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  1. Or the relatively new http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC60BX6_williams-island which is the most northerly Geocache on the planet (by 12m)?
  2. May I suggest http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC1Y739_station-nord-gronland which is in Greenland and is at 81 degrees N?
  3. If you're in to scenic walks, you could try the Irvine Valley area, especially around Darvel. Some of the caches around that way have many favourite points (20+ FPs) and there is even a 5/5 if your are inclined as such. Otherwise, the Borders is a lovely area in general. Plenty of drivebys and walking caches. The Haggis Highway takes a nice winding route through the county. If you're inclined. You get achieve over 100 caches in a day if you push like.
  4. I know. When setting a multi cache, at the final location, there was a badge for a german marque of car which could be a good cache. But even better still, I took my break the other day in a layby up the hill from The John Buchan Trail - Mr Standfast near Biggar when I saw this strange thing that had been dumped there. I'm trying not to give too much away but it was concrete and has a biscuit named after it. Homemade containers are definitely best. And they do earn the FPs too. 15 on one on my caches made from a piece of scrap wood, a hook and a bison.
  5. There are no rules about the names, except those they can't be offensive. Or promoting causes. And i'm wondering if a thinly-disguised religious theme is not at work here! There is no "thinly-disguised religious theme" present. Church Micros are about the architecture of the Church building and the history of the building. It helps people to stop and notice the lovely architecture, that without a cache placed nearby, most people wouldn't notice. To settle the whole argument regarding sizes. SadExploration (The creator of the series) states: And yes, I corrected your spelling mistake in thinly-disguised.
  6. I am 16. I started when I was 13 when I got a GPS as an early 14th birthday present. I do tend to drag my family around with me since I can't drive yet and I live out in the country where there is little public transport. I know another cacher around here (the only other cacher for a good 8 miles) who is 17/18 but apart from that, the rest of the cachers are generally in there 40s, 50s and 60s and I'm pretty sure one or two are nearing their 70s.
  7. Well. 762 Finds 62 Posts Ratio is 12.29 That will no doubt be higher by the end of the year.
  8. When we first started, we combined Geocaching with our parcel delivery round, picking up the occasional cache from time to time. There wasn't many out so we put a few out here and there. We do also Geocache when we go to pick stuff we've bought on eBay up which allows us to log a couple of caches that are quite far away.
  9. If you buy membership on Project GC, you can sign up for log edit notices which send you the edited logs on an email. They're not instant, they usual come in at about 4AM GMT. They also do Favourite Point Alerts too.
  10. I was up climbing Tinto yesterday and on the way up, I took these two Panoramas. Unfortunately my phone crashed and wouldn't come back on at the top so I couldn't get a 360 panorama from the top. I was on the way to GCR129 and GCPHXW by going up and over the hill from my house. Thanks
  11. No. I'm so obsessed with this game that I know where the caches are.
  12. I've used one or two of these containers. One at http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC58NAK_windmill-panorama?guid=f0529479-8603-412f-bf87-000296c7d5d8 but I can't remember where I put the other one. No maintenance visits as yet though after 8 months. Will check them soon as we have had a harsh winter with quite a bit of snow that has stuck around for a while so will keep you posted.
  13. Over here in Southern Scotland, 2014 was a pretty immense year of cache placement. I placed 45 caches this year compared to 28 on the previous year. There has been many large caching "institutions" that have expanded over here, bringing many more caches. I am hoping for another good year of cache placement. Should get my FTF count up further.
  14. I would only ever stop if it was banned in the UK or I became physically unable to continue be it due to old age or other causes.
  15. I've FTF'd a cache anywhere between 8 minutes after publication and 27 days after publication. The 8 minute one was because there was three or four FTFs when I set out but after I had done the first cache, another 25 came out. I had just passed a couple so it was a quick turn about to grab them and then back along the other way. 28 FTFs that evening. The 27 days one was a cave cache in an area where there is 6 caches with in 5 miles as the crow flies but more like 12 miles as the road goes. Certainly a favourite point on that one anyway.
  16. If you want, you can come and cover my work for the week of the UK Mega this year. You will need a car, money for fuel and a good sense of direction. Feel free to do some caching if you get time.
  17. Too much work. If you really want to mess with the next to find, rehide the original cache "better than found" and drop a film canister with a blank log sheet in an open and obvious position. It's rather pointless really. It shouldn't take off over here. We all seem to be honest. And anyway, what does it matter to me, having cached for nearly 2 years and amassed 214 FTFs and in the middle of a 15 month streak of FTFs. It's just petty.
  18. I think I'm pretty sure I know who you are talking about. They have gotten a bit smarter since then and leave less of a trail of their geocoin thefts. I've started to buy geocoins to colect them. No way are they being let out into the public domain.
  19. This reminds me of a cache about 30 miles from here. It was published in a rather competitive area. A rather new cacher went out and signed the log first and claimed FTF, then a more prolific cache comes long and claims FTF because the person who actually found it first signed their name on the first line below the FTF section so the second cacher claimed FTF by filling the FTF in.
  20. There was a cache that came out in November 2013 that I attempted to FTF. I went along to this strip of woodland on the edge of a housing estate to find a cache which I presume was a 1.5ml nano with leaves glued to it from what other logs say. The area was full of Buckie (Cheap Booze) bottles and scrap metal. Many of the trees had nails sticking out of them and there was scrap metal lying around in places. I made 3 visits to that GZ, spending a total of 3 hours there. I emailed the review to ask for clarification about this sort of GZ and it's suitability for caching because it wasn't obviously unsuitable for children. She suggested I put a Needs Archived log on it, I did just that and a fortnight or so later, the cache was archived, only to be unarchived the following week. I put it on my ignore list. About a month later, the same cacher puts another cache out at a different part of the small town, still in some woodland. Hint was base of tree. I again spent 3 hours here to no avail. The owner changed the container from a micro to a tupperware box but that made no difference. Overall the cache received 12 DNF logs. It wasn't a nice place to look because it was a popular area with dog walkers and some insisted on sticking their bags of dog poo at the base of trees. Not pleasant. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4T9W3
  21. Depending on how much time you have, I would go onto Ardnamurchan Peninsula and go to Ardnamurchan Point where you will find the most westerly cache on the UK mainland. Ideal trip to make a day of.
  22. :lol: I think Manchester should come with extra warnings I just had a sneaky look at the caches you've found, you've been poking around not far from me I see All caches in Manchester should be D5 then. Dogs, the bain of a Courier's life.
  23. Same here. Should of had a few emails here too. It wouldn't be the weather over in the US causing this, would it?
  24. I'm 15 and I geocache. I've managed to drag my family into it but I deal with all the technology and cache logging. My friends seem interested in it and I actually took one of my friends to a Geocache in the nearby town when we were out for the day. I know there's a girl in the year above me at my school who has just started. I also enlightened my French teacher about Geocaching when I put it in my essay about what I did in my summer holidays.
  25. My first hide, The Old A74 - Castle Hill View, has been out for nearly 18 months now. It is a drive-by cache located just off the motorway in a convienient location for cachers and for me to maintain. It is a film canister and is located in a basket of stones, known as cabey baskets. It turned out to be a tough one and has earned 2 favourite points from 95 found it logs. It was originally quite high maintenance for some reason and about 4 film canisters later, it seems to be fine. Long may it continue.
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