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  1. Just a few things from the Czech forum. 1, Anyone who uses Czech language cannot use a watchlist. 2, Some caches have a special type of souvenir available for Wonders of World. For example [Invalid Resource Key: WOW_DT_69] or [Invalid Resource Key: WOW_DT_42]. Thanks in advance for the repair and have a nice rest of the weekend.
  2. Only one attribute is missing in that image. It's a repair key (formerly Swiss cross). Maybe its new version?
  3. I'm not sure, maybe you're working on it right now, because clicking on "Found On" doesn't do anything (BM). Will it do anything? Or are all the accounts of other people from the families (for example - dad logs right away, his son according to his findings the next day) on the way among the unwanted players?
  4. Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure about that. Both emails were marked as "Validated". So I (gradually) deleted, added and validated both emails. I still get the same error messages, even on my mobile. I'm going to sleep, maybe it'll work itself out overnight. EDIT: Helped re-request a validation email at https://www.geocaching.com/v/send.aspx. The first attempt was unsuccessful (message: you have entered an incorrect login name or password; but I'm logged in and there are no username and password entries in the form), seccond was successful.
  5. cerberus1: Current screen attached. The same problem even if I want to write an e-mail to someone.
  6. Maybe similar problem at geocaching.com/find: You must validate your account before you can find other users. Visit your profile page for validation instructions. Everything worked yesterday.
  7. Don't be afraid, Adventure Builder is easy to use, it is something like classical filing form when hiding traditional cache.
  8. Aktualizacja dzis wykonana. Novo jest tutaj mozliwosc short-url, i mozliwosc dowiedziec sie GUID i member ID automatycznie.
  9. Inaccurate translation in Czech language (see image): http://uploadpie.com/eLNtF
  10. Kilka nowych PWG w oficjalnym katalogu: http://pwg.geokatalog.cz/list.php?cat_chosen=1&catsc[]=35&official=1
  11. After loging into inactive account, you are on loging page and there is red box "before you log in, you need to validate your account, you can resend validation e-mail". When you click to this link in QuipZilla and Internet Explorer, you are there (right). In other browsers like Firefox and Chrome, you are on register page.
  12. There is any problem - in Firefox, Chrome and related browsers. Link for czech forum: http://www.geocaching.cz/topic/29840-neaktivní-účet/?p=503057
  13. Streak is OK, but what about "The most days without a find" under that? I have 0 in my statistics, but it is not true. Above that it is okay. http://uploadpie.com/Wm5gB
  14. What are the rules for earthcaches near physical caches? We have written this in GeoWiki: - if there is physical cache and listing is about geology, earthcache can not be published - if there is physical cache and listing is not about geology, earthcache can be listed at least 50 meters away ...is it still valid? A few days ago there was published this earthcache. It is 30 meters from physical cache, listing is identical. Reviewer reaction was "nobody reads listings of traditional caches", does it mean we can duplicate all geologically oriented physical caches?
  15. It is not bug. Visibility can't be changed to "hidden" until you set opening coordinates via "+ Add stage". If it is not to set, it is like "cache is at opening coordinates" and it means visibility final waypoint.
  16. 1, It's a good idea. Nobody reads help-posts and more than 50% of nano caches in my area is listed as other. 2, I think it is unnecessary. There is written "less than 100ml", so it is micro. If nano size will be officialy accepted, what will be next? "Small large", "Middle large" and "Big large"? And what about apps? New versions of everything?
  17. I also think that some improvements of trackables is not bad idea. Geocache listings are many times over the years changed, but trackable listings still look just as years ago.
  18. Hello everyone, a few words to the attribute. I've set it for three reasons: 1, A lot of geocachers (especially at CZ Forum) called for an attribute for powertrails. Our powertrail was the first that could be filtered out by the attribute. 2, Attribute informed geocachers that maintenance requirements they shouldn't write here, but to the first listing as it was written. The reason is simple, only logs from first cache I'm receiving to the phone via SMS. 3, With this attribute, you can not turn on the red key in the list of caches or positive attribute of this, so after maintenance was not necessary to spend time writing Owner Maintenance for each cache. This attribute was really helpful. When it was set up, we received only one NM log on other than the first listing. Now it is the exact opposite (I guess; I think that none of our group reads the logs elsewhere than in the first listing). It really does not mean "The CO does not maintain this cache". As written in the first listing, maintenance of powertrail held six times since publication. Because nobody has contacted us, after the disappearance of attributes we were looking for a hacker who hacked our account. Since then, only waiting for the first NA log (because our rules require at least one attribute and our powertrail does not comply that now). No one attribute was set after their disappearance. If these attributes were somewhere now, probably they was forgotten in the removal of 3 November. Rather than deleting attribute I would like to see official publication of it, because it is most useful attribute I've ever seen.
  19. Aktualnosci w PWG od 1 stycznia 2015 - dozwolone odwrotne grawerovane (kategoria "bledow" w katalogu) - producenci moga przestac dajac Collection Member XWG przy kazde pierwszy zamowienie - tekst geocaching.skrot od panstwa zmienin na skrot od panstwa geocaching (przykladowo GEOCACHING.PL > PL GEOCACHING). - wzsytkich XWG (CWG, SWG, AWG, PWG, ...) bedzie katalogowane w Czechach (i stare). Jesli PWG jest zgodny z normami, jest mozliwe (PWG wykonane od 1 stycznia 2015 niezbędne) wysłać dwa PWG do katalogu: GeoGadget, Jezuitská 6, 412 01 Litoměřice, CZ Oficjalne producenci (nikt w Polsce?) wyslac PWG do katalogu sami (i placi 20CZK oplata). API katalogowe - tutaj Ogólne przepisy XWG są grawerovane drewniane koła, o średnicy 35 mm i grubości 7 mm, od tylu skos. Szablon jest zabronione modyfikowanie inne niż dozwolone.
  20. Dear Terrifrog, because you deleted my WN at your TB6CK1Y, I'll write it here. The most discovered travelbug is really not about "i see the photo on the net" or "somebody text me code". If you want to have most discovered travelbug, you should have attending on worldwide events, megaevents and gigaevents. This is not an honest way.
  21. And what about e-mails? There is still "Your Trackable adoption" and "if you are unable to maintain the Trackable, please consider disabling it" if you are adopting a geocache.
  22. Next thing - adopting e-mails. I send one my geocache to another cacher. This e-mail I received: Your Trackable adoption request has been sent to xxxxxx. Now we just wait and see if they accept. In the meantime, if you are unable to maintain the Trackable, please consider disabling it until it has been successfully adopted. Cheers, Geocaching HQ I really dont think that the geocache is a "trackable". Also, i dont think that I can "disable the Trackable". And where is that sentence "you can decline your adoption request at this link"?
  23. KRON family


    Jest to kompletne? My chcemy isc, ale jesli po powrocie do Czech bedzie opublikowana nowa GDKJ skrzynka w miejscu w ktorym bylysmi, bedzyemi zdenerwowani...
  24. Awesome. This is how is looking e-mail from another gecacher at one czech mailserver...
  25. Video: http://youtu.be/m8CLaBGpmC0 1, (0:15) really small font in textarea, i dont think that oldest players can read what they are writing 2, (0:25) after sending e-mail there is no text like "E-mail was send" 3, (0:47) after sending e-mail I cant send mail to another user (nothing happend after choosing nick) 4, (is not in video) Received e-mail is in HTML, but I cant click to "User's Profile: http://coord.info/PRXXXXX" because it is only plain text.
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