by the reviewer because of event stacking. My question is - how to fix it? We came up with these possibilities: A, Organize only afternoon CCE. I don't want that, because I already have wooden geocoins made for the morning event. B, Organize both events under one listing. I also don't like this option because: 1, The program of the morning event has nothing to do with the celebrations of twenty years of the game. 2, I'm not sure what time I should enter in the form. 9 AM-10 AM? 2 PM-5 PM? Or 9 AM-5 PM, although the event will not take place between 10 AM-2 PM? 3, I'm not sure which coordinates should be listed in the listing header. The coordinates of the park from the morning, or the coordinates of the afternoon celebrations? C, Move the morning event: 1, in time. But I don't know what the minimum distance is between a classic event and a CCE. 12 hours? 24 hours? 2 days? 2, to another park. But the same question: 3 kilometers? 10 kilometers? 100 kilometers? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  13. After the end of Reach the Peak, following list is displayed on the button . 1, If I click on Previous weak, it's still titled as "Week of 7.3.". 2, Icon "ReleaseTrackable" is Mystery Cache icon. 3, (not sure) - Facebook button "Spread the word" is sharing only "https://www.geocaching.com". Should there be something like "I collect XX points in the current week, join me on https://www.geocaching.com/play/leaderboard"?
  14. If I only want to display regular events from my public profile, this is not possible. List includes CITO and CCE too.
  15. I've also noticed some problems lately. If I click on Wonders od World in the Dashboard, blank page.
  16. I don't think politics is part of a family-friendly game. However, geocaches in Russia need some HQ intervention. The first reason is the current appeal for spamming cache listings in Russia (e.g. GC2Q7KY). The authors of this appeal probably have no idea about Geocaching guidelines. They also don't know that Russians have their own geocaching server and western Geocaching.com is a predominantly tourist hobby in this country. For example, one of the Czech players has already read the logs that he is a criminal and will be punished, and his son will die a cruel death. Just because he owns one geocache in Belarus. Geocache owners from Russia also do not know what to do (e.g. GL16Q6JFF). The second reason is related to the first. Sentences like Putin is dictator, criminal and genocide or f*** Putin in logs are the direct way to get Geocaching.com on the Russian blacklist. By the way, it currently contains 571283 records, including 3340 blocked subdomains of amazonaws.com (geocaching images are hosted on amazonaws.com subdomains). The third reason - many caches in Russia are lost for several years and nobody cares. To illustrate, the 8km radius from Moscow's geographical center contains 129 caches. A third of them have some long-term problem. This is not a good example for players. Only DNF* since last year: 16 geocaches Only DNF* logs since 2020: 17 geocaches Only DNF* logs since 2018-19: 5 geocaches Unsolvable mystery since 2015: 1 geocache Disabled more than 6 months: 3 geocaches * FI, WN, NM and DNF logs from the current spam appeal are not included
  17. If I search for caches with the "GeoTour" attribute, some of them do not have this attribute listed in the search results. If I search for caches found by me on a specific date, selected date is automatically changed (and it also shows erroneous data, but I mentioned this in one of the previous posts). If a player's nickname contains an ampersand, this nickname is not offered for selection.
  18. Use of "Home Location" in filters does not work. For example: I'm looking for a cache in our capital, Prague. I see caches in Prague. Then I open the filters, delete Prague and select Home location. After clicking Apply I see geocaches in British Columbia on this link. After copying the address and opening it in a new tab, it is automatically redirected to this link. Now I see geocaches in Mauritius. Same problem is with Current Location. Again, I see geocaches in British Columbia. Distance is also kind of weird. For example - cache search in Prague. First geocache is supposedly 368,5km from Prague. Actually it is 68 meters away from coordinates set by searching. If the cache is exactly at the coordinates (for example, when searching nearby geocaches from any) there is NaN km instead of Here. Although the address bar changes each time you change your search filters, Firefox still takes it as the same page. Example: I'm looking for event caches in Prague. I don't see anything interesting, I'm changing the filter. Wait, there was something interesting! I'm pressing back button in Firefox And I'm totally back at main page. There is no way to get back to the previous search. Error 500 (when trying to show on the map ) is caused by a missing question mark. Example: already mentioned search in Prague has a map view button pointing to https://www.geocaching.com/play/map&lat=50.06694&lng=14.46025 The correct link should be https://www.geocaching.com/play/map?lat=50.06694&lng=14.46025 Trackables count is not true. Example: this search says that the most trackables (19) is on GC9KZNH. Actually there is not a single one. EDITED after 6 hours: Now it shows the real number. Maybe it was because of API data, updated once a day? When using links from my public profile, tab geocaches: Finds has not options add to list or view on map. Hides have a View on map button, but without any parameters. It means link is pointing to https://www.geocaching.com/play/map only. If Regional Search is called, Distance is lost mostly. For example: If I choose only Fill in your D/T grid, I'll have these results. Now I want to specify that I only want the results from Czechia. Results from Germany are gone (great), but distance from my home coordinates too. And now beware: If I want to search all caches in Czechia and I'll enter it at results page, it is without distance. If I want to search all caches in Czechia and I'll enter it at input page, it is without distance. If I want to search all caches in Liberecký kraj, Czechia and I'll enter it at results page, it is without distance. If I want to search all caches in Liberecký kraj, Czechia and I'll enter it at input page, distance is displayed! But it's not the distance from the home coordinates, it's not the distance from the county town. It is the distance from the center of the area, as in the case of entering a city name. Personally, I think the regional search (countries, states, regions) should show the distance from HC. If isn't possible to find any caches that matched, FAQ link refers to this blog post. But there is written about the old search, removed yesterday and replaced by this new one. Most of the screens in this blog post are out of date.
  19. "^ Filtered by" does not do anything in Firefox, it only changes the direction of the arrow. The last column takes up about 40% of the page width, but it is only one column. I want to see columns "Last Found, Diff, Terrain, and Trackables", I don't need to see "Distance". There is no button for setting specific columns. Maybe bug? Parameter in adress bar &a=1 or &a=0 (looks like now changed to &sa=1 and &sa=0, estimate based on redirects from the original search), for archived caches are no working, so search results are false. As we can see there or there, both parameters (&sa=1 and &sa=0) claims "Active or archived" (only &sa=0 should display active or archived together), but actually with either of these two parameters we can se only active geocaches. Column "Last found" is still named "Last found", even if it's displaying "Found date by User". Also Column "Placed on" is still "Placed on", even if only with events was previously named "Event Date". Only geocache name is now clickable, previously it was whole piece of column including geocache icon, GC code or owner nickname. Any geocaches are now really hard to open (example). Search by radius arround GC code from www.geocaching.com/play/search isn't working. For example geocaches these result are more than 500km away from geocache GC5N35Z. Filter find date does not work as intended. With these filters I would like to see my finds from this year. But in search results I can see geocaches in radius from my home location, found by me anytime and found by anybody this year.
  20. Bl4ckH4wkGER: I'll just remind from another topic: I'm not sure if it's necessary. Several people (as we can see in this topic) already have ALL Geocaching.com pop-ups blocked by the browser. I still think the best solution would be in Settings: ☑ I understand that links entered by users may point outside of Geocaching.com. Do not display these pop-ups.
  21. Genevieve probably wrote the wrong numbers on the blog. OK, her fault. But informations from this blog are promoted all week, also are taken over by regional websites and local Facebook groups. If something is found to be wrong after a week, in my opinion, should be changed what is public only for a while. In this case, the points in the application. To change (moreover in silence) a week old and many times shared article on a blog is not an appropriate solution. EDIT: If anyone thinks my post is funny, it may be due to my imperfect English. In that case, it's better to correct me .
  22. There's a little problem that you can't click on an image and download it. But if they are really needed, here they are in the vector: https://www.geocaching.com/app/ui-icons/icons/cache-types/2.svg Change "2" to: 3 for multi 4 for virtuals 5 for letterbox 6 for event 8 for mystery 9 for APE 11 for webcam 12 for locationless 13 for CITO 137 for earthcache 453 for megaevents 1304 for MAZE 1858 for Wherigo 3653 for Community Celebration events 3773 for Geocaching HQ 3774 for Geocaching HQ Celebration 4738 for Block Party 7005 for gigaevents adventure-lab for Adventures
  23. Somehow I can't understand why this popup is there. 1, It's 2022. You can do something like "Try to find it on Google (!)." Link through your redirector, exclamation mark to report link, block link after five reports. Using a pop-up window on each link is a solution like in 2000. 2, Excessive use of pop-ups is not appropriate. External links have not been reviewed by Geocaching.com? Yes, I think I read about it somewhere in guidelines. First popup: OK, maybe they want to remind me. Second popup: They still don't know that I know? OK. Fifth popup on the same link: Do they think I'm stupid? Cancel, click the link again, Block pop-ups on Geocaching.com, OK. A few months later, an important message in the pop-up window: I see nothing, pop-ups on Geocaching.com already blocked.
  24. KRON family


    There is: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC9FCAT_zahradkarska-osada-boretin and there is not: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC9FCAT&title=zahradkarska-osada-boretin So probably find a way to open listings on links of the second type.
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